We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves

~ Gautam Buddha

Sunday, January 29, 2012

To Ma Saraswati

Ma Saraswati
The goddess of consciousness
The metaphor of creative faculty
The divine of learning and knowledge
The cornerstone of Upanishads-becoming and being
The personification of knowledge and learning
The idol of wisdom
The spirit of purity
The discriminator of real and unreal
The deity of speech-Vakdevi
The quintessence of sound and form
The goddess of cognition
The originator of mind and intellect.
The muse of creative faculty
The essence of self (swa)
The devotion of artist and ascetic
The benefactor of self knowledge
The Devi of creative potential
The call of higher self
Let unveil the mystery of life,
And propel all darkness out of it.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

How truly republican are we?

Once again another republic day came-63rd republic day. Through the chores, a line of leading daily flashed in consciousness, “True republicanism is the sovereign of people” of a French revolutionary, Marqueise De Lafatte.”

How truly republican are we? A muse of commoner,it just persisted,like a stubborn child.As the day progressed every sight of republic day ceremony at work place to back home, through out the day I had been seeking the meaning of true republicanism and our sovereignty as a citizen of sovereign republic.

Further, the promises of constitution’s preamble sank in- our constitution ensures it's citizen right to justice, liberty, equality and fraternity
But day to day experiences sometimes don't match the promises. Aren't the path of these promises hurdled enough?

Are these mean to stay in texts only? The muse crossed the mind.

But as contemplation became intense, the inner voice answered-15 august, the day of independence is the outer victory of physical means. In which we had chased away the British and rejoiced our independence. But independence without partaking responsibility is half lost battle. So we constituted law for humane lives
But to regain our true republic inner change is must in we citizens. Through our faith and accountable work in democratic republic we bring its visibility in lives. But this requires honesty and willingness to work for it.

But how long the fight for republican set up will last? We have all ready wasted 63 years. Our dream of sovereign republic is rusted by the corruption (that blocks justice and liberty) and greed (that breeds discrimination and inequality) of society.

Thus reality of being sovereign in daily life is still a dream for us. In our household and in public life, are women really enjoying emancipation? Do we as commoner get justice that we deserve? Do as a tax payer we ever get the account of our invested money by the government.

A sigh comes to grasp acceptance to all. After all these become a habit to us. And it is going to be like that until we acknowledge and fight to get rid of it. But how and how long..?