We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves

~ Gautam Buddha

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Absence of love,absence of life

"Some say the world will end in the fire
Some say in the ice
But if it had to perish twice
I think I know enough of hate."
-Robert Frost
Rightly proclaimed by the poet.Hate or absence of love is so powerful that it can perish the world twice.
Yesterday shocking suicidal news of an IAS officer,the supreme brain and body is example of absence of love.
Love is always based on understanding, misturstanding is the root cause of hate.There is no problem without solution. Only we need willingness and awareness to solve it.
But unfortunately sometimes even a superb intellect also fails to find right decision.
It is heart wrenching to all to face loss of a superior intellect n body- a microcosm of Universe just got lost in misunderstanding and in absence of love.
The shocking incident created "many whys" in the mind.And  I conclude the goal of life should be love and understanding. In the absence of love it takes just a moment to parish even the most beautiful  world- full of intellect, power and money.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Holi festival greeting to all!

Holica Dhahan or Choti Holi is
A symbolic burning of hatred , malicious through the bonfire.The bonfire is made by old artifact of woods and discarded material of houses that symbolishes our emotions which are not working for us.Thus it is meant to be burnt to give away for the path of the joy and celebration in life.
Happy Choti Holi!

Holi festival

The festival of holi every year coincide with full blossom of nature when nature is at its colour best.
Through the festival of Holi the  nature,the best teacher's conveys a meaningful message to us . The  colorful blossoms of spring suggest us  to enrich our lives with colour.
Spring is the time of change, which heralds after enduring the chill of harsh winter. Though it bends  to its atrocities but it doesn't give up. Without giving up it blossoms and restores lives in full glory. That is the spirit of spring. It changes harshness and hardship into new hues and life.
To bloom like nature,it necessary  to give our full potential in the life and work. We need to embrace changes or transform our selves to life by discarding all negativities so we can bloom to our fullest.
But how? During changing season of spring we need to visit out inner space to recollect our self and restore peace inside.In silence of meditation when we are willing to change then we acquire more clarity to perspective which works best for us.
According  to Sri Sri Ravishanker the true of essecnce of life is infinite. When it is white , a state of calmness and peace, it has power to disperse in spectrum of different colour of rays. When the self is black ,it is full of negativities. Thus it absorbs all light, colour and potential of life. It loses power to give any light or anything to any one.
Does  this the nature’s way to teach us how  to celebrate life ? Does it say us that “Change is enevitable”? So change the self and be flexible, learn to adapt in life.
To bring flexibility in self meditation is necessary. Meditation helps to acquire true colour of self- the light. Being on its  own,in the light- the self appropriately discharges its duty.
As white light or pure light dispenses to different colour. In true colour of light we too show all our colour or potential and discharge our duties successfully or best of our abilities.
So celebration of holi tells us to meditate for best of self.
In best colour of ours we fulfill our diverse roles in true colour. Overlapping of any duties spoil the work or performance.
Any mixing and merging of roles threaten the output of works/ performance.
But stress is bound in lives and stress disrupts meditation.
So it is requiste to find the origin of stress- it is desire.
So how to kill desire without compromising the growth and output of lives?
By focusing attention on desire and surrender to it.
With awareness desire loses its grip and surrender happens and then nector flow with in.
It is easier to find bliss within than try to extract it from outside world.
Thus lift the spirit with true colour of self and celebrate the holi! Happy holi to all!