We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves

~ Gautam Buddha

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Falling in Love

Love best of emotions….it happened! With all of its tingling and sensation….each time and every time whenever it showered!
I am not a teenager…..nor a twenty plus….but it happened….not once…but in successions...in my life…
The first brush of love i had  “with the best friend of my life... Pa. Yes a  person of another gender…we had great difference not only in age but in length (height) too. Every morning I would peck a soft kiss on his rough face climbing on the bed. That time according to him my pecks had two different tastes -one sweet another sour.That i would shower to him according to my childish humor, to refresh him for the day. Sweet one when he was good to me. Sour one when I wanted to see his mocked face of bad taste.
Next time it spelled on me-when I was twenty something-not exactly looking for it. Destined it showered and drenched me completely again in different way –as first time I saw a straight forwardness in some one, a holistic demeanor, and I got charmed with. Decades passed and many changes came in my role-I turned friend,leading lady of his life, councilor. Isn't a lovely way to rule one’s life?
But best of love came instantaneously,even few days ahead of the forecast by the doctor and experts.Her arrival delighted everyone in the family. Through dizzying weakness I glanced the divinely love in my lap. The pristine tiny-tot was with her cheeky look was taking stock of the world around her in serenity.
At my place, a serene tourist hub with abounded nature, as a lady of the house the first bond of love I generated with a canine.  I truly realized their open reciprocation. The appreciation of truth –“They don’t follow  human for food instead they truly understand love- the unconditional one."
Then at my Institution (my work place)… once after parking the vehicle while I was hurrying towards the portico in drizzle, an umbrella came from nowhere to save me from discomfort of sogginess.
When my gaze met with my savior, for the moment i was startled but soon imbibed the soothing facts of love and humanity.My mind switched to a-day-before-incident when under the stressful moment  i had given him, a hard time for the non-compliance in the study showing my toughest of skin.Their love i often feel when the class of sixty plus maintains pin drop silence only to aid my concentration…during my stay with them.Their love strengthen me.
During one of my occupied moments I had accidentally dropped my car key somewhere and a student ran behind me to produce it whom I had given the stern lesson a day before …his respect firmed my believe in love.
The list is longer. I wish and thank for all the love and loving moments of life to grow unlimited.
Love is divine
Love is unconditional
Love is giving
When you love
Understand it truly
It is not a gain
Nor a carnal pleasure
Know the fine line
Love is truth
love is freedom
Let it grow
Feel it
Give it
And make it eternal
Happy valentine day!
For every one who believes in true love!
Open up
let it come from all sides!


  1. A form of love which I have never ever imagined..Whoa!!

  2. A lovely post! Aparna, this was straight from ur heart! loved the simplicity :)


  3. Thanks restless for vote, you visited and thought about me that is the pleasure of being here.

  4. Thanks Pratibha for your support.