We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves

~ Gautam Buddha

Monday, February 28, 2011

Shivaratri-an interlude to nourish the self

Shiva is our truest self-the real self-our inner most core and Shivaratri, the transcendental night or a night of wakefulness. Thus traditionally it is celebrated to awaken our universal consciousness or transecend the self to higher conscious.

Shivaratri usually celebrated in or around the month of March.At this time of year the Sun stays in Northern horizon that makes the life sustaining sun power or life force energy helpful to build health.Thus this time of the year acts as the conducive time to cleanse the system and to uplift the Shiva Tattva of ours- the self.

As the Shivaratri is celebrated in spring when the earth revolution and position of the Sun too aid the restoration programme on earth. That is why the arrival of spring is cheered by us as festive season and nature replenishes itself anew after wintry earth.

On the night of Shivaratri - inner rest that is the cessation of thoughts and creation of stillness inside brings physiological and psychological functions at best of ease.

It is perfect time to undertake and experience the inner rest(Samadhi-a state of witness mode that is detachment) as it acts as cleanser and rejuvenation mechanisms for the body and mind.

On Shivaratri- the whole universe the sky and earth- the day and night-the male and female aspects of the body(mind and body)-can be brought in harmony concentrating on Shiva Tattva– the Ekalinga-the Atma- the Self.

Shiva also known as god of destruction and Shivaratri we celebrate in the spring .It is the season of replenishment- a time to shed or destruct all inhibitions, negativities and illnesses-by supporting ourselves with fasting, japa(Om Namah Shivay)and right food.

Shiva –the Shankara, San-who gives peace and bestows boon and Kara-the one who does good.
Shivaratri is the time to surrender ourselves to Shiva Tattva (to uplift the self)-so we can save ourselves from the Tandava (the emotional outbursts) and the dance of conscious(thoughts) which often lead us to indecision and fall in life. The emotional upheaval ruins the health.

To strengthen the mind and body, it is the perfect time to surrender the self to Lord Shiva-the permanent and eternal source of our being –the self.

In the stillness of real self the union of transcendental Shiva(the mind)and Shakti(the body)-the primordial and dynamic energy is a strengthening exercise.

Supported by fasting (fasting helps to detoxify the body) the simple chanting of mantra-“Om Namah Shivah”(which cleanses and aligns the body chakras) helps in strengthening the vitality.

It is time to realize the harmony(the brahmn) in all dual aspects of our body-matter(physical body)and energy(mind), prakriti(nature,earth, body) and purusha(universe,sky,mind,spirit)-drava(substance,flesh,body)-guna(nature, behavior, quality).

The festive night of awareness i.e. Shivaratri beckons us to work on our superlative conscious by destructing the inertia and giving away the passivity of self.

So the Shiva(the real self) inside us perpetually work to its fullest, supported by Satyam(abiding the truth)and Sundaram(in the superlative of self). Let’s invoke it inside us –so we can give our best to all our efforts.

Lord Shiva-the Adi Guru-the Ancient Yogi-who bestows peace and good –let’s stay with us forever!
Om Namah Shivay!

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Bubble Of Busy Bee

“Ooph how busy am I ?” (Others don’t have anything to do).
Typed few lines …(the eyed widened admiringly “how intellectual I am- only while I comment on the write up of different blogs the winged concord of language fly off like a treacherous fellow). “What to do?”- it was kitchen call –whistling cooker or buzzing oven.

“Hey I am able to catch my thoughts now I have every reason and might to torture people. How aptly these days I dole out recipes to bore others?” “How intellectual am I?” (Others are vernacular dumb and mute).

My sharpest intellect can parallel with PM’s brain. How he maintains his cool among all scams and clamors of opposition. I too maintain my calm through my ever changing portfolios and clamors of unfinished works. My portfolios changes in after every fifteen minutes (others don’t multitask as they stay on other planet).

“What if the rank on IndiVine dropped? Take refuge in Bhagwad Gita’s wisdom. After all what is in the rank? "(Other good rank holders show their clinging to material possessions- renounce the world and rank).

At last Busy Bee dished out a write up- despite being burdened with the busiest schedule more than Obama—posted it.. O.K. done..
Next (Here on IndiVine, customarily-vote to be voted).

Door bell rang ..Oooph again …change of portfolio..
Madame X(neighbor) at the door-“what a visual delight to welcome them - digital ten-10” with her towering spouse. A generous smile stretched up to the ears on Mam Busy Bee’s face (in the guilt of avoiding her twice on previous occasions).
Philosophical again-“So what every moment is changeable, why to remember past?”
Just concentrate on present stuff who knows she might prove a complete package of best humor -watch, write and bore.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Alliance of Souls

Our mutual glances, be they sweet
Our faces may they show our concord
Take me within thy heart and let
One spirit- dwells in both of us.
—Atharva Veda

Marriage is a duty performed in mutual cooperation for spiritual advancement.
—Srimad Bhagavatam

Marriage is  pivot of life.It ensures lifelong companionship to gregarious human beings as well as mental and emotional support in every phase of life.

The vows taken by the individuals during marriage are-
“To have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us apart.”
—Book of Common Prayer.

It is a reunion meant to support two individuals throughout of their lives. It is a wisdom oriented device of nature to sustain the species on the planet. For that it equipped the spouses with hormones induced attraction.

But more often the purpose of the institution seems to fail. What does the rising graph of matrimonial discord point? On the broad level the cited reason is incompatibility. Even in the cases where the vows were taken after the courtship of enough time. And it had cleared the all compatibility test of love and attunement earlier.

Still it fails to evolve with time and stagnancy crept inside the alliance.Eventually it chokes and lastly saps the vitality out of the relationship.

 In the universe everything first works on the mental and energy level then the gross form shapes.Every acclaimed action of the universe manifests first in thoughts then it breathes to life. MARRIEGE MUST BE ALLOWED TO GROW WITH TIME AS THE STAGNANCY SAPS VITALITY OUT OF IT.

When the person never gives a thought to grow beyond the triviality of lower level of energy and thoughts and they only hanker after gross things,a time comes when the full grown effect of uncontrolled desires engulf the life. 

How does it affect the couple on the physical level?
Let have a glance to Vedic wisdom or our ancient Aurveda healing system describes the body.

Root Chakra-the Mooladhar Chakra- the physical chakra which imparts strength and sustenance when healed. Situated at the base of the spine it is the seat of the desires. When unhealed it shows the unsatiating craving for worldly possessions and wealth.

The relationship of spouses who possess uncontrolled desires get stuck only in worldly possession and wealth. The means and happiness of relationship they draw satiating their worldly possessions by showcasing the clothes, jewels and stuffs. The desires are endless so they are bound to be unfulfilled after a point of time. And when the very purpose does not get fulfilled it questions the stability of relationship.

Hara Chakra-the Swadisthan Chakra –or the emotional chakra- when union of the two individual occurs at the level of this chakra empathy gets created between the two. It is often taken as bonding and love.

When the Hara Chakra of partners is not healed they show emotional insecurities in the relationships. Out of insecurities they try to control one another and eventually the relationship wilts.

Solar plexus- the chakra of power and wisdom- in healed condition the person exhibit strong will power.

The union between partners of strong will power shows a selfless attitude in relationships. And the marriage would be based on strong will of selfless love.

The heart chakra- also known as chakra of love- a chakra when healed it opens entrance of gratitude. The heart chakra gets healed only when both upper and lower chakra are balanced and healed.

Gratitude opens opulence in the life- when the individual leaves ‘ego’. The ego binds the person with false perception and it checks growth and love in life.

In marriage when the partners starts the life without any expectation. They respect and give space to each other and do not force another to conform. The union blossoms in selfless love. This kind of couple show undying love for one another. They turn into the picture of Ardhnareswer . The lives of such couples are so much tuned- thus in their life success, growth and prosperity make permanent realization.

Throat chakra- controls metabolism in body when the chakra is healed – it imparts truthfulness, strength and good values and better physical capacity which is counted as good working capability.

When the union between two individual exists at this level both of them give best to their lives. The relationship gets based on truthfulness. The strong mental and physical level imparts great character and strong personality to them. And strong mental and physical strength give the power to create health, wealth and long lasting bliss in life.

“You were born together, and together you shall be forever more.
You shall be together when the white wings of death scatter your days.
You shall be together even in the silent memory of God.
But let there be spaces in your togetherness, and let the winds of the heavens dance between you.”
—Khalil Gibran.

Do not look up above in the sky and ask persistently to God for the heaven- create it here on the earth. Life is the canvas of our lives provided by the almighty where we have to paint our hell or heaven.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love and relationship

Osho says, “Love is not mere an emotion , love is an expression of your whole being.” So it cannot be an overwhelming fleeting and when it passes leaving behind you an empty, shattered in sadness and in sorrow.”

Isn’t love the most precious of all emotions? Love gives wholeness and liberation of whole being. In love the world seems beautiful. Still maintaining the precious feel (love) is like walking the tightrope. At the best display like trapeze artistes love too keeps everyone in the crowd spellbound with their mesmerizing charm like trapeze artistes who keep spectators spellbound with their death defying leaps and acrobatics. So often, gaping a well maintained relationship leaves one open mouth as if one is watching the gravity defying tricks.

In love the care should be taken and the grip shouldn’t be stifling one otherwise it will block the growth of another partner. At the same time tightness (bonding) should be enough to maintain the affinity. A tight grip becomes an exercise of control, stifling the growth in the relationship and a tool for emotional blackmail.

Love is not like owning someone; on the contrary it is the liberation. When someone loves, he or she allows the other to acquire more autonomy through this love.

Love is always mistaken by most of us as overwhelming emotions. Flowing in an emotion ,overwhelms one and blurs the vision .The person loses clarity. As a result whatever comes in the name of overwhelming love comes out as wrong. Losing in emotion is like walking in black cloud, in which one gets lost.

Love is a blissful emotion. Love flow through us in balanced state of our being. Therefore in love we gain tremendous insight, clarity, sensitivity, awareness. To acquire the power of love a patient investment of commitment is required to achieve it. Therefore very few people realizes this true realization of life, others simply chase the boundary instead of map.

To create true love in life it has to be taken out from the emotional grip, the false teaching we received since our birth, and we have to find a route of it, which fortunately passes through us. Unless the love becomes perennial part of our being, it is not much different from pain, suffering and sadness.

Often people claim being in love but reality show them otherwise. As they seem to perennially live in skeptics or insecurities about the relationship either begging or seeking.

Love is a confidence always stems out unconditionally.
There is not any gain and lose in love as it gives the moments to cherish.
Love also gives a means to create something permanent in our lives.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Falling in Love

Love best of emotions….it happened! With all of its tingling and sensation….each time and every time whenever it showered!
I am not a teenager…..nor a twenty plus….but it happened….not once…but in successions...in my life…
The first brush of love i had  “with the best friend of my life... Pa. Yes a  person of another gender…we had great difference not only in age but in length (height) too. Every morning I would peck a soft kiss on his rough face climbing on the bed. That time according to him my pecks had two different tastes -one sweet another sour.That i would shower to him according to my childish humor, to refresh him for the day. Sweet one when he was good to me. Sour one when I wanted to see his mocked face of bad taste.
Next time it spelled on me-when I was twenty something-not exactly looking for it. Destined it showered and drenched me completely again in different way –as first time I saw a straight forwardness in some one, a holistic demeanor, and I got charmed with. Decades passed and many changes came in my role-I turned friend,leading lady of his life, councilor. Isn't a lovely way to rule one’s life?
But best of love came instantaneously,even few days ahead of the forecast by the doctor and experts.Her arrival delighted everyone in the family. Through dizzying weakness I glanced the divinely love in my lap. The pristine tiny-tot was with her cheeky look was taking stock of the world around her in serenity.
At my place, a serene tourist hub with abounded nature, as a lady of the house the first bond of love I generated with a canine.  I truly realized their open reciprocation. The appreciation of truth –“They don’t follow  human for food instead they truly understand love- the unconditional one."
Then at my Institution (my work place)… once after parking the vehicle while I was hurrying towards the portico in drizzle, an umbrella came from nowhere to save me from discomfort of sogginess.
When my gaze met with my savior, for the moment i was startled but soon imbibed the soothing facts of love and humanity.My mind switched to a-day-before-incident when under the stressful moment  i had given him, a hard time for the non-compliance in the study showing my toughest of skin.Their love i often feel when the class of sixty plus maintains pin drop silence only to aid my concentration…during my stay with them.Their love strengthen me.
During one of my occupied moments I had accidentally dropped my car key somewhere and a student ran behind me to produce it whom I had given the stern lesson a day before …his respect firmed my believe in love.
The list is longer. I wish and thank for all the love and loving moments of life to grow unlimited.
Love is divine
Love is unconditional
Love is giving
When you love
Understand it truly
It is not a gain
Nor a carnal pleasure
Know the fine line
Love is truth
love is freedom
Let it grow
Feel it
Give it
And make it eternal
Happy valentine day!
For every one who believes in true love!
Open up
let it come from all sides!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Ma Saraswati

O’Goddess Saraswati, salutation to you

O’ Goddess of consciousness

The metaphor of creative faculty, praise to you

O’ goddess, the personification of knowledge and learning

The cornerstone of Upanishads, may she enlighten our conscious!

O’ Goddesss, the faculty of wisdom

The goddess of purity and true knowledge

The bestower of knowledge, we bow to you

O’ discriminator of real and unreal

O’ vakdevi, the goddess of speech,may she live on our tongue!

O’ the essence of sound, by your name the

World of sound and form is realized, we bow to you

O’goddess of cognition purifies our minds and intellects.

O’ muse of creative faculty

The essence of self (swa)

The devotion of artist and ascetic

The giver of self knowledge

The Devi of creative potential

The call of higher self

Let unveil the mystery of life,

And omit the darkness of our lives.

O,Ma Saraswati provider of boon

As we began our lives

Provide success in all our efforts

O’ bestower of learning and skill

Illuminate the world with light of knowledge

O’ Ma Saraswati, salutation to you,salutation to you!