We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves

~ Gautam Buddha

Thursday, September 9, 2010

weird and wonderful

Have you ever enjoyed the scenes of life being on the other side of the fence? Yes, it is enticing once you get the taste of it, as one finds it irresistible to leave the game mid way. Once tasted it, it is almost impossible to give up. The magical enticement of being on the other side of the fence and to enjoy is one weird pleasure. Another one is to find the fellow of the other side of the fence so irresistible that to hate them, is equally impossible even if you shall try you would end loving them more.

Strange, weird, difficult or simply different, whatever you name them they are here in our lives—the weird and wonderful.

What are they actually? Do we really need a tinge of weirdness in our lives? Well, these genres are actually spices of life. The life gets seasoned with the multifarious ones. It simply acts as the taste booster.

The strangest thing I found about myself is I love weird and wonderful. I love all critics of my life.
Blinded with sisterly love after getting my placement, I first shared the pleasant news with my sister. In response I found her more serious. “So you got the job and now you will teach, --what?” and she nostalgically started reminiscing the bygone era. When she would decor her academically won medals on my shoulders wiping my tears flooded eyes, consoling me all over, "it’s yours, you take this.It looks really beautiful on you." And completely consoled and satisfied I would march along with her for the home.

And here is another one, when despite dissipating my precious energy on my dotting one after a long cajoling and explanation, I get straight away reply—“Mom, we won’t talk on this issue, I don’t want to, sometimes even bolder confession, Mom, I won’t do as you suggested,” and then already exhausted I ponder honesty is good but this is not too much even hard to digest. Still the love does neither melt nor my liking to the weird and wonderful.

Here is another one boldest of the list, always on the other side of the fence. When I suggest for a walk he will be in mood of relaxation, excusing long hours of his work. His excuse leaves me wondering reading newspaper and watching TV certainly do not cost any energy. “What an energy booster techniques, only accessible to married man?”

Even on the tours, while shopping, standing beside me he takes side of the shopkeeper. Once taking evening walk with him, the sight of vegetable market enticed me and after much persuasion we entered in the market. The bargain of small boy selling green coriander left me puzzled. So I tried to show him the reason-“how can you charge rupees three for one bunch where as rupees five for two bunches”, while I was midway in my bargaining the hubby dear, with big grin supported the child, “hey don’t give, she is doing too much bargain”. Even my angered glance did not stop him taking the side of others. But I was too made up of hard stuff, its ok if you could not help me during the bargain, I had another good job for you and that was lifting the vegetables.

But the oddest one is the sweetest memoir- when my ailing mother, after calling me demanded that I must visit her urgently, as she was not feeling well. Being aware of her incurable ailment and her failing condition, to avoid the heaviness of the moment checking my flooded tears somehow I managed to stage my familiar recklessness to her, “no, no I won’t come you get well on your own. You are very tough person and you nag me enough, I am feeling more safe here”, accustomed with my familiar weirdness my mother had a heartiest laugh that still echoes in my memory. Therefore I feel, if weirdness brings smiles then it is thing to cherish.

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