We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves

~ Gautam Buddha

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Bubble Of Busy Bee

“Ooph how busy am I ?” (Others don’t have anything to do).
Typed few lines …(the eyed widened admiringly “how intellectual I am- only while I comment on the write up of different blogs the winged concord of language fly off like a treacherous fellow). “What to do?”- it was kitchen call –whistling cooker or buzzing oven.

“Hey I am able to catch my thoughts now I have every reason and might to torture people. How aptly these days I dole out recipes to bore others?” “How intellectual am I?” (Others are vernacular dumb and mute).

My sharpest intellect can parallel with PM’s brain. How he maintains his cool among all scams and clamors of opposition. I too maintain my calm through my ever changing portfolios and clamors of unfinished works. My portfolios changes in after every fifteen minutes (others don’t multitask as they stay on other planet).

“What if the rank on IndiVine dropped? Take refuge in Bhagwad Gita’s wisdom. After all what is in the rank? "(Other good rank holders show their clinging to material possessions- renounce the world and rank).

At last Busy Bee dished out a write up- despite being burdened with the busiest schedule more than Obama—posted it.. O.K. done..
Next (Here on IndiVine, customarily-vote to be voted).

Door bell rang ..Oooph again …change of portfolio..
Madame X(neighbor) at the door-“what a visual delight to welcome them - digital ten-10” with her towering spouse. A generous smile stretched up to the ears on Mam Busy Bee’s face (in the guilt of avoiding her twice on previous occasions).
Philosophical again-“So what every moment is changeable, why to remember past?”
Just concentrate on present stuff who knows she might prove a complete package of best humor -watch, write and bore.


  1. 'Every moment is changeable'
    a good note..

    amit purohit
    the lone soldier
    my infatuation love demystified

  2. Enjoyed Busybee's changing roles and philosophical musings.

  3. Thanks,The Lone Soldier -taking the note-self is the biggest bluff and is hard to tame.

  4. Thanks Zephyr,it is really pleasant to find you here.

  5. quite an entertaining and light hearted post.

  6. Thanks Pratibha for visit and comments.