We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves

~ Gautam Buddha

Friday, October 29, 2010

My globe of books and words

Reading is my passion since my childhood. It is my way to learn and explore the world around me, and to respite my list of “whys?” Books have alwayy been my faithful companion and closest ally as my inquisitiveness gets satiated through the ideas of prudent brains belonged to kingdom of book. They are the  means to stretch my horizon of learning and give me  expeditions of different minds.

In shaping my childhood the persistent exposure of words played major role  as it  gave me the power of expression.

Supported by apt words, during my childhood ,i won  many of  arguments with siblings and friends.It  always gave me edge over many fights with them. Words  always supported me. During siblings tiffs,it was  my better presentation of words and convincing power which always tilted father' s support to me. Where as my loving and innocent brother would accept his defeat or would force to  comply with father commands," Don' t fight with your little sister, she is so cute." Chuckingly father instruct him.Whereas faltering for words my brighter brother would repeatedly fail to garner his support.

 Sometimed to add   his woes he would challenge me openly infront of father. “You come outside, and then I will show you.” To counter his open threat i used to take refuge in my tears. They would act as wonder and a loving hug to father would take care of rest. 

And one stern look on father's face would close the case permanently in my favor. “Who can dare to touch me after that?” In father' s strong presence i would gleefully walk around humming a tune.

In formative years I got hooked by fascinating events of nature.I had to know the apt reasons and answers about the mysterious happenings of the universe,like blue colors of sky, the cause of rainbow and many more. Naturally i got more inclined to  books. They  became my favorite refuge.

My adolescent years spent mostly quenching the logic and truth of the happenings around me  whenever my ignorance raised another “why?” Although with academics I had already stepped into the dazzling worlds of the colors and monochrome as a painter,still books were my constant companions.

However after a point I  allured more to silence than words. But still in the charmed silence of self ,the words had been  taking shape inside me. During my busiest moments i would obscurely scribble words  at the front of note books or on the last  pages or at any vacant space on books. 

During my leisure affrctionately i used to write and greet my friends with my words. My conveyed words to them always won applaud to me by them. The lingering affection and gleams on my teachers’ and friends’ face were most enduring moments for me which they would flash after receiving my hand written appreciation letters. They  acted as a catalyst to me to work on next stuff. The mystic world of  words shaped my attitude and personality.

Books and words were parallel to me like parents, family and home. The touch of books, the shuffling of pages always appeared gentle to me . Walking in the long corridors of premises with load of book seemed soothing to me as if i am walking with most dependable friend.

Even in  the turmoiled hours of before exams i got succor  in the crispy touch of books and their words. They were the savior  of my tumultuous moments.

During the grueling hours in the exam hall when the lustrous words would make their appearance on the answer sheets,through my annulled mind. I would get my lost breath and reason for the survival on the planet earth.

Even  the bleak moments of failed words never failed me. The close one always rewarded my tears with compound interest as it magically heaped more guilt on them. With others those moment of failed words and hurt equipped me with survival strategies and provided me new direction of life.

Then at a point faltering for words I felt a need to work upon them.As my story spinning self had been demanding  apt words to explain the charming  world around me. Till then i acquired status of motherhood. And now I had to find words and expression –for those tiny, pink palms who were throwing a soft throb on my face whenever I would come close to kiss the velvety tiny tot.

Now finding myself at little ease whenever I sit with my   lap top .I ask myself, “Are the hours of straining the cerebra worth spent?” But my  world is   ruled by heart .Thus  the emotional  quest pests me “what I am going to do with these stuffs? Are they worth leaving as legacy or memoirs?” I have  no plausible explanation.

But words are my succor- my passion – my companion. They pour out of me- through my expression , my stories.

Then my loving and  chirpy companion- my reflection of childhood ,my daughter now she acquainted with speedy gadgets and life. She—gifted me a window of expression, my blog. It is a world of intellectual, a limitless world of friends.

The vibrant platform and connectivity of blog  widened my world and reasons. Through my blog  I started a different era of life. I ,a person of logical and analytical background now i entered in exciting world of literature.

Being with my buddy, the words I penned different invocation of memories.

These days while explaining analysis and logic of science as a teacher I do find a fellow within me who has been fighting for better grip on words and expression. In those moments I recall stern looks of  my blue eyed Anglo- Indian teacher of elementary school on my slip- up of the adjective in place of adverb.

But on the whole in the company of my earnest friend,words life seems refurbishing—after all who won’t feel elated with a true supportive friend of all seasons, the words.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


That year Raghu had come to spend two full months at his grandparent place. As Ma had diagnosed with gall bladder problem at the same time his parents were shifting from Lucknow to Mumbai. At the station grand pa was standing with kaka because he had under taken the journey on his own.
Next day the hobbling of feet and hushed voice with giggles had broken his slumber during the morning hours. Previous evening when they were coming home they were interrupted and asked by many acquaintances of grand pa whom to receive he had come to the station. Therefore the news of his arrival had already broken in the sleepy village of Sambalpur and his friends were there to meet him. Granny came into the room and she ushered them to come inside.
Raghu was invited for hang out with his friends. He was curiously wanted to venture all his place of interests – the river bank, the temple beside the pond, fields and most interesting the orchard. In that dusty remote village the names were really few but for Raghu the bonding he would feel with everything over there was special.
In the morning hours of monsoon Raghu felt delighted when he had been called outdoor by his friends. The paddy saplings were being taken out from the field and they have to monitor the work.
Sowing of green grassy paddy were going on almost everywhere in the water logged field. It seemed enchanting to him to listen the rustic yet invigorating folk song in chorus by the bent ladies busy with chores of sowing. He was sitting on the huge stooped branch of banyan tree beside the field. The leisurely pace of village lives always seemed close to him.
Settled at granny’s places since a week the loads of homework to be done than started pestering him. As the sun was blazing in the rain washed sky he had been refrained by the granny not to venture out. Watching the puffy strewn clouds for a while through the window ultimately he decided to complete his home work. He was too engrossed in his maths that he didn’t notice the howling of strong wind outside, with dark sky.
Granny had been rushing to terrace to bring down the dried cloths lined over there, he accompanied her. In the cool breeze out of delight the village children were running in the dusty lanes in the hope of cool showers. Standing at the terrace Raghu had been amusedly watching the enjoyable chorus down there. The sudden start of storm had put the lives at the rush in the idle surrounding. Some folks were hurrying down the path with their cattle’s. The bleating horde of goats was scurrying to their places. With surging gale the lightning with thunder started flashing in the sky.
Then amid the animals and folks he noticed a stooped weird man with knotted muscles and a lump at the back he was hurrying past the children. Rejoicing few of them followed him but deprived of his attention they returned back to their own group. His legs were bent sideways in arch. With unkempt look and maze of dry hair the man was busy talking with himself frantically throwing wild gestures. All that seemed quite uncanny to Raghu.
While collecting the clothes granny caught the uneasiness on Raghu’s face. To pull off his attention from him, she casually added that he was Baiju. He had lost his wife few years back in the lighting while she had been sowing the paddy sapling in the field. Then onwards every monsoon the sight of storms and rain infuriates him to no extent.
Soon the wind storm got blended with the thick dusts of gravel paths and fields. In that Raghu was finding even difficulty to open his eyes. Clutching the stacked clothes they both hurried down stairs.
In after noon Ragav his cousin called him from the window, to accompany him to the orchard. As the gale had already started furiously and the strong spell could start at any moment. In the dusty wind others were also rushing towards the orchard. And in all that it was fair possibility to enjoy the taste of sour, tangy green mangoes. After collecting enough for themselves they decided to find a place to relish them. Beside the pond the temple was the exact place for them.
In the shade of temple Raghav opened the knot of the bundle. The monsoon rain was pattering everywhere. The ladies who were sowing the paddy sapling had already left for home leaving the work mid way as the dark clouds with its thickness had been creating complete effect of setting dusk. The water logged fields were further refurbishing in the pouring rains.
In the already flooded field some baskets of paddy sapling left unattended. Raghu pointed the basket to Raghav, “Raghav who left those saplings there?” He simply shrugged the query but Raghu had got stuck in between the taste of mango and the sight.In blurred setting with whipping rain he was feeling lost. Again his attention got stuck on the left basket of saplings. He saw a man with arched legs was entering the field, so at least some one came to claim it. In the lashing rain oblivious of surrounding he was entering the water logged field. Through the lashing downpour the piercing thunder and lightning were making them deaf. The setting tempest seemed frightening to children. And then from the other shades few hordes made a quick escape viewing the worsening squall. The arch legged one standing in the middle of the field was shouting something inaudible with raised hands amidst the lashing rain.
Raghu got awestruck by the arch legged Baiju, " why he is still standing in the field ? What if the lightning will strike him?"
Under the impact of dark monsoon clouds the day seemed yielded to darkness, they too winded up from there.
In the morning Raghu went along the granny to collect some flowers. While shaking the branches he saw grand pa walking along the path towards the pond. He intended to accompany him, in affirmation granny smiled silently. Cheerfully Raghu jumped down the branches and hopped the fence to reach him.
Collecting flowers granny glanced to them, holding the arm of grand pa Raghu was insisting to go with him. Soon reconciled they both walked away.
Grand pa was taking the longest route as he had numerous farm duties to talk with different folks. Along the canal they walked for the moment then he took the branched muddy path.That took them to clay hut settlement, there was a brook flowing in front of the them.A palm tree trunk was kept to cross the brook.Viewing his inconvenience grand pa chided him lightly for accompany him. Standing at another side of the brook grandpa called out loudly. A man with a bundle of straw came out behind the bamboo grove and wished to grand pa.
Raghu got enchanted with the groves of trees over there, emerald greenery of huge big trees. At the distant he caught the frail figure of Baiju, he was busy digging the earth with new samplings of mango , neem, tamarind and many others. So it was Baiju’s orchard, the biggest one in the village without any boundary as every open treeless space belonged to him..
During the lunch granny seemed delighted as if she had some plan.To find out he asked her whether she wanted flowers next morning.
As she would send him for frantic errands or sometime she would send some message to busy grand pa at the farm. Ignoring his queries granny asked him whether he would come along her to temple day after tomorrow. There would be a fair- a big gathering of neighboring villagers. She lifted the thali (plate) after wiping the earth and went to the kitchen.
With other ladies granny went inside the temple leaving Raghu and Raghav at the temple stairs. It was a high place to view the standing folks down there.In the open uneven land some folks were busy flying the kites. Raghav was fond of watching the flying kites soon he got gripped in vivid colored paper avians.
Few children were throwing stones on the tamarind trees beside the temple stairs. It seemed more amusing to Raghu as a frantic throwing of pebbles in the thick foliages would create a bustle over there and flock of birds would fly in flurry only to return after some times. And then the next bombing of pebbles in the foliages brought down on the earth a big green parrot bleeding profusely. The sight scared the children as they started getting reprimands from the elders standing over there. Scared they flew off the place leaving the bird on the ground.
Tears floated in the Raghu’s eyes instantaneously he started climbing down the stairs and made his way towards the wounded bird. From another corner too the arched feet with stooped shoulder joined the place. Baiju lifted the bleeding bird and Raghu frantically brought water in broken earthen piece lying near the pond.
Sitting in the shade of backyard he waited for Baiju to bring the green herbs for faster healing. Granny brought a bird cage to put the bird for the rest. He was feeling the warmth of rough Baiju’s hands when he was plastering paste on the bird’s wounds. His crinkled face with broken teeth seemed so near to him—today Raghu got two friends the parrot and Baiju. As Baiju had promised him that he would come daily to watch the healing of the birds and he would look forward to it.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The antagonist ruler

The antagonism is here in the life, as the family members are not listening. The child is not complying. The neighbors and acquaintances are difficult people and weird in behaviors. Expectations are failing. On the whole the world and people seemed so odd to live and communicate.
And anger is cropping up in whatever we do, as it simply rules the day.
It happening with every one of us, on a small and big level, and now it becomes a reality of life.
What stage up this show of anger?
-Fatigue self.
-When any issue, circumstances disliked most by us.
-We lack the desired strength and vision to solve the situation calmly.
-Person is exhausting more energy on daily basis without any attention of working on the creation and sustenance of energy. The system needs a rejuvenation exercise to make up the lost energy (that should not be confused with exhausting further in the name of tagged way of merry making).
The key question of related to anger is whether it is a simple weakness or a disease.
Myth-most often anger is viewed as strength. It is actually an inability to find a calm solution of ongoing crisis.
-When a weak body or mental frames fail to act accordingly as a result it reacts in outburst, completely disrupting the wholeness of personality.
-Anger shows a shaken and frightened self.
- It is an indicator of weak physical and mental frame.
What does help?
Self help is the best help, to acknowledge the need to work on it is the first step.
-Acknowledge the need of some measures to help ourselves (meditation- during meditation working on the particular points or body organs where anger accumulates help).
- Every time get aware of the surge i.e. anger.
- Acknowledge that the poison is taking control of you (during anger certain fight and flight hormones are secreted that hamper the normal body functioning. Once secreted the hormones stays in blood stream for more than weeks thus hampering the normal body function on regular basis.).
-acknowledge the urgency to built up the lost energy (means are varied).learn not only way to create but sustain it positively.
- Self counseling does help, as calming anger is not about surrendering to situation. It is all about showing and acting on the disapproval to certain people, work and situation.
Here I would like to state one story taken out of Buddha life. When Buddha had been preaching about mind- management and virtues of simple living, there had a surge in his followers with every passing day. Some of the son’s of rich businessman had too joined him as his disciples and they started following the lives of simple means.
That angered the community of rich businessman and one of them came to him. He accused him of misleading the youths with non actions, like he had been leading his own life.
Buddha had listened all his accusation calmly and asked one question-“Parth suppose you had brought a gift for someone, but the person refused to receive the gift, so where the gift would stay now”.
The infuriated rich man replied –“ an inert mind like yours only couldn't comprehend the simple fact like this. When the person refused the gift then it would remain with the person who had brought it.”
Buddha replied the gift of anger you had brought for me but it had been refused by me. You came from such a far of place and tired yourself with that extent I was really sorry for that. The man became charmed with magical serenity of Buddha.
Buddha did not react. So he did not lose calmness. But he acted rightly.
He had the power to deny the gift. A power to chose, what was to be accepted or what was to be left untouched.
He had the power to create immunity to bad words (IMMUNITY TO BAD WORDS ONE OF THE BIGGEST STRENGTH OF THE SELF).
He did not chose to pick up the fallen arrows of bad words which were strewn all around him, and pricking himself to feel the pain, sustain it in memory for long and dwell in it on permanent basis. An exercise more often we chose to do.( WE DON'T ONLY REGISTER BAD MEMORIES ATTENTIVELY, BUT CHOSE TO DWELL IN IT ON PERMANENT BASIS).
Still acknowledging all these facts it is difficult to get rid of anger. It takes years of willingness, persistency and workout to acquire a wholesome personality.
Measures to control anger-
Meditation is a powerful means to calm the mind and refill the lost energy.
-Reiki too comes as powerful aid, as it is equip us with potent symbols which give beneficial results. Working on particular chakras which are related to emotional issues and different points of brains offers good result but persistency is required.
-According to Buddhist philosophy one has to incorporate calmness first in thought then only in action it will be reflected.
-Some japa of mantras also help.
Most importantly being a believer in wholeness of life, relationship and action works wonder. The bliss which comes out of wholeness of relationships, job done and life is unparalleled to anything else in this world. And we deserve the best, as we are ready to work for the best.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My bequest of this Navaratri

The mellow sunshine , the hide and seek of pestering rain and the sudden pinch of chill in evening air , a collective combination of familiarities precedent with the arrival of autumn and puja fervor. Every thing is the long awaited delight –the most cherished familiarities-to our bodies and cells . Still something inside questions, “are that all about the puja fervor”?

This Navaratri let’s listen the voice of self and gift the ourselves something really precious and permanent which can stay with us through out the year. Build the inner strength as a souvenir of autumn annually as it gives strength to brave the life successfully.

The epitome of entire creation is Ma Durga as the name implies –the fort, the Durge-which one harnesses as the blessing of Goddess after appeasing her.The built up inner strength , acts as Durge –a fort to protect the adept during the hardship.

Every year through the smoky ambiance of haven ,throbbing crowd and pulsating vibes of dhakies we glance the divine -Ma Durga. Beside the idol of Ma Durga we find idols of Ma Saraswati, Lord Kartkey, Ma Lakshmi and Lord Ganpati. The idols of Ma Saraswati , Lord KartiKey (the lord of purity and justice) are placed at the left and Ma Lakshmi and Lord Ganpati at the right. What all these holy figurines symbolize and make the sight worth cherishing ?

The nine days of Navaratri is the time to build the inner strength and to come out victorious (strength ful) as mother divine- Ma Durga- after healing negative attributes of ours .

During the autumn the nature replenishes and discards all rotten and non functional. Relying on the insight of the best teacher- the nature we too prepare ourselves to rejuvenate by discarding all negative attributes that is restricting our strength and growth.

When we successfully discard the negativity. The next step is to create a shield of mental and spiritual strength in which sound health resides – an indispensable to fight the hardships of life.

The Mercurial God Ganpati represents our mental attitude as mind is the subject of change with ever changing thoughts and emotions like the planet mercury. When the mind is not in balance it brings indecisiveness and rigidity which act as hindrance to success, growth and prosperity.

Ma Laksmi is the epitome of fertility, prosperity and peace( the calm attitude of being). Ma Lakshmi is the consort of Lord Vishnu (the sustainer of life). She signifies that the power of creation( Lord Vishnu) stays with adept when peace(Ma Lakshmi) reigns in the life.

The prosperity comes with the power of creation as the peace gives awareness and clarity to thoughts. In awareness one gets clarity and then takes right decision. The right decision leads to prosperity. So the peace gives the power of creation- the ultimate tool of prosperity.So where is Ma Laksmi (the peace and good luck)- the Lord Vishnu (the sustainer) will stay.

The Ma Lakshmi is worshipped with Lord Ganesha in Durga Puja Festival. Lord Ganpati represents the mercurial brain. When Lord Ganesha- the mercurial or indecisive brain is healed(discarding negative thoughts like indecisiveness ,fear..) then Ma Laksmi -the peace comes in mind. In this way to worship of Lord Ganesha with Ma Laksmi make a sense. To make peace a reality a decisive brain is needed.

When these two aspects get healed– Ma Laksmi (the peace) and Lord Ganpati (right decision), the intellect blossoms- Ma Saraswati makes her way into the life of adept.

During the autumn the nature replenishes itself by decomposing the rigid and non conformals.
So it is perfect time to surrender ourselves in the deep ocean of self and getting ready to heal ourselves by discarding all negative attributes of ours- the inertia, pride, shame, craving and aversion.

Raising our inner strength and elevating the power of self from tamoguna (depression, fear, and emotional instability) –is like acquiring Ma Laksmi. So the first three days adept spends in the worship of Ma Laksmi.

The next three days are devoted to work on rajoguna (which engulfs us in anxiety, feverish possession and sensual gratification). Once the futility of hoarding is healed, the intellect blossoms. The intellect imparts us the perception of the right and wrong- thus the presence of Ma Saraswati manifests.

The last three days adepts devote to attain strength of Ma Durga (a fortress of strength) ,standing on the right ground of sattva (a place of peace and dynamism) after beating the inertia, craving and aversion (the tamoguna) and rajo guna ( the possessions and sensual gratification).

The path is long and arduous, better to take one step a day and start now, after all how many years we already missed only witnessing the outer melee of lights and decorations. This Navaratri let’s gift the self with inner strength.
Have the happiest gift of life and Happy Navaratri!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The home coming of Ma

Every year the usual provoked signal of Ma leaving her heavenly abode comes to us so naturally.This year too I got the same during the familiar day break of the autumn. Though inside the closed compartment of train all the familiarity came suddenly alive in the consciousness, refreshing me head to toes. I sensed the nearing of Dussehra. I got the hunch of Ma homecoming.
The surging cool of morning hours was notorious to slide even the chronic insomniac to deep slumber. At the time when a soft coolness touched me, I took it as a time of day break. In still dark compartment I had been refreshingly awaken.Without apparent reason sleep vanished , I got the urge to find the time. Till then the dawn had not been completely settled so there was enough darkness inside the Bogey. Most of the travellers were in the deep morning slumber. With banished sleep I sat on the berth, pulling the curtain I peeped outside to chalk the time. Even the sight of the swaying of inanimate objects outside in the rattling vibration of train at the break of dawn had been giving the feel of gushing cool breeze.
By the time the train was also slowing down probably due to non clearance of signal. I sat cross legged on my berth to view outdoor through the window. The snailing waterlogged field along the track captured my imagination. Slowly the train came at complete halt along a water puddle track. Perpetual by nature the water logging had acquired the characteristic of a pool. The fully blossomed pink lotuses were affirming that claim.
Till then, though the dawn had been completely settled in yet there were enough crimson smeared in the horizon amidst the puffy strewn clouds. In between through the twilight I got flash of Ma in red bordered saree. The nostrils got the accustomed fragrance of burning dhup and dhuni from no where. The vibrations of the harmonious beat of dhakies, the soft fragrance and cracking crispness of new cloths all flashed through the consciousness in one go. A jingle of bliss surged through me, instantaneously the lips picked up vibrations of the Ma stuti.

Monday, October 4, 2010

A stroll on the river bank

The day was silently yielding to the darkness. The mustard hue of the moisten sand beneath the sole was taking the soiled disposition in setting dusk. It was time to retreat to the home and to bid adieu to raged sunset. It seemed to reacting at the fun filled twilight at the river bank.

Holding the palm of my little one in one hand and my slippers in another I got a tingling sensation at my sole, as if sand was fleeting beneath. Taken aback I moved my feet to find a steering mollusk in the soil. Feeling relieved of the exertion it moved to the sandy sore towards the river.

An evening stroll on the sandy bank always seemed a good preposition for a relaxed weekend. However unlike sea-beaches it missed the permanent stalls of souvenirs or tender coconut, still the vibrant crowds of people on stroll were enough to attract hawkers. And there too up above on the embankment few of them were cashing their business of puffed rice and roasted channa.

The darkness was wafting through the riverside and was engulfing the crimson aura of the sun. I looked for my little one who was playing nearby with group of her friends. I got up to pick her. Catching my glance, she requested to stay there a little further. And I relented to her request feeling the soothe of breezy dusk.

At a distance a crackle of laughter broke behind me. It was a mix of arguments and hidden jibes. The spill of laughter spread in the air once again which followed the open taunts and laud bursting of giggles.

Every time the carefree airing of views followed the laud burst of giggles over there. The youngsters were making their presence through open voice and concern. Their well toned voice and bubbling confidence were telling enough about them. The carefree attitude always symbolized the youth of our society. Ironically the time and commitment, consciously fed that carefree attitude subsequently most of them got transformed into a withdrawn, introvert self .

Now the darkness seemed to spread fastly, painting everything in darker hue. Holding my little ones palm I started ascending the stairs of the embankment to reach the parking area. Trotting reluctantly with me but still engrossed in play and playmates, she was busy waving her friends.

Take care honey, I cautiously held her in front of me that shifted her attention to me. With chuckle she innocently put her query with her own readymade answer- “next weak again we will come here mama- with papa, won’t we? I nodded in affirmation. The mentioning of papa had drawn her attention to another favorite of hers that was balloons- “mama balloon”-she pointed to a big one. The crimson hue of evening was gleaming on her face.

The darkness was setting fastly as the desertion of the place was visible with receding sounds of moving engines. Putting her in my arms I contemplated quick exit from there. “Mama I want that” –she pointed to next enticed thing which was there on gorgeous display. My concealed engrossment she read and then she answered herself-“my stomach will pain mama when I would have that” Her childish inquisitiveness simply wanted to break the monotony of setting silence of me.

I thought about the three stages of life childhood, youthfulness and family life; in those receding hues of sunset all three appeared to me in different shades.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Life as a full circle

Life is a full circle, whatever goes up is bound to bounce back. Traditionally, off springs are tagged as prosperity in life. But, when the prosperity falls in the lap unexpectedly, it bound to startled one.But clouded in mysticism of  newly honored status of motherhood  and charmed with innocent divinity, we tend to forget the world in the bliss.

Though walking the path of motherhood the acquired prosperity soon forces us to be the mean to run the daily business of life as the simple means sometimes prove maimed.

However sometimes i found myself, at the nervy edge even with so called enjoyment. When the child was small, the crabbiness was unavoidable.Tired to the center, coping with all that I would often hear comments from elderly side –“Your generation loses composure so easily, see I had four children but I would hardly lose my composure.”

Although the powerful claim of my mother met the dust in the next few days, when she had been left with little one.That to with the unfortunate task to feed her the breakfast in a chilly winter month. After my return I found my mother almost in tears, shaking in guilt with her food bowl. Like a child with accumulated guilt of non performance she admitted that feeding a child like her was the most difficult task on the earth. Till then chortling in joy the bundle of energy supported  mother's failure with grin.the Full of energy the  bundle of joy taken her benevolence on complete ride. In more than half an hour she did everything except allowing the food in her mouth, laughing to charm her, hurting her gum in the process and then demanding the proximity of lap, smearing the liquid food all over her face and on the woolens of each other.

Then in that, bleak moment of exertion which parenting entailed, I would console myself that in few years when they would grow up the work would be lesser automatically.

But when asked honestly- “Are the problems of lives meant to be solved.” No they are not, they would be never be, “one have to generate strength and tolerance levels.” A vital lesson which comes to us belated like hard earned wisdom of spirituality which makes the entry in life after most of the sufferings.

So in parenting, the job of managing and cooking of the food is ours but the tastes are theirs. They shall take their meal in time or not, headache is ours, but the moods they have.

It’s their right to access all the facilities of modern gadgets and privacy of being on their own, but all the risk involved in accessing the powerful threatening gadgets by them, is ours. It’s our pain to get acquaint our self with know how to solve all expected problems they can generate with the high speed gadget, which came much later in our life than theirs. Despite all these risks it is our responsibility to provide them with the indispensable immunity of ours that they are not being heard or their personal space is not trespassed.

Whenever all these happen once again I console myself, “Only change is permanent in the life. The life is full circle, so I decided to wait for my day to enjoy, when I would witness the repeat of wondrous prosperity in the life doer of today. And then silently watching them i will feel the bliss and will comment like an enlightened one – “Your generation loses cool very easily.”