We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves

~ Gautam Buddha

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Indomitable Spirit

Looking for success stories or story of triumph on odds,most of the time we look on the silver screen or  to the life of great and mighty ones who more often taken by us as  role models.
But many stories in our surroundings get unnoticed by us. Here is one story from our surrounding,a perfect example of beating the odds, making the most from the worst moments.

This is the story of some one, a soft spoken,looking beautiful not due to her skin and cuts,but through her brain.The intelligence which never screamed in the crowds,instead she showed her serene presence through merit list.
The intelligence so soothing that even the weekest of the lots finds in her  something  appealing. Just to start about her ,I would like to mention one incidence.
The class was of physiology and the ongoing  topic was pancreas  functioning. The class was completed by the dexterous master of the campus who had been known for giving us minute details on the topic. But if mind is stressed then it  lacks focus, and fails to pick up details.Going through my post teenager stress at the end of the class I missed some points which we students used to jot down for further reference. When teacher left the class ,I gloomily mumbled,I missed some points at the end. The peaceful grey matter sitting beside me glanced at my page,in second she discerned  the missing points in the note,and in her usual soft demeanour added, "insulin and glucagon,insulin suppresses excess glucose discharge in the cells and glucagon releases." My topic got  completed by her. She did it without any air around her. Not a very bright person i was but the gifted intuitive power of mine hardly failed me. I sensed and saw in her,"A promising academician in the making."
The info passed by her in soft and congenial way which  i grasped  with full clarity. After few years teaching at senior sections at school,whenever I took up the topic,I got smile on my face remembering her. More than that beside the topic,the soft demeanor used by her was the biggest learning for me. As a facilitator I learnt that to convey the message it should be passed as suggestion. And i follow the rule of congeniality  to tell,suggest not to command my students.From her i learnt that the heart warming soft voice always has magical appeal and everyone loves to hear n remember it.
The soft spoken and short statured was loved by one and all perhaps for her sweetness or her congenial genius. She had been always in the heart of all of us. She had been at the top of merit list,ranking always within top ten but all without reflecting any supremacy. As the politeness was genetically encoded in her..
An apt daughter of apt parents. Life of hers was really blessed with loving and intelligent parents anyone could dream about.
But life has some purpose which is beyond our power of comprehension. Life and destiny tests us. And she was also not exempted from it.
In prestigious institution of Science College the day was going to be really cruel that day,no one had inkling. The day started with usual cacophony, my elder brother a student of math n Physics's department informed me in the evening,one of the gems of the physics department got heart attack in the classroom and sifted to ICU. Bad news never got wrong,next day we came to know that said  teacher was our batch mate's father. Our hearts ached for her, we all visited her home,I still recall the word of loving daughter," Entire night we read Hanuman Chalisha but that couldn't save papa." At the age of twenty it was hard to me to understand the purpose behind the God's plan.
But many questions went unanswered."Why a superb brain, a spiritual person, a teetotaller, a man of diciplined life got sever heart attack," What propelled his body physiology to under go such massive attack,even science hadn't any  answer. Students mourned ,"Why on the earth one of the best acadmecians was taken by god so early in life? Everyone as mute spectator accepted God's decision. On personal level I thought, "The news n duscussion on him were discussed enough. But it wasn't."
When after decades,We watched  Aamir's block buster,"Three Idiots," based on Chetan Bhagat's adapted novel. My brother exclaimed, "Mr.......Sir,a genius too used to write with both hands on the black board,so passionately he used to teach as if enjoying every moments of ..." The discussion about the revered teacher never fail to take place when ever any semblance of his floated in surroundings.On every occasion I proved an interested listener as it was topic of my friend and batchmate's father.
Then few years back at WhatsApp group I was asked by one of our friends about her.I answered with surity ,"Where ever she has been she must have been doing well at her place. My intuitive prowness again came to the surface and with closed eyes I conjured the glimpse of the academician perfectly doing her job.The polite explanation by her of pancreatic enzymes floated once again in front of me. But I had to cross check my intuitive power. After a year she was there at our WhatsApp group, and i found my gut feeling was right.
Her presence in the group again invoked curiosity in me. I found her messages aimed at motivations and to better life in every possible way.As life had taught her to battle hardship, to live dream of loving parents,not only she did it well but all her siblings accomplished the best in their lives.

Now she has been here with us,Nimi...,the peaceful one,known for appropriateness as she has been taught to lead life by her parents,father an apt academician and mother a devoted home maker.
Sometimes a mute question comes in mind,can we be sure that the ebb and tides of life  for us is now  complete?No,it is not,it will be here in life, to test us, more importantly to perfect us to face it.But presence of persons like her gives confidence that  the hard time will also pass. And motivate us to get  focused to better the life!

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