We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves

~ Gautam Buddha

Sunday, November 11, 2012

My second e-book: A Step Towards the Light

I am now launching my second e-book. It is on the popular healing method, Reiki and is titled "A step towards the light". 
The book is meant to provide some insight to those who are interested in Reiki healing methods.

Those interested in a free copy of the book may leave their email IDs in the comment section of this post or e-mail me at "arpana52@yahoo.co.in." I'll forward you the book.

PS: My first book, "Ma Durga and The Human Psyche" is also freely available for download. To download, follow the above instructions.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My first book available for free download

On the auspicious occasion of Vijaya Dasmi, I am launching my first book in an EBook format, titled "Ma Durga and Human Psyche.". The book is free to  download if some one is  interested.

The book is dedicated to the divine mother for bestowing the courage to share my expression and to my family for their co-operation.

Anyone wishing to obtain a copy of it can reply with their email IDs in the comment section of this post. 
Alternately, send me an e- mail at "arpana52@yahoo.co.in" and I'll forward you the book.

Monday, September 24, 2012


O, Mercurial lord
Light our consciousness with poise
Let the success walk our path!

O’ Omnipresent,
Be interminable in our intellect
Let your guidence in our lives!

O’ Eternal equanimity
Boon us with power of creation!
Let peaceful poise rule our lives!

O’ Lord of equanimity
Bless us blissful existence
Let harmony rule our being!

O’ Presiding Lord of Muladhar Chakra
Suffuse us with power and prudence
Let strength be our forever companion!

O’ Facilitator of Sharastra Chakra
Bestow light in our lives and actions
Let  discretion be our lead!

O’ Infinite intelligence
Suffuse us with supreme acumen
Let wisdom guide our deeds!

O' Supreme being
Ma everlasting bliss accompany us
Let forever  prudence follow us!
Om Gang Ganpatye Namah!

Thursday, September 20, 2012


The supreme lord!
Salutation to you!
The embodiment of wisdom
The personification of bliss
Salutation to you!

The foremost celibates
The eliminator of darkness
The dispenser of equanimity
Salutation to you!

The preceptor of discriminations
The guide of  our  endeavor
The  bliss of our existence
Salutation to you!


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Acknowledging the feminine aspect of life

The balance of creation is based on male and female aspects, like earth and sky, day and night, male and female. The presence of both restores the well being or balance of the universe. Both male and female are incomplete without one another.

Female aspects of body are lower chakras, meridians or nadis (i.e.Ida)and left side of  the body.

For balanced life acknowledging female aspects  are important.

The lower chakras and female chakras are Root and Hara. Lower or female chakras take care of physical strength and emotions. Care of physical strength and of emotions can be taken by healing the female chakras.

On physical level,thoughts and mind reside in the chariot - the physical body.Thus strengthing lower chakras take care of physical as well as mental strength.

To heal or strengthen lower chakras, mantra and worship of female deities like Ma Lakshmi , Ma Saraswati and Ma Durga help. Devies or feminine deities represent female aspects of body.

Female as bliss in  life-

Balance only stays in healthy mental and physical body. The balanced physical and mental state provides material bliss.

At the gross level, females are provider of homely and material comforts. In daily life, females of life like mother, sister and wife take care of mental, physical support. And their congenial  presence in life grooms the family members.

Ill thoughts like anger, jealousy and several other cousins of them are creation of lower energy which reside in weak body or weak lower chakras.In a crippled body ,in illness or in ill thoughts no one can lead blissful life

In some of the houses women are disrespected. At subtle level denial of feminine aspect brings bad health. In life disregard of wife or mother or nurturer, brings emotional turmoil. The bad relation and emotional turmoil manifest as bad health.

On gross level the dissonance with mother and wife affect childhood and adult life? The friction with daughter and daughter in law affect old age

To reclaim the sacred feminine aspects of life, respect or healing of the feminine matrix of life is imperative. Thus all feminine aspects such as relations, body  chakras , meridian are equally important.

Respecting and healing female aspects are like rewarding the self with bliss. After all how can a person be happy disregarding the devies of his / her life- mother, sister, wife and daughter.

Female as nurturer or creator of love-

Feminine connections of  life  take care of  bodily need. Feminine power has created us.Thus they are fundamentals basis of life.

Living beings always need and lean on sacred feminine to be nourished. Be it an inner-emotional help or outer help-food and care.

Disrespecting feminine aspect lead to denying nourishment (mental and physical)and health. Denying them is like snapping the sacred umbilical cord of mother and child in womb. The cord which heal, nourish and transform life.

It manifest in life as lack of love- the higher energy the very basis or purpose of life.

The singular masculine even with its dynamism stays in weak physical strength and mental turmoil.He  cannot  achieve anything substantial in life without compromising other basic issues of life.

Feminine is the matrix of creation and love- be it a creation of idea or action. She is the beej or seed of comfort and prosperity in life..

To restore power of creation and prosperity, feminine aspects  like mother, wife,daughter,chakras, meridian,earth and universe should be honored.

Feminine also regarded as seat of love, the greatest emotions. It holds the power to create anything.

For a blissful existence we need to honor her presence within our bodies (chakras), our soul(feminine emotions/knowledge/ moon or ida nadi), ground (earth) and air we breathe.

The excerpts are taken from my e-book compilation to be published soon. Feel free to share your view.

Monday, September 3, 2012

What does it take....?

What does it take to be a teacher? A fleeting muse crossed the conscious. Making me perplexed, the airy muse swayed down to memory lane.

The quest was referred to self, but it showed up  again and again. Baffled I raised another query. “After all what does it take to be a student?”Hhmmnn..a nagging feel floated across the mind, a little scary but inexplicable one that couldn’t be exactly abhorred. What was it?

Musing about my facilitator I concluded?  “They are till date mystical, the unpredictable lot-god has created them like that only.” I sighed.

A bit of hard, rough, scary-but these sclerenchymatous coconut  persona-seemed soothing and supportive during the crisis( after that who had time to think about them, in those rosy seasons of spring). They were with us, the students-before the exams ,during the exams, helping and saving us with bigger fears of lives-topics, unemployment and many more.

More skilled (knowleagble) lot were more dangerous(scary).Always correct with supernatural extinct of sniffing everything about you-a full idea of your head(strength) and tail(weakness),mapping  alpha and omega of brain(capacity).

Personally , I always found security being at distance from them if not afforded to being at  distant.
“Ooph! What could have be done.”after all daily interactions couldn’t be avoided. So that love (ovation and exaltation)-hate (scare and respect) all went simultaneously, till last date at the campus.

Decade later, settled in my teaching job, with blissful conjugal life-I have been juggling dual responsibilities according to my capacity. Then on a chanced visit to my institution, an instantaneous encounter to him pounded my heart. Still maintaining the aura of discipline, in his steady and firm walk, he was crossing the corridor.
His questioned gaze ceased my heart beat for the moment-with dry throat bowing to him, I introduced myself. The towering frame melted to shady banyan of summer, after my intro. His demeanor softened and soon his kindness had been palpable.  Standing under his supportive strength when I was about to regain my ease. He shot, in his deep, grave voice, “what are you doing?”

 I stammered again… I teach in +2 school..somehow I completed-sensing that I fell short of my towering mentor-a gold medalist and Megasaysay Award winner himself-I was completely aware of his expectation and disappointment.

I was standing infront of him-two faces were encountering each other.Voices were disappearing in space but the inner dialogue had been established. He was asking,I was answering without being bother to be listened.  Then the moment of stillness reigned between us. I realized it was time to take permission.

I bent to touch his feet-murmering the last sentence-“take care of your health, sir.” He nodded and bent his face to other side.

Back in the moving vehicle I peeped through the window to catch his glimpse through the corridor.He was wiping his specs. For the moment the time stopped before me.I was in complete debate about my academics, my successes and failures,forgetting my age, my chidren and spouse.

I got the answer why did their presence never fade out of  our memories. Though their thoughts still jolt us but their imparted learning made them immortal in our lives.

And then a voice echoed inside me for my facilitator. Perhaps I didn’t emulate you academically but I learnt so many humane side of yours. And on those learning I have been leading a blissful life. But O, perfectionist we respect and exalt you though still with a scary shudder.

Monday, August 27, 2012


When the compassion blends with bliss of love
The tender wheeze pulsates in the womb

When godliness smiles inside her

The mortal self ascends ahead

When divinity blinked to her fondly
The bundle of bliss chortle in her arm

When the tenderness jingles in the space
The nurturer walkes on the earth

When the fragrance of jingles  lauds the air
The earthly gets the glimpse of divinity

Thursday, August 23, 2012


When god blessed the feme
For her unfathomed faith in the creation
He bestowed her with the power of creation,

When the eye of humanity long for divinity on the earth
The luck smiled from the sky in the arm of femme
When the motif of nature awe the deer doe mortal

She stepped ahead with power of creation
When the humanity looks for ascension
She walked alive  uplifting the joy of earthly

Bundle of bliss- chortle in and around her
Divinity walked on the earth in her silhouette
Her charisma blessed the space-as the home.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The tryst of air

In the monsoon of August I breezed through the heart of India, the Capital, Indraprastha ,Dilli or New Delhi. As sustainer of life I flew everywhere.My tryst with people then amazed me. 

In the monsoon,cooling the scorching earth I halted at the traffic signal.As the signal turned red and the serpentine queue of moving fleet came to the halt. Through the meandering space of vehicles out came a thin tiny hand. She had been holding a small flag in one hand and a dozen in other. Flagging the spluttering paper flags in monsoon’s air, the matted hair crooned in high pitched voice- “Dus ke ek ,dus ke ek.”

She ran through the lane of interlaced vehicles. The momentary business deal brought sparkle in her soiled pale face. To cash the momentary business deal her body got into a nervy jerk. Her walk as well as her droning became fast, to cash in the moments before signal turns green.

Since last year, month of August appeared promising to her tribe-the flag sellers. Usually the Independence Day would be regarded as the day of sale for them. But the scenario of flag sell changed since last year due to Anna’s movement, “India against corruption.” Like last year, that year too month of August boosted her sale. Anna’s movement at Janter Manter extended the period of their flags sell.

Every morning with her family or street folks she would head to the place to get big sell. En Route to  India Gate on the occasions like Independence Day or Anna Movement would draw a big sell. A good sell like these days ensure a full meal at night. She knows after that she would have to turn to begging, perhaps near a temple or Gurudwara.

She peeped through the glass of closed window flashing her small flag-“dus ruiya, dus rupiya ka ek” expectantly. A little motion of rolling window would bring sparkle in her eyes. Her bony frame would hurry to make most of the moment. Her agility left  other flag seller  kids disillusioned. She knew that she had to be alert to avoid being left out. That day Monu and Ganesh were also moving with her in the same fleet of vehicles.

Watching the struggle amidst the speed, for some respite, I slowed down to relax. The hide and seek of sun rays pushed me inside an imposing vehicle. Some big weights were inside the speeding vehicle.

“Is the Lokpal, really an anti corruption movement or just a motive to fulfill their political ambitions? Let’s see what they will do this time. These are simply their gimmicks to enter into politics,” The heavy weight stated.  “The weak long same drama every year, they are aimless and confused themselves. Does this way country run?”

The big eyed one retorted, “It is better they  get refusal at first day by government. There won't be any discussion on Lokpal bill this monsoon session. And who care about their baseless charges and request for probe in mining scam. Politics of 66 years are not going to change."  "It will remain same,"  he chuckled.”

Big impressive fleets, with big people inside had been heading the Raj path to take part in function. A sickening thoughts engulfed me, " 66 years of republic-billion plus populous, surging economy, two winter session to pass the right and strong bill.42 years of their lackadaisical intention just kept it postponed till date."

"Is it a dead movement of anti corruption crusaders or start of new era?" a muse crossed through me.
"Whether a new party of clean people will ever be formed? Will they compete with existing one? Will a strong Lokpal Bill come?

I knew," Future of all these queries depend on the people. It must come from their hearts. But whether the high class with ruling money power, the ever busy middle class, in honing their skills or the toiling lower class will contribute their efforts to form clean governance. Or they will just move on to their lives taking corruption and inflation as their destiny."

"Or will I move in the same lackadaisical attitude of denizens watching irony of their lives? Or will I ever see a new India, free of corruption and problems of common lives?"
I am the air .I breathe through you and a part of you.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

In the land of apathy

Through the gaps of thatched roof the morning rays filtered in. It softly caressed Mangtu’s face. He stirred under the sheet feeling the warmth of it. Slouching on his charpoy the thirteen years old reckoned the day ahead.

He saw the vacant kantha of Aaji on the floor. Being greeted by the morning sun, she had already been up. He looked at her. The cranky faced, Aaji was an emaciated frame. Her gray hair were matted. Burdened with failing health, she had been crouching down. Getting up from mat, she staggered towards the river for morning wash.

An orphaned child of violence ravaged zone, Mangtu had lost his parents’ six years back in rivalry. In the family he and the frail Aaji were the ill-feted survival of the gory aftermath that had taken toll of his parents.

After that, for years ,tagging him along,the frail elderly would  walk for work. The house hold leftovers were his childhood feed.   Sometimes she had to beg for favors for her underscored served menials. Suitably the name Krishna left far behind in the struggle of life. Eventually he got rechristened to Mangtu.

He would still get quiver at the memory of bloodshed. Under the violent jerk of marauders the decrepit door had soon yielded off. For years the nightmares of rattling door would shiver him. The seven year old then, he was the only witness to the gory crime. But no one came forward to take note of his story.

Justice was a mirage to that violence infested land. In that part of world there were only two choices of survival. Either to join the violence with elusive civilian life or avoid it to face hunger. The place had been steadfastly turning into a land of no god.

After his bath, in front of stained piece of mirror Mangtu combed his hair. He put back it on dusty shelve. Taking out the nylon bag from the peg of rickety wall he counted the bundles of sell.  Twelve bundles of incense sticks a day sell would be suffice for his outlay.

Before stepping out he bowed to the pasted photographs of god and Goddesses. A gleam appeared in his eyes. With prayer infused strength he would walk the day. It  ensured him some luck and food.
“As he was taught in the ashram, whoever is born, Lord Vishnu – the sustainer of the world takes care of him.” Engrossed in his thoughts he exited off his bunged place and closed the rickety door behind.

Every morning he would sell the joy sticks before heading for ashram school. The supplies of joysticks he had been getting from the Ashram. The school an Ashranshala had been running for orphaned children of violence ravaged area under the rehabilitation plan of govt.

His village and neighboring areas had been witnessing the violence of Maoists verses administration since twenty years.

That day Mangtu, the scrawny one had walked about 10 kilometers for the sale. He reached the market area a bit early. The rural market was slowly awakening. The shops were being opened with the creaking removal of wooden planks.

Till then the few wheeled stalls were somehow staggered at different places. At the corner the wafting aroma of frying snacks had been trying to appeal the clintele. A man of the tea stall had frantically been fanning the coal hearth. After a while, a thin strip of smoke billowed out to it. The billowing smoke seemed to install the show of the day. Soon few people gathered near it. Mangtu spectacled the marketplace standing nears the corner’s eatery. The shop keepers were his regular customers.

While standing near the entrance, aroma of boiling tea rumbled the pang in his belly. He touched his coins in the bag. Those were hardly enough to cover his commute to Ashramshala. He walked towards the parking vehicles to take the trekker for school. There he would be provided the next stock of joy sticks and breakfast. In evening with Aaji he would have the dinner of thick chappatis.

Santosh with another lad of his village was there, in gaudy shirts and jeans. Both of them were orphaned children like him, but now they were gloating in blatant self-reliance. Wallowing in fast acquired confidence of easy bucks they walked to road side kiosk for  coke.

Mangtu, took a side seat and waited patiently for the commute. Finally in half an hour, folks poured in to board the vehicle. When it bulked with commuters it rambled ahead on the pock marked road. But a few yards ahead, it snarled and halted for few more travelers waiting alongside the dusty road. The commuters easily squeezed in between already stuffed vehicle. Then again it rattled and moved ahead.

At the Asramshala he would have the free breakfast of khichri to chill his hunger pang, he mused. Santosh with Manni sat beside him. He asked Mangtu “Are you going school for joy stick bundles, you don’t have anything better to do?” He nudged Manni with simper.

Flashing out his cell phone Santosh got busy in conversation.The lure of easy money had been trapping the teens and youths of the village, the rumors were abuzz around.

Youngsters were lured for easy money. Till last year these guys had been to the school. Since winter they hadn’t been to Ashramshala without any rationale. After a drive of twenty minutes the ramshackle jeep creaked and halted near a stall for gasoline. Both of them alighted to have a tobacco sachet, Mangtu turned his attention to other side.

Alighting off the jeep he walked for half an hour to reach the Asramshala.

For last two years Mangtu and other children had been relying on the food and vocation offered by the Asramshala. But the olders of the lot were evading the classes and prayer session on trivial excuses. Perhaps they were now being engaged in different chores. Flashing their gaudy shirts, and gizmos many of them were being spotted at the different places.

In past, many had been left the school unannounced, who knew-where did they head?
Like Mangtu, thousands of children in Thaneboli traverse long distances and turn up at Ashramsala under the hunger and lost childhood. But months or year later, a large number would disappear abruptly.

Like Mangtu many smaller children would be encouraged to join the school with the help of local NGO and government help for two years. But the rate of disappearance was gathering momentum. Now a day’s many of them were roaming around with hushed up rumors of better work and extra money, flashing the eye catching gizmos.

Dip in obscurity since independence the far flung Thaneboli had been in people memories for deadly battles between Maoists and police and then for the abysmally low literacy rate.
Were Thaneboli’s drops out going back to home, joining another school, or picking up arms? No one knew!

The fluid movements of children, in and out of the school were concern of none.

The ongoing strife has had a debilitating impact on the fallen illiteracy. It had been enhancing poverty rate in the entire region. Media and public attention on the conflicts’ failed to bear any result. To deal hapless violence schools had been turned into barracks by security forces. And others simply reduced to rubbles by the Maoists.

No one knew when the battle of twenty years would end by the spartan help of government or NGOs? Or will it be replaced by another insurgent faction which was taking shape to replace the older one. After all who had bothered to find out in the land of apathy?

Sunday, July 15, 2012


“WILL I make it?” Rhea debated."
The corridor had been bustling with jean clad, tech savvy throngs. Most of them were trailing the corridor with peers. Their vibrant walks and discussions of infinite worlds had been vibrating the campus. The session had just been commenced.

Next class was after the recess of ten minutes. Thus Rhea chose a quiet corner to sit and to chalk more about her chances of triumph. But it was still a tiresome wait…

“My marks are good. I have studied in a planned way throughout the year. My GPA if not excellent but it is impressive.” She debated her chances of success.Her extracurricular activities- as debater, writing skill and creative extinct had always given her an edge. “Well, I can make it. I must be positive!”She assured herself.
She had called Mom in the morning and repeated her query. She had asked her, to pray for her. She knew she had already been doing it. But she repeated it out of nervousness.

Meanwhile, viewing her unsettled self, Mom had advised her to stay calm and accept whatever comes.
 But she wanted the sweet taste of success. “Success, she deserves, as she worked really hard for it. Will she make it, again the query rocked her.”

Ah, better to take refuge in spirituality, as she often advised by Mom to incorporate stillness for focus. To get rid of haunting query she composed herself..

 She decided to pray, “She will create stillness. In that created stillness she will plant her wish. She will pray to universe to support her wish and bless her.”With open eyes she prayed and planted her wish.”  What she exactly wanted to see, she chalked. Actually she had been waiting for the SMS from the premier institute as successful candidate, with congrates! She conjured her wish.

The shrillness of bell chimed in the air, she lifted her cell phone and earplug and  walked towards her classroom.
After her class, she checked her cell phone for message. “Today any time she can receive it.”

While walking she received a message,   “Hey result is out, I made it what about you? " Jaya. Her heart skipped, she stared at her cell phone and started fidgeting to it but in vain. Arjun just crossed her way. He shrieked, “Hey result is out.” She nodded in affirmation still fidgeting her gizmo. He watched her fiddle. Hurrying out his cell phone he said, “wait mine is black berry, I can connect fast, but let me see mine first.”  Rhea too engrossed in her cell, listened him quietly. “Hey Rhea, see it is yours.” she glanced at his screen.Her eyes gaped at flashing message, “congrates!”  She shrieked in delight. Yes, she did make it!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The cook book

Mimmi mind was whirling; the lines had just stuck in her head. “Plain ! Ma she is too plain for me.”Ritesh had been telling to his mom. And that plane was she! Mimmi! Holding the jar of snacks she overheard their conversations at the entrance.

She regained her composure and returned back silently. His discloser shook her. How could she judge him so wrong?

What about, that warmth he would convey to her every time on her gastronomic expertise!  On his every visit she would meticulously prepare his favorites items. Her face blushed hot.

What about those pecks! She felt the warmth again but soon it turned into disgust. So her epicurean skills were a just a time pass to him. Were all that fun for him? Or was she just a fun for him? The palpitating anger turned into disgust. She wiped her sopping cheeks.

She put the snack’s jar on the table. With flimsy eye she switched the laptop. She click open the file of her food column.

No, she couldn't let him to sap her vitality.And she would not let his denial to sulk her. She would go ahead in her life. Her food columns now roll into book. She had not missed anything in her life. Loser was Ritesh. He failed to see her love and concern.

Today she will complete preface of her food book. She sat on her desk, her eyes were still cloudy but finger were playing on key board.

“…My food columns are my travelogue to food. It intends to delight the palate. I want my readers to get the touch of food through their mind. Food is the source which shapes thoughts. So for pure thoughts food should be pure.

My ordinariness, is my strength, it helps me to take any color. As a figment of masses I relate to them easily. The ordinariness gives me fluidity for my dynamism.

 A face of crowd without any identity! I am not scared of failure and success. It is not only recipe to me. I am ready to try and take chances.  Success enthralls me and failure acts as a lesson that points of my weaknesses.

 I have nothing to fear, I have only opportunities to try and work. I am ready to take my chance and face the challenges. The world is limitless so my potential and chances of growth.

My fluid conscious easily empathizes with lives around me, though myself a figment of the world. I get endless topic and stories of food which had been waiting to be told. The food of my region, of my experiences and my people….As a voice of masses I want to convey my food stories to you.

 It is rather a symbiotic association between people and me which benefits each other.
The clouded heaviness inside Mimmy  had been evaporating. She felt a rising sunshine inside her and a rainbow at the horizon.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Seeding the run down settlement

In the dark, dank stretch under the flyover, the monster of modern world, a slum has sprung up. In few months, it gobbles the adjoining lanes. Till date, it has already been crossed the few neatly built brick houses.

The mighty ugliness has nothing to do with pruned miniature garden house or the posh locality or beautification plan of the city. So what if it is just a stone throw from the Sadar Thana. Slums are the prices and facts of modern world, the urbanization. As a monster of urbanization, it is ready to engulf what may come its way!

Piles of sacks stuffed with rags lie strewn all around the boulevard few days after the hurricane. After math of hurricane Ailla has rushed the displaced hoards to the neighboring metro. The hunger stuck, fatally tired drifters have been collapsing at any accessible space.

Now the place under fly over has been turning home to a couple of families. Earlier, it has been used as a parking space for dumped vehicles by police Last week only, after the years of struggle the residents have acquired permission from court to clear the place. The rising congestion and pollution have been taking toll on the wellbeing of residents. Sky rocketing graph of asthma, bronchitis and cancer were making common realities in homes.

To have some respite from the hard realities of illnesses. The elderly and office goers were looking for an open space, in the locality. The place has already been ear marked as recreational place in the municipal plan of the city. The rising temperature of city and shooting graph of illnesses among residents has been pressing the need of park every day.

But in few weeks, to the dismay of residents another settlement came in view under the road flyover. The metros by its  nature has every resource to feed the monster, the slum- job opportunities for menial work, the free accessible space, support and hands over their shoulders of local goons and callous attitude of law enforcing agencies. Who had time and concern for the safety of human lives!

Especially when the apathetic law enforcing authorities are dealing with it! For them it is job of civil authorities. The civil authorities see it as a crisis of migrant. The problems of displaced, roofless, hungry hoards!

Thus the slums were impregnating the public spaces at their very sights. The inability and the apathy of law enforcers are acting as driving force to encroachment.

The conflicts of unparallel lives of migrant and settled residents have always been seeded the crime graphs of the city. The persistent ignorance of security factors are the real germ of slum. But who does care about the securities of residents even if it is a basic need?

The low and high end of strata is the easiest recipe of crimes! Now the ingredients are fuelling the locality into potential place of crime. But who and why anyone will look into it? It is land of apathy!

The concerned authority don’t heed to the problem. Then who can resist temptation of fast bucks with cramping hunger and roofless head! It concerns none! See, another monster is in its way! Who can dare to check it?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

RATHYATRA- An elucidation

Rathyatra the annual festival of Lord Jaganath with brother Balbhadra and sister Subhdraa takes place from Shri Mandira to Gudicha Temple at Puri, in Bhuneshwar. All over the country, the celebration of Rath yatra  is celebrated to remind us necessity of cleansing the self.

The origin of ten days festivity dates back to 11th century. The aim of festivity is linked with the uplift of positive energy of the world.

Rathyatra represents our inner journey of body, mind and spirit(soul).

The inspiring festival starts at the 2nd day of bright full moon phase.

The presiding deity of Rathyatra is Lord Jaganath. Lord Jaganath is identified with Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna.

Lord Vishnu –the kal purusha,the nurturer and sustainer of world. The one who takes care of body, mind , soul and cosmos. His sudrashana chakra (su-sunder, beautiful; darshana-vision) has the ability to eliminate negativity and boon longevity, health and knowledge. Sudarshna chakra has power of sun which cuts the ambition and greed.

Lord Krishna is the “bliss of self”. Krshna (kri meaning greatest; na meaning pleasure) or -the sacc-cid- ananda ,the real self.

So , this is the occasion  to work on and regain our real pristine self by enhancing positive energy of body.

For true healing and adequate bliss the healing of body mind and soul are required. The physical body can be healed by fasting, yoga and japa etc.
It is the soul which carries karma of past lives with perception or memories through fine bodies which acts as obstacle in present lives as well. Thus attention should be given to heal the of fine bodies and soul.

The sun energy of second day of Sukla Paksha is appropriate time to start and enhance the positivity of sun energy which heals body, mind and soul.

“The Rath Yatra signifies that the body is the chariot and the soul is the deity installed in the chariot. The wisdom/ awareness acts as the chariot to control mind and thoughts.”

The interpretation of Rath Yatra is infinite beyond the comprehension of limited human perception. Every year,  the occasion of Rathyatra  appeals me to take necessary actions for better sailing.

Let commit the ten days in cleansing the self. May the ten days festivity bring wisdom and positiveness in all spheres of our lives!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sculpting Dreams

In the cubby holes enclosure, the artisans were engrossed in idol making. Aromas of wet clay in the damp, ill lit lanes were evaporating. It was the dingy locality of potters with rows of cramped workshops. The artisans were giving shapes to soft clay moulds.Ma had sent Munia to bring some money from Baba as   Raghu,her five year old brother had been sweltering in the fever.

She entered into the windy lane, the near completed idol were hemmed along the edges of the lanes. They captured her imagination and her pace halted, galvanized on freshly painted wide eyed Goddesses.

The festive occasion of Puja, she always counted the best time of year. At least, for her it was the annual affair to look forward for new cloth, unlike of her destined hand to down cloths of entire year. She looked at her oversize dress. She  loved the free spirit of Puja and festivity to roam around and feel the joy of the city.

Realizing the lost time, in gaping the idols, she brisk her pace. She conjured her Mother's foul mood of morning. Leaping the drain of the nartiw lane, she walked towards Sarkar Da’s  stall. The smell of raw earth, grease, paints and heaps of straw were floating in the space.

 She conjured the festivities falling few days ahead.  Though her Baba not a skilled artisans,yet he had been hired by local artisans for odd jobs as an assistant during the peak work season.

 At some of the places colorful plastic sheets were spread over the idol to protect them from unexpected rains. The artisans in front of their half sculpted mould were reverently engrossed in their work.

What would she wear on Navami…? Munia, an eleven plus was a lanky frame.Her course, near matted hair was the product of abject scarcity. Her big eyes on malnutriated face had a void but still had  yearning to have life of fullest. She had never been to school. Every few month they had to change their settlements, either in search of work or were forced by police. They were the squatters, who would usually dwell in the desolate corners of footpaths or vacant earth beneath a fly over.

With every passing day she  had  now been getting new insight about the  intricacies of life. These days after going through the hardships she would try to comprehend life. Now a days she would weigh the viable options of her life. While walking past the high rises she thought," She could work in those big, high rises." But her disheveled look didn’t allow her to enter in any one of them. "The guards standing there would certainly  reprimand  me, taking  as vagabond." She sighed while looking at the uniformed guards.

At night while family sleep on the pavement she had been getting aware of the night movements. The sights and movements of night would give her more perspiration than the sultry air. At the night, the movements of vehicles and hushed tones of strange faces, near their hoards would frighten her. Few of the girls at the pavements were taken away by them.Afterwards they didn’t return  neither sighted by anyone there.

She had listened Ma screams at night and her abhorrence to the way of life of the dwellers. Ma would often clamour,"She didn’t belong to that place so she couldn’t do all this." After a while her hysterical scream that she would return her native place would slow down. Perhaps admitting the fact that she had no place to go.

The panic-stricken vows of Ma to return to her native place, she began to understand and hollowness of her words. She knew Ma  screamed for self assurance or just to console herself. It was a sort of self assurance for Ma that there was still a place for her to return. Though she knew they would never return to their native place. As for them, in their native place, there was nothing but a roofless existence wrapped in hunger had been in waiting. It was the place which her mother would refer longingly to others.

To feel supported ,Ma evoked, her native place, a place of her own! A void! An uneven rustic place, with dingy lanes, full of cow dung stinks. There again, they had to repeat, the same story to vacate one place for another. With pangs of hunger, they had to wait for first meal till mid day. She was aware of her rib counted infancy. On the good day she would get a mouth full of  left over food of other houses holds.

These days she had been feeling some pressing gapes in the people’s eyes that would make her uncomfortable. Mother would suggest her to walk fast from there. Some times after her bath Ma would tag her along. They would walk to the temple and sit there on the stone under the banyan tree.

She walked to the market,she slowed near the T.V. shops. On the numerous screens same soaps were running. Gaping on one of them she longed  to break her vagabond life. On the screen she saw a girl child of her age. She tried to relate her life with the screen child. While watching the soaps on T.V. shops she would long for a house to sleep, to play. She loved to watch a  child in comfortable house,a secure life,a peaceful sleep in the bed.

 It was her dream- A comfortable one, at least a place of one room , a bed to sleep whenever she felt, food to eat when she felt hunger…," She smiled and prayed for her dream,"no when I  feel to have some food or to have some fun!" She conjured a home for the family with four walls.

To entertain and break the monotony of her childhood, till few years back she would play the imitation of normal life. In her play, she would long and would pretend to dislike school. Going to school and  imitating the life of a normal child were her precious dream. She would  act hurrying for school.Walking in school uniform with backpacks on the shoulder and sulkingly telling something to accompanying Ma. Sometimes she would play these games with vagrant children like her.

While walking the lean frame  tried to comprehend her life but could she? Wasn’t  a big issue for an eleven year old one?

Sunday, June 10, 2012


The universe is made up of five elements or Punchbhuttas, and so are we. Each element has a unique characteristic. Each of them imparts their virtue wherever they are present.

Understanding the body types enables us to understand our bodies and take measures to correct its aggravations.

For instance, an exposure to cold and dry weather or stressful day makes one tired with wavering brain. It manifests as fatigue and undue anxiety and fear. It is a classic example of Vayu aggravation.

Usually I witness, persons especially students under stress of studies and exams stay in perpetual anxiety and fear. They simply fail to understand the aggravation of Vayu tattva in body and don’t seek measures to rectify it. Thus the condition persists.

Extreme cases of Vayu aggravation slide the person in a state of lower stamina and depression. As the lord of Vayu tattva, the planet Saturn is known to induce irritations, anxiety, fear and impulsiveness in an individual.

To soothe the Vayu aggravation, measures like proper diet, breathing exercise and mind soothing meditation and chanting of mantra (of planet Saturn, Lord Hanuman, Lord Shiva) help. Life style changes, according to nature’s circadian cycle work the best to deal with it.

The five elements and their characteristics-
Ether or space- is present everywhere.
Air-is a substance of varying state.
Fire-has power to transform matters.
Water-is a substance with power to flow or flexibility.
Earth- is a substance of solid state.
Each of the elements, thus show their attributes wherever they occupy the place.

The three humeral or constituents of body are Vayu, Pitta and Kapha. The three humeral of body are actually the faults or aggravations of Panchbhutas (five elements of body i.e. ether or space, air, fire, water and earth).

The three aggravations of elements impart characteristic of human body as Vayu, Kapha and Pitta. Thus the constitution or type of person varies from person to person. A person may have single constitution or may be of mixed i.e. can have more than two doshas or of mixed types.

The constitution of three humeral are Vayu (air+space), Pitta (fire+Water) and Kalpa or Phlegm(earth+water).
Body humeral 
and its
Involved emotions in imbalances  and cure


body  organs, chakras and meridian for cure/healing
and deities to soothe aggravations.
(air+ ether)
Cure-practice calmess and concentration.
Racy brain, 
mental illness,
digestive problems etc.
Head,Crown Chakra and 

 Eye Chakras
Deities of planet Jupiter-Planet Jupter,Lord Vishnu buddha.
Deities of Saturn-planet Saturn,Lord Hanuman,Lord Shiva.
Cure-create self respect and love in life.
Blood pressure, heart disease etc.
Solar plexus,
 Sun Meridian
Sun, mars(solar plexus and spine to heal pingala or fire element)
Deities to appease sun- Surya, Lord Rama, Gaytri mantra.
Mercury(root chakra to heal earth element)
deity of Mercury-Lord Ganesha
Cure- shed passivity and inertia through exercise or will power.
Dry skin and hair.
Root Chakra,Hara Chakra
Planets-Mercury(to heal earth element and root chakra),
Diet of Root chakra- Lord Ganesha
Venus and the Moon(water element and Hara chakra)
Deities of Moon- worship of Devies(Ma Gauri, Ma Lakshmi, Ma Saraswati.

Monday, May 28, 2012

The lost lane of bliss

At night certain uneasiness dawned at me, soon after a soft pain accompanied it.At crack of dawn the cramping of stomach overtook the siesta. Apprehending the day ahead, I resolute for light breakfast and meal,but  morning progressed with nausea and stomach cramping. And my resolution resulted as no food at all.

After completion of half day work of Saturday, with sinking energy when I had been heading home the mind was too speedy. Totally overpowered by the non-conducive thoughts, the mind was struggling to give up.
Hours after, while making the bed my brain was still roaming and recalling those long buried hurts and people.

The rolling incidents of my mind were vitality sapping and subjects were negating people! I was continuously wandering into the dark lanes of morose thoughts, feeding on precious vital energy. The vampires of life were my subject thoughts and had been sucking me mightily.

Even my awareness to overpowering negativity seemed frail. At the moment, to cut the vicious thread of moronic thoughts seemed a herculean task. My struggle went for hours with failed triumph.

Why I was so engulfed unable to discard it, I was amazed. I recollected my day schedule. I wondered the causes of it. Are my missed quotas of brain rescheduling meditation and hourly japa resulted to this havocking energy dissipating miserly thoughts?

For the ease, I halted for a deep breath, tried to relax and prayed ,O’ lord take care of me. I glanced at the Shiva family the most empowered one-the Adi Guru, the ruler of the universe. Ma Parvati or Ma Durga, strength or “Durg” of self. The obstacle remover Ganpati is the doorway to joyful day and endevour. The Lord of purity,  Kartikeya, the mighty discipline and discriminator of mind. His presence in life ensures safety and success. The Kalpa Brichya or boon giver or wish fulfiller/  Nandi.

 At the moment I wanted to capture my lost vitality. I started to grasp the essence of Ganpati.
-Peace leads to concentration. 
-Awareness of present moment.,
-Being attentive-talk less and listening more.,
- Acquiring power of discrimination.
- Equanimity- digests good and bad with equal ease. 
-Be detached.
- Egoless.

I had to ponder on all that zones; I had to find my lost lane of bliss and harmony in the maze of whirly allies of negative thoughts. I had to work religiously on lost points of my Ganesha.

Entire incident gave me few mute points to ponder on. Was my sinking energy level, dragged me down in racy, morose thoughts. Or was it my inability to capture the positive frame of mind back fired? Or my indecisiveness and unawareness during illness had dissipated energy at the alacrity and I got pushed in lower thoughts?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Out of sight but she never been out of mind

Mother the nurturer, protector and creator. She is the reason for our existence on the earth. She the protector as in her presence we built the strength to stand on our own. She was the first experience of our strength.

The first teacher of life the philosopher and friend or our full persona is she. But now it seems difficult to comprehend and chronicle her in tags when she is not around to make things easy for me.

 But her walking synonyms- still seek by me. I look around and when I get any parallel of her, I get my fill or feel of her.

She was the first denial of my teenager revolts. Bound by my hormonal confusion my tantrums had learned the first lesson of patience in her firm expression.  With clear message that bearing one’s tantrums didn’t mean succumb to it. She was the first clarity of my myopic learning.

As a mentor she would rule my world not in her corporal presence but in her absence too. She was a deft accomplisher of mean business of motherhood. Even now in bleak moment of my motherhood I rely on those skills for rescue.

Perhaps mother hood is all about knowing the patient business of taming the formative mind and mutate the genes of offspring on the will. When I regret to my children being so nutty, I get reassured by them. “Don’t feel bad mom, next time we will listen you. And in a year we will automatically follow you. Recalling, oh mom said so! As your suggestions have already mutated our genes to obey them as unfailing commands. Have patience it is only matter of time and mothers’ are known never to give up.”

 And then it amazes me how mother rules the frame of mind always, in my smile, in my talk. She is just out of sight she has never been out of mind. That is why we unconsciously obey her, more we recall her more we become her. That is why she is mother!

 But still motherhood is the most revered one as it gives an opportunity to be a creator. Happy mother’s day!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The icon

The yesteryear actress of nineties  Archana Puran Singh, who was acclaimed for her sizzling dance sequence in movie directed by Pankaj Praser. The bold story of drug dealing was set in picturesque Goa. It got critically acclaimed on many fronts-for direction to its whirly camera movements, editing and choreography.It was supported with fresh star casts.With its aesthetic presentation the movie had long been captured the imagination of audience.

But after that with her first famed release of first movie, the actress surprised many with no- another- release parallel to it.

Soon with her down heading career, for survival sake perhaps the talented actor opted  flavour vanished, stereotyped roles. And the disheartened fans accepted her in repetitive roles of eccentric vamp-yelling nonsensically. Though, her work out persona and maintained aura, even in her restricted script would often tap the memory of her amazing dance moves of first release.

Perhaps this is called destiny. And it forces us to believe in upper hand of almighty or higher one in occurrence of life. Truth of life unfolds to us, with our puppetry role as a human existence where success and failure are chained somewhere else.

But certainly this is not the end of story, it is start. Then what keeps her survived in her career despite not so supportive destiny. What about her still knocks the consciousness? Why does even her small screen presence etch the memory lane seeking share of attention? There is certainly something in her. 

Her lively, well groomed youthful look perhaps again an endeavour to keep pace with seven year junior hubby. But here again she is undoubtedly an unbeatable winner, proving her points in life that love and harmony matter more in matrimony than disparity of age.
Supported with her energetic presence, the small screen show of comedy circus has been running for years without any interruption.

Her intelligently apt hilarity to support a weak humour is really commendable. Her humanity rank first as she responds to worst humour in most dignified way.

At the family front she came as home runner, still without regretting her hard push as an earner.

Though her bouncy ever fighting spirit still misrepresented by Bollywood in repetitive dabbles of negative roles. For decades dangling in short psychotic role she now geared to small screen with talk show and as finalist.

With successful matrimony and children she seems to be blissfully happy giving her best to every job of life. 

At comedy-circus as multi tasker her inevitability makes sense. To uplift the energy of sinking humour and saving TRP, she shakes the show with well tuned punch lifting guffaw. Her positive comment as a judge and charismatic gearing retains the integrity of the space from straying in double meaning gags. 

No doubt the earnest approach positioned her as a permanent finalist of the show, ironically sometimes at the cost of afflicting ruthless hurled humour. And now sailing through the odds of nonsense in cheerful and composed way her presence seems more pertinent in the show than the performers.

Her persistent energetic endeavour to work, her ease at rolling in laughter at nonsense now makes sense. Her dignified way to take the ruthless jokes without any tinge of hurt and offend.Her role as support system be it running of home and hearth or maintaining harmony in family.She is commendable everywhere. 

In short her presence says, I am Archana Puran Singh or rather Puran Singh who ensures the purn “complete” sailing of things be it life, family or a show.” 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


She put her signature at the paper, the crushing anguish shivered through her. In overwhelming dizziness, she conjured the sight of home front. Dealing with sadistic sucking vampire! How she abhorred that life!
Few moment of escape she wanted for her survival from that horribly created anguish at home. She wanted to escape from those people, the suckers! Vampires of life!

They mean to negate and sap one’s vitality, but at this closed, desolate place, with scarce opportunity, the last hope to continue there for her crashed today. The permanent one was returning at his place. Hopelessness engulfed her. Through her frosty sight she conjured her state- she visualized her dealing with them throughout the day.
Few more years advanced, few more crises came and jolted her life. How long all this going to envelope her? She would question herself. When her life would be normal like any other person?

When did she feel some enjoyment? It seemed more than a decade to her when any incident jubilated her to the core. Why happiness had been turning so remote to her? Why one after another she is getting engulfed in the crises she abhorred most.

In the big hall, during meditation session, she felt distracted unable to follow even the simple instruction. She got amazed watching the people who were following the instructors promptly. It amazed how openly people were talking or discussing their problems with masters.

For her there were array of amazements waiting to be unfolded. She was perplexed in many ways. “Is it safe to open up?” She questioned herself, though her heart had long been crying for redressal.  In fact she was having problems with bowing down to those simple looking couple. They were teaching the methods, brimming with happiness, smilingly stopping to different people. Several times without any insistence by them she was suggested and told things, which she grasped despite feeling it non convincing.

But then with book of inner journey in hand she stood from there to walk the path of life. “Not so easy, but not that difficult either”, she speculated. The bunch of key to solve the problems was in her hand. Now she had to find right key for right path. Learning, studies, contemplations were now the new additions to her routine.

Few years more added in her life with few more opportunities, few gratifying growth and few more crisis to solve! Still she contemplated and seeks for solution. To chalk the right way to solution, she would mull over the origin, was it inside or outside? And every time she found the origin of problems inside.

She assessed her projection to the world. As a fragile self it was she who presented herself to others, to be taken granted or being utilized. She realized her wrong  projection as a frail self had prompted others to take advantage of her.

Now it was time for her to stop the blame game and to take responsibility to create her life.To create strength to face compliment and criticism at the ease.

To create life,  she realized there must be clarity in mind, a full picture of life.She felt that the outside efforts of correction measures cent percent should be supported by right attitude and clear picture of solution, unfailing, always and permanently.  

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The feminine icon

Her indomitable steely spirit.

Her coy smile through jasmine decked tresses. Her porcelain, leany frame. Her victorious survival and refusal to succumb to martyrdom!

Isn’t her victory- a case in point just out of mythological text figrine of our motherland's epitomic feminine strength.

Her every move holds special appeal who can forget the flashing news on national T.V.a decade back. Hers gritty walk in her dilapidated lake home after the lash out of a devastating cyclone.
It was hard to accept a life in home arrest bereft of kin and even lacking the basic of life- the electricity.

Her faith or grit infusing speech of freedom as she had started-“it is not power that corrupts, but fear……

Now her every step exuberates, the unbending strength. That sets her apart from being a natural martyr to a victor- one time and every time while the world witnessed her handling the crisis of life.

Though her rapid journey from prisoner to parliamentarian calls for various challenges ahead yet it qualifies her for more inquisitive glances by the world.

Her biggest challenge is to deal the hostile lower house in parliament for her crucial cordialities with reformist Thein Sein.

She has to meet the expectations of improvised, isolated, poverty ridden citizens.
Tired of military misrule the citizens of Myannamar are viewing a miraculous cure of all their woes under her rule.

Converting people expectations in poor country like Myannamar is dare defying job. The challenge is bigger but unavoidable-it is addressing the hardships of common man life that entails provision of food, education and health-the three basics of dignified life.

But now, I realized it is not easy to erase or forget the news of- an indomitable spirit as it gets preserved in brain. Her perseverance to cause is hardest to ignore that is why she is- strongest in appeal.

So who can wait another women’s day to write about – Suu Kyi- she is simply alluring! A tribute to her feminine strength!


After accomplishing the job outdoor Rhea entered in office and placed her stuffs on the table. She hoped a peaceful relaxation of an hour at her desk. The grim and grease of city had taken good toll on her in few hours.

Her attention went on a snide regional remark thrown from one corner. It kept doing the round for a while. Added with smirk it had been halting for the moment to get bulkier with spicy addition or supposed to be funnier in some opinions. There were more jubilations near the fitting sadistic souls for more addition of snide and snigger.

Viewing a constructivel day ahead she tried to control her peace of mind. Thus she chose to ignore the shuttling smirk at the place . Convincing herself it was not directly maneuvered on her. She tried to engross herself in work. Being at her place she wished harmony in space as peace never abode on snide and smirk.

Next gratified with instant sadistic pleasure, when the adjoining acquaintance steered the joke to her, she felt enough is enough.

Stunned with audacity of sadistic engagement she felt a need to address the ongoing unpleasantness. Though she regretted the unnecessary occupation yet it was unavoidable.

The origin point of sarcasm was a news paper. The caricature of people were humorously depicted to show sorry affair of the region. And just to satiate the ever sinking confidence of theirs, the perennial low confidents were the active participator. The apathetic lengthy discussions with insensible comments had been drenching few of them in peel of laughter for hours.

Watching quietly Rhea waited for opportune moment of tranquility to prevail. Afterward she politely raised the appropriateness of discussion and the apathy involved in it to the offender.
Now it was his turned to be taken aback. Least he had expected the firm reasoning that too by a grounded lady. Apparently troubled he instantly asked let off for created offend. Quivered under the asked explanation he wriggled back in self.

But it was not the end of it. Actually it was the start of back biting gossip at work place. And for Rhea it was a big headache to handle unsavory when she had to meet the deadline of work.

Perplexed she asked herself, “where is my Ganesha? Where did I go wrong? Where did I fail to follow my Ganesha?”

Then she assessed the attributes of Lord Ganesha, just to find where did she fail?
The attributes of ganesha tell us
- To stay us “egoless.”
-Practice detachment.
-We must develop of equanimity. Power to assimilate good and bad of life with harmony.
Rhea assessed she was a bit disoriented and tired that made her intolerant of bad comment. She lost her equanimity-the attribute of Lord Ganesha.

She asked herself whether she was egoless, while yielding to reactions. Perhaps she wasn’t.

Though she had conscious to discriminate between good and bad, she was not peaceful as she was stressed.

She had been stressed so been losing herself to reactions. The reaction dragged her far from concentration soon it evaporated her peace of mind.

Now ,being on her place Rhea was contemplating, a silent retreat to her home-a visit to her inner space to fill the self with all necessities once again. She felt urgent need of a meditation session to acquire all lost attributes of Ganesha. To recharge herself and to feel the bliss.