We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves

~ Gautam Buddha

Monday, September 24, 2012


O, Mercurial lord
Light our consciousness with poise
Let the success walk our path!

O’ Omnipresent,
Be interminable in our intellect
Let your guidence in our lives!

O’ Eternal equanimity
Boon us with power of creation!
Let peaceful poise rule our lives!

O’ Lord of equanimity
Bless us blissful existence
Let harmony rule our being!

O’ Presiding Lord of Muladhar Chakra
Suffuse us with power and prudence
Let strength be our forever companion!

O’ Facilitator of Sharastra Chakra
Bestow light in our lives and actions
Let  discretion be our lead!

O’ Infinite intelligence
Suffuse us with supreme acumen
Let wisdom guide our deeds!

O' Supreme being
Ma everlasting bliss accompany us
Let forever  prudence follow us!
Om Gang Ganpatye Namah!

Thursday, September 20, 2012


The supreme lord!
Salutation to you!
The embodiment of wisdom
The personification of bliss
Salutation to you!

The foremost celibates
The eliminator of darkness
The dispenser of equanimity
Salutation to you!

The preceptor of discriminations
The guide of  our  endeavor
The  bliss of our existence
Salutation to you!


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Acknowledging the feminine aspect of life

The balance of creation is based on male and female aspects, like earth and sky, day and night, male and female. The presence of both restores the well being or balance of the universe. Both male and female are incomplete without one another.

Female aspects of body are lower chakras, meridians or nadis (i.e.Ida)and left side of  the body.

For balanced life acknowledging female aspects  are important.

The lower chakras and female chakras are Root and Hara. Lower or female chakras take care of physical strength and emotions. Care of physical strength and of emotions can be taken by healing the female chakras.

On physical level,thoughts and mind reside in the chariot - the physical body.Thus strengthing lower chakras take care of physical as well as mental strength.

To heal or strengthen lower chakras, mantra and worship of female deities like Ma Lakshmi , Ma Saraswati and Ma Durga help. Devies or feminine deities represent female aspects of body.

Female as bliss in  life-

Balance only stays in healthy mental and physical body. The balanced physical and mental state provides material bliss.

At the gross level, females are provider of homely and material comforts. In daily life, females of life like mother, sister and wife take care of mental, physical support. And their congenial  presence in life grooms the family members.

Ill thoughts like anger, jealousy and several other cousins of them are creation of lower energy which reside in weak body or weak lower chakras.In a crippled body ,in illness or in ill thoughts no one can lead blissful life

In some of the houses women are disrespected. At subtle level denial of feminine aspect brings bad health. In life disregard of wife or mother or nurturer, brings emotional turmoil. The bad relation and emotional turmoil manifest as bad health.

On gross level the dissonance with mother and wife affect childhood and adult life? The friction with daughter and daughter in law affect old age

To reclaim the sacred feminine aspects of life, respect or healing of the feminine matrix of life is imperative. Thus all feminine aspects such as relations, body  chakras , meridian are equally important.

Respecting and healing female aspects are like rewarding the self with bliss. After all how can a person be happy disregarding the devies of his / her life- mother, sister, wife and daughter.

Female as nurturer or creator of love-

Feminine connections of  life  take care of  bodily need. Feminine power has created us.Thus they are fundamentals basis of life.

Living beings always need and lean on sacred feminine to be nourished. Be it an inner-emotional help or outer help-food and care.

Disrespecting feminine aspect lead to denying nourishment (mental and physical)and health. Denying them is like snapping the sacred umbilical cord of mother and child in womb. The cord which heal, nourish and transform life.

It manifest in life as lack of love- the higher energy the very basis or purpose of life.

The singular masculine even with its dynamism stays in weak physical strength and mental turmoil.He  cannot  achieve anything substantial in life without compromising other basic issues of life.

Feminine is the matrix of creation and love- be it a creation of idea or action. She is the beej or seed of comfort and prosperity in life..

To restore power of creation and prosperity, feminine aspects  like mother, wife,daughter,chakras, meridian,earth and universe should be honored.

Feminine also regarded as seat of love, the greatest emotions. It holds the power to create anything.

For a blissful existence we need to honor her presence within our bodies (chakras), our soul(feminine emotions/knowledge/ moon or ida nadi), ground (earth) and air we breathe.

The excerpts are taken from my e-book compilation to be published soon. Feel free to share your view.

Monday, September 3, 2012

What does it take....?

What does it take to be a teacher? A fleeting muse crossed the conscious. Making me perplexed, the airy muse swayed down to memory lane.

The quest was referred to self, but it showed up  again and again. Baffled I raised another query. “After all what does it take to be a student?”Hhmmnn..a nagging feel floated across the mind, a little scary but inexplicable one that couldn’t be exactly abhorred. What was it?

Musing about my facilitator I concluded?  “They are till date mystical, the unpredictable lot-god has created them like that only.” I sighed.

A bit of hard, rough, scary-but these sclerenchymatous coconut  persona-seemed soothing and supportive during the crisis( after that who had time to think about them, in those rosy seasons of spring). They were with us, the students-before the exams ,during the exams, helping and saving us with bigger fears of lives-topics, unemployment and many more.

More skilled (knowleagble) lot were more dangerous(scary).Always correct with supernatural extinct of sniffing everything about you-a full idea of your head(strength) and tail(weakness),mapping  alpha and omega of brain(capacity).

Personally , I always found security being at distance from them if not afforded to being at  distant.
“Ooph! What could have be done.”after all daily interactions couldn’t be avoided. So that love (ovation and exaltation)-hate (scare and respect) all went simultaneously, till last date at the campus.

Decade later, settled in my teaching job, with blissful conjugal life-I have been juggling dual responsibilities according to my capacity. Then on a chanced visit to my institution, an instantaneous encounter to him pounded my heart. Still maintaining the aura of discipline, in his steady and firm walk, he was crossing the corridor.
His questioned gaze ceased my heart beat for the moment-with dry throat bowing to him, I introduced myself. The towering frame melted to shady banyan of summer, after my intro. His demeanor softened and soon his kindness had been palpable.  Standing under his supportive strength when I was about to regain my ease. He shot, in his deep, grave voice, “what are you doing?”

 I stammered again… I teach in +2 school..somehow I completed-sensing that I fell short of my towering mentor-a gold medalist and Megasaysay Award winner himself-I was completely aware of his expectation and disappointment.

I was standing infront of him-two faces were encountering each other.Voices were disappearing in space but the inner dialogue had been established. He was asking,I was answering without being bother to be listened.  Then the moment of stillness reigned between us. I realized it was time to take permission.

I bent to touch his feet-murmering the last sentence-“take care of your health, sir.” He nodded and bent his face to other side.

Back in the moving vehicle I peeped through the window to catch his glimpse through the corridor.He was wiping his specs. For the moment the time stopped before me.I was in complete debate about my academics, my successes and failures,forgetting my age, my chidren and spouse.

I got the answer why did their presence never fade out of  our memories. Though their thoughts still jolt us but their imparted learning made them immortal in our lives.

And then a voice echoed inside me for my facilitator. Perhaps I didn’t emulate you academically but I learnt so many humane side of yours. And on those learning I have been leading a blissful life. But O, perfectionist we respect and exalt you though still with a scary shudder.