We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves

~ Gautam Buddha

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Krsna Conciousness

All of us are seeking the knowledge, therefore everyone knows something of everything or everything of something. The ancient philosophy of the prosperity has eight key limbs which comprises - will power, wisdom, wealth, courage, children, learning, power and victory.

Ruled by the ancient philosophy of prosperity most of us therefore surrender ourselves to knowledge. The basis of any learning is to equip ourselves with extra tools to handle the life better.

Blissful state is the birth right of the soul, but when the spirit tries to enjoy it materially, in indulgence. A vicious cycle of disruption in the body constitution starts which manifests as ailments that mess up the life.

To save ourselves we do need krsna conscious- “the blissful state of self”. Krsna is non-sectarian; means the greatest pleasures. “Krs”, means greater and “na” means “pleasures”. Krsna is the epitome of pleasure. Our self is the embodiment of knowledge, bliss and eternity. It is sacc- cid- ananda- vigarhah.

One of the Krsna name is Hrsikesha means enjoyer of all senses. The people more often feel elated with good food, cloth, sight-seeing, music or anything else which satiate or exhilarate one sense or more than one senses, people indulge in that. We simply feel fortunate to be at the right place at right time, getting access to these things in life.

While enjoying one particular sense organ sometimes we overdo it and abuse the system.
Now suppose a condition of acquiring the power to enjoy all our senses equally that would be really a blissful state. In that totality a simple meal will be assimilated best, the day can be spent wonderfully. The totality and the blissful state does wonder in life where a simple food can be enjoyed as feast, a house as home and a stranger as a friend.

Krsna has no material form, his form is transcendental. Our self is krsna, so our self is transcendental. By putting ourselves in certain mental harnessing regime we can elevate our self to unlimited potential.

Since our childhood we are listening about bakhti, we are often told -“we can win the lord by bakhti.” Bakhti means unconditional love, love without questioning, without any expectations.
How does bakhti help us?

Here I would prefer to elaborate it further, in our body there are seven vital chakras (energy center of body through which we get access to life force energy).

Heart chakras are the center of seven chakras it is also known as chakras of love. To get better access to life force energy our upper and lower chakras must be balanced.

To love unconditionally is a condition when the upper and lower chakras are aligned. In this condition our bodies harness the life force energy in best possible way. Thus ensuring ourselves better health and working ability. On the other hand when one has already balanced upper and lower chakras, then already in that person life we witness opulence of love and life force energy.
So this Janamasthami let’s, find our krsna conscious and get best out of life. After all we deserve best in this benevolent Universe.

The success lies in discarding all that which is not working or hindering the self to achieve its blissful state. As a drop of ocean water has all properties of the ocean itself and we although minute particles of the supreme whole have the same energetic properties as the supreme Universe.

Janamasthami also reminds us not to inhibit the peace, bliss and prosperity which we rightly deserve. Let’s get all, that lie within us.
Have A Happy Janamasthami!


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