We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves

~ Gautam Buddha

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Women's Day

Arrival of  International Women’s Day, 8th march has been knocking an expression in me and surprising silence on  whats app group  another. The dual reasons get an outlet as a write- up.
To choose an engaging topic for Whats app group my mind raced and hankered after diverse personalities- then  iconic Suu Kyu, the Nobel laureate, Stateswoman,President of NLD Myanammar appealed most, for her indomitable spirit yet turbulent out of box  way of  life, her marriage to a man one year younger than her. Her education at Cambridge, her mediocre life in Britain, her political career at Burma and subsequent house arrest of 32 years. Her youthful look, her poise, her unfathomable spirit, her landslide victory  at 1915 election and dignified poise to accept the ban for top position.There was allure in everything about her. The subject had been  taking shape in me, and then unexpected I had to undertake the journey—
The train started at usual time at around 6.00 p.m. As the train chugged off, to ease  the encountered melee of startup journey , stretching   on the accomodated space seemed a big relief.
Around mid night the occupant of lower birth made the entry, subsequently a harsh, croaked voice pierced in the compartment.
“Whose footwear is these?”
Groggily someone replied in irritation- “Move them aside and put your luggage beneath.” After her boisterous entry it was her discussion at the audible limit ,from politics to inflation lasted till dawn bereaving  sweet dreams of the fellow occupants. Snatched  out of slumber my attention went to her, an elderly lady in salwar suit ,with cropped hair dos, "Not condusive enough", At first glance I opinioned and tossed on berth with annoyance.
In the morning while going through news paper my engaged attention broke by her query-“Are you a working one?” Smilingly I replied in affirmation. The lady does not seem so crass in the morning. “Where do you work? Sitting on the seat beside me she initiated.
Few moments of mingling revealed more about her. A 65 year old,retired university staff ,diagnosed with multiple maladies ,endured three consecutive operations . She had been fighting the lethal battle of life  on her own.
She was on her way to half yearly follow up to the leading health center.
Her indomitable spirit seemed impressive. I didn’t see a  tinge of apprehension in her voice. The way she had been handling her finance and her ailment without any help was amazing. An enthusiastic raconteur and full of social life she talked on every issue from her food habit to lodging.
During the journey the morning news paper fuelled my the imagination about Aruna Shanbaug,the nurse at KMC Mumbai, her plea for euthanasia got rejected by Supreme Court but her fight for life went on for 38 years.
Then a visit to my daughter's place at metro,I met an young domestic help- a mother of two smilingly greeted me busy in her chores with two small children in tow ,playing near  the stairs.
The women of diverse world invoked many of queries in me “What do keep them going in their world?” Is the biological superiority of female body which is equipped with power of creation? In the mortal world we name it  “ Shakti.”
Then I felt a pressing need to celebrate woman’s day to salute those unwavering spirit who most often go unnoticed.
In my neighbour, I got another lady who had been fighting the emperor of malady. I witnessed her concern for the family-her eyes still focused on child progress and husband needs while fighting her ailment.
Then I get concerned for the next gen feminines  of vibrant intellect who have been single handed juggling their safety, career with myriad other responsibilities.
Heaped with social responsibility, in today’s world Indian woman is the most stressed one. Managing the two worlds of career and home very few realize her unsupported stature in the home and society as a  home Maker or as a career woman. Most often she  lacks much needed support during her life- as a student,  woman, mother,wife and  at work place.
In Indian setup she lacks the facilities like crèche and dignified place or home for parents. Even the mentioning of these needs by her attracts frown from many quarters.As if as a vampire she has been ready to dump children in strangers' hand and ready to leave the old parents without any support and care.
Just be humane and think about the necessary strength she requires to carry out her  the day' s obligations.
It scares me "How long she can sustain the self without pushing  in depression and persistent fatigue.  A common companion of Indian woman!"
The world is changing fast so the woman as an individual- to save the society we need to save the woman. Since century she has been taking care of everyone.
In today's world equipped with education and aspiration she needs some understanding and change in family setup to sustain and showcase her potential. May almighty bestow desired strength and support to the creator of the  world, the woman! Happy women’s day!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Hide and Seek at the Yellow Stone

Hide and seek at the yellow stones….
I love to play hide and seek. It is my favorite game. I play hide and seek with my sisters and my friends who reside in neighborhood . While playing we hide in dark corners of our houses and gardens. We often continue our game till it gets quite dark.

My mother sometimes gets infuriated thinking that we may get bitten by some poisonous insect or snakes in the dark. But we children don’t listen her.
At the back of my house there is a strange bush with bright red flowers. My sisters called it magic bush. Beside the magic bush there is shallow pit which is spread with yellow stones.

During our hide and seek game I would often hide in it. And to my surprise I found that nobody was getting me. I found the place really fascinating.
And then onward I would hide there to escape the attention of my playmates.
And lo…the place was really unique. I was standing on yellow stones, but no one was looking at me. My elder sister passed beside me with searching eyes. She stood beside me for the while but she didn't bother to catch me.

Next day during the play  standing at the yellow stone I hushed in my sister’s ear while she was passing beside me. Amazed she turned to my side but without any reaction she just walked away.

That evening I was fully convinced that the yellow stone pit behind the red bush held some magical power  which made people invisible.

I had been rejoicing on my discovery.Intoxicated with my enthusiastic search I started making the list with whom I would share my it or with whom I would keep it a secret…

Till the same evening I caught my sisters…. laughing and discussing about my amazed expression and how they had been fooling me for weeks… 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Aadhar Itinerary

Aadhaar Itinerary 

In  the sultry afternoon  a  muse instinctively drifted through the consciousness , "What  would a monarch feel after winning a fierce battle ?... a big feat accomplished!... and after  accomplishment of great feat at the battle… He must  credite the self with his inflated confidence!  Or  have he been patted his own back taking the credit…Courtesy? Who else, but self!

“But why this inquisitiveness is overwhelming me, a nymph of Bio-Science.. After all Inspection of past is not my foray.”I thought.

But, in a muggy after noon of post spring when I got stuck in a waiting serpentine queue of  Aadhaar card submission,the muse seemed justified. As  the motif of the day had been turning into  replica of sultry summer afternoon.

Standing there in snailing long queue  seemed to me as an infliction of my past karma.

The scene has been taken right from Aadhaar card submission itinerary,an experience of  affliction which every  Indian citizen has to endure.

The  most happening move of Aadhaar card submission at our place had been taking place in most secluded place- in a half ruined dilapidated building of the Public Sector Township. In the narrow, dark cave like room people were squeezing in between in the suffocating stillness. Standing in queue I was amazed how I never registered the presence of the building even in  my two decades of presence there. Might  be that was the reason that the place had been cursing the people in its own way!

It  was the  most dilapidated building of the public sector town ship which most of us till date fail to register without any apparent reason or choose to ignore it as non.- existent. And now it suddenly came alive to prosecute all the citizens for their non-compliance or ignorance.

 Next the non- budging time, forced me to debate about the happenings there. I felt that the Govt of India or the law enforcers had impression that a fully conscious person couldn’t succumb to their demand to provide all the asked informal info. Thus they resorted to a strategical move- first  to numb  the person with snail pace work, and then take the imprint of fingers and photograph- perhaps they were completely skeptical that a fully awaken citizen would  comply to the request.

It was Saturday morning and dabbling my infinite chores  all alone on my own for a mont after my return from work I patted my back after accomplishment of all planned assignments. At the weekend I had already resolved to take an afternoon nap of few hours. 

 While returning from work I purchased all the essentials items and even managed to send the fax for hostel leave to my home coming child. But after lunch before taking my much awaited nap, I made the mistake of calling my offshore spouse.

Inflated in self reliance I intimated him about my successful completion of day’s job and about the on going move of Aadhaar card preparation at our place. I had hardly anticipated that my simple revelation could spoil my much anticipated rest routine in a second.

 As from other end I was persistently suggested to take furtive action to apply for Aadhar card . “See it is an important document. Atleast  one in family it ought to have. You are available there so don’ t “MISS THE OPPURTUNITY,” I was told in bold letter. At least one in the family must procure this essential document.. in the beginning I refused to take the suggestion ,anticipating the nature of multi colored throng of Aadhaar card applicants-but  the persistency  of my spouse melted me.

After half an hour, braving the heat I found myself standing in the endless chaotic queue of multi hued and multi psyched people.

The two and half hours wait in queue seemed endless. The noise and movements of the place were of all types. I felt that only being in  ZEN THOUGHTS could help me. Thus I decided to flow with push and shove of people, not resisting anything but accepting whatever may came in the way  or in the queue.

When the last fifteen minute of working time  dawned, the guys at the computers were seen ready to pull down the shutters. And lo …five minutes before the schedule all the shutters of the computer had been pulled out . A wave of panic surged among the people,standing in the row. For a minute a complete silence reigned at the place. Perhaps most of them preferred to go in personnel space for some divine interceptions.

And to my amazement I found myself just in front of computer screen. The guy at the computer screen was about to pull down the shutters. I decided to try out my luck, so I  appealed him to take atleast my impression.I reasoned him , “How I have already wasted my entire day over there.”  The young soul reciprocated “Aunty you were not in the line in the morning.”

Taking advantage of the already established kinship i initiated my persuasion.Looking at the young savior, my motherly instinct prompted me to adopt him without consent of my spouse.Thus, gripping the cord of established relationship I poured my motherly concern. “Son, see it is really difficult for …” The magic worked for me. I somehow succeeded in getting my imprints and  photographs by the gay but that too without receipt . It meant that I would have to ferry the place next day but I sighed that next day I would surely  be exempted from standing in queue.

In the evening I was queried by neighbor’s about my triumphs of the day. Like a lone literate person of the planet I explained A to Z of the trick. And advised them to reach the place one hour in advance to avoid the rush of the queue . Neighbors took my advice with their core. Like  obedient children they reached the place one and half hour before the schedule time.

At  9 a.m. Mr X was behind Mr Y holding his shirt at the back, scared to pulled behind in the sea of people. Claiming the much coveted first position in the wait- in –line. They were patting their back and their well executed wisdom that they had  reached the place before the schedule.

Soon other wisdom oriented people also started pouring at the place. Till than most of the throngs were the educated suave ones, employees of public sector township. Perhaps it was their familiarity with one another or relief of semblence,  congregation was sighing with relief.

Smile was in the air. Most of them were busy waving or greeting each other. Everything seemed at the place for two hours till the movements were of the resemblance.

Everyone  with great relief was acknowledging the power, position of others and etiquette had been ruling  the work place. Each of them  was duly wished and greeted by one another.

When the clock struck eleven suddenly the Cinderella hours vanished .A surge of people from all walks poured over there. In a minute Mr X got dragged at fifth position in the queue and Mr Y was pushed to twelfth,consoling himself  or rather praying not to be pulled at last in the queue.

But destiny had some other options for ma’ams-Mrs X was lost in the sea of ladies, and Mrs Y who just in front of her were frantically searching her support Mrs X, calling out her name loudly.-----


Sunday, November 11, 2012

My second e-book: A Step Towards the Light

I am now launching my second e-book. It is on the popular healing method, Reiki and is titled "A step towards the light". 
The book is meant to provide some insight to those who are interested in Reiki healing methods.

Those interested in a free copy of the book may leave their email IDs in the comment section of this post or e-mail me at "arpana52@yahoo.co.in." I'll forward you the book.

PS: My first book, "Ma Durga and The Human Psyche" is also freely available for download. To download, follow the above instructions.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My first book available for free download

On the auspicious occasion of Vijaya Dasmi, I am launching my first book in an EBook format, titled "Ma Durga and Human Psyche.". The book is free to  download if some one is  interested.

The book is dedicated to the divine mother for bestowing the courage to share my expression and to my family for their co-operation.

Anyone wishing to obtain a copy of it can reply with their email IDs in the comment section of this post. 
Alternately, send me an e- mail at "arpana52@yahoo.co.in" and I'll forward you the book.

Monday, September 24, 2012


O, Mercurial lord
Light our consciousness with poise
Let the success walk our path!

O’ Omnipresent,
Be interminable in our intellect
Let your guidence in our lives!

O’ Eternal equanimity
Boon us with power of creation!
Let peaceful poise rule our lives!

O’ Lord of equanimity
Bless us blissful existence
Let harmony rule our being!

O’ Presiding Lord of Muladhar Chakra
Suffuse us with power and prudence
Let strength be our forever companion!

O’ Facilitator of Sharastra Chakra
Bestow light in our lives and actions
Let  discretion be our lead!

O’ Infinite intelligence
Suffuse us with supreme acumen
Let wisdom guide our deeds!

O' Supreme being
Ma everlasting bliss accompany us
Let forever  prudence follow us!
Om Gang Ganpatye Namah!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Acknowledging the feminine aspect of life

The balance of creation is based on male and female aspects, like earth and sky, day and night, male and female. The presence of both restores the well being or balance of the universe. Both male and female are incomplete without one another.

Female aspects of body are lower chakras, meridians or nadis (i.e.Ida)and left side of  the body.

For balanced life acknowledging female aspects  are important.

The lower chakras and female chakras are Root and Hara. Lower or female chakras take care of physical strength and emotions. Care of physical strength and of emotions can be taken by healing the female chakras.

On physical level,thoughts and mind reside in the chariot - the physical body.Thus strengthing lower chakras take care of physical as well as mental strength.

To heal or strengthen lower chakras, mantra and worship of female deities like Ma Lakshmi , Ma Saraswati and Ma Durga help. Devies or feminine deities represent female aspects of body.

Female as bliss in  life-

Balance only stays in healthy mental and physical body. The balanced physical and mental state provides material bliss.

At the gross level, females are provider of homely and material comforts. In daily life, females of life like mother, sister and wife take care of mental, physical support. And their congenial  presence in life grooms the family members.

Ill thoughts like anger, jealousy and several other cousins of them are creation of lower energy which reside in weak body or weak lower chakras.In a crippled body ,in illness or in ill thoughts no one can lead blissful life

In some of the houses women are disrespected. At subtle level denial of feminine aspect brings bad health. In life disregard of wife or mother or nurturer, brings emotional turmoil. The bad relation and emotional turmoil manifest as bad health.

On gross level the dissonance with mother and wife affect childhood and adult life? The friction with daughter and daughter in law affect old age

To reclaim the sacred feminine aspects of life, respect or healing of the feminine matrix of life is imperative. Thus all feminine aspects such as relations, body  chakras , meridian are equally important.

Respecting and healing female aspects are like rewarding the self with bliss. After all how can a person be happy disregarding the devies of his / her life- mother, sister, wife and daughter.

Female as nurturer or creator of love-

Feminine connections of  life  take care of  bodily need. Feminine power has created us.Thus they are fundamentals basis of life.

Living beings always need and lean on sacred feminine to be nourished. Be it an inner-emotional help or outer help-food and care.

Disrespecting feminine aspect lead to denying nourishment (mental and physical)and health. Denying them is like snapping the sacred umbilical cord of mother and child in womb. The cord which heal, nourish and transform life.

It manifest in life as lack of love- the higher energy the very basis or purpose of life.

The singular masculine even with its dynamism stays in weak physical strength and mental turmoil.He  cannot  achieve anything substantial in life without compromising other basic issues of life.

Feminine is the matrix of creation and love- be it a creation of idea or action. She is the beej or seed of comfort and prosperity in life..

To restore power of creation and prosperity, feminine aspects  like mother, wife,daughter,chakras, meridian,earth and universe should be honored.

Feminine also regarded as seat of love, the greatest emotions. It holds the power to create anything.

For a blissful existence we need to honor her presence within our bodies (chakras), our soul(feminine emotions/knowledge/ moon or ida nadi), ground (earth) and air we breathe.

The excerpts are taken from my e-book compilation to be published soon. Feel free to share your view.