We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves

~ Gautam Buddha

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Out of sight but she never been out of mind

Mother the nurturer, protector and creator. She is the reason for our existence on the earth. She the protector as in her presence we built the strength to stand on our own. She was the first experience of our strength.

The first teacher of life the philosopher and friend or our full persona is she. But now it seems difficult to comprehend and chronicle her in tags when she is not around to make things easy for me.

 But her walking synonyms- still seek by me. I look around and when I get any parallel of her, I get my fill or feel of her.

She was the first denial of my teenager revolts. Bound by my hormonal confusion my tantrums had learned the first lesson of patience in her firm expression.  With clear message that bearing one’s tantrums didn’t mean succumb to it. She was the first clarity of my myopic learning.

As a mentor she would rule my world not in her corporal presence but in her absence too. She was a deft accomplisher of mean business of motherhood. Even now in bleak moment of my motherhood I rely on those skills for rescue.

Perhaps mother hood is all about knowing the patient business of taming the formative mind and mutate the genes of offspring on the will. When I regret to my children being so nutty, I get reassured by them. “Don’t feel bad mom, next time we will listen you. And in a year we will automatically follow you. Recalling, oh mom said so! As your suggestions have already mutated our genes to obey them as unfailing commands. Have patience it is only matter of time and mothers’ are known never to give up.”

 And then it amazes me how mother rules the frame of mind always, in my smile, in my talk. She is just out of sight she has never been out of mind. That is why we unconsciously obey her, more we recall her more we become her. That is why she is mother!

 But still motherhood is the most revered one as it gives an opportunity to be a creator. Happy mother’s day!

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