We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves

~ Gautam Buddha

Friday, March 30, 2012

Imperfection! Is it inevitable?

In hard ruled world of perfection imperfections are most abhorred things. No one wants to be dragged down in life.

The persistency of hard work shows in the fructified efforts of well oiled house. The double incomes status,the impressive address of high end luxurious destination,the home where children are heading to reputed institution. An impressive and gratifying way to live life!

But imperfections are still there as no one has a minute to spare for things other than career and nuclear set up family.

As a result family precedence such as grandparents, a place for relaxation and love often missed in hard paced lives. Hard pressed routine neither leaves time for relatives, neighbors nor for relaxed moments.

Usually preparation of the empowered life has been started long ago in many a life.Devoted to ambition and success,the nuclear set up of family hardly provides time for simple happiness of life.Time constraints life style leave little time for mingling. Further forced with accumulated stress of commitments,then they view mingling with people and catering their moods as unnecessary botheration. At a point fed up with these botheration in daily life a person decides not to waste further energy on people around. Channelizing energy on work in hand seems to work miraculously for the time being. But ultimately it results in world of –I, my and me- my job , my money, my status- flashing the virtual hoarding of all time “trespassers are prohibited.”

But world is a bit different, it does not constitute of “mine”. In free flowing reservoir of universe the energy flows uniformly. And in our lives we receive them from all ten directions-happiness from progeny, ancestors, career health and so on…all ten directions are equally important to obtain the everlasting bliss or happiness in our lives. But sometimes unknowing and lack of awareness blocks the receiving from some of the directions,then sufferings manifest in those zones of life.

Sometime the wall of “ego” which many of us erect around us as a safety measures, hurdles the receiving.Eventually the blockades manifest in life as lack of love or heart and blood related problems, loneliness, insomnia etc.

In practical life we feel difficulty in handling day to day problems or tending bad and old health of parents and neighbors.We find their behavior nagging. Their open dissatisfaction and lack of appreciation of our efforts seem taxing to us. Still the appreciations are there in comfort of their body cells though it comes as silence. The silent appreciation of their comforting body cells get their invocation in the universe and it l comes to us as good karma.

The universe is a perfect system where none of our actions go unnoticed. But only it is bit different. In perfect accounting system of universe sometimes the source, investment and return are not same. We invest somewhere and get its return from unexpected source. But return of energy is always there that we have invested at the cost of being imperfect.ARE NOT FEASIBLITIES OF SOME IMPERFECTIONS INEVITABLE?

Lord Rama -prayer

I salute Lord Rama!
The Param Purusha-
The ultimate-Lord Rama
The monarch of spirit
And his consort-Ma Sita
The Prakriti-the mother earth
The nurturer and nourishment

I bow to Lord Rama and Ma Sita!
The bond of Prakriti and Pursha
The body and the spirit
The Pawansut-the Lord Hanuman-the breath.
Uniting the vital life force-the prana
The divine spirit-within

Make an eternal union in us!
Providing mobility to the chariot- the body.
Make an eternal union in us!
I bow to all of you!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Ma Durga Prayer

The creator of universe
The primordial energy,
O'Ma Parvati- be pleased !

The conferral of knowledge
The illuminator of mind-
O’Aditi-be pleased!

The epitome of noble virtues
The conferral of knowledge
O’ Uma-be pleased!

The supreme creation,
The protector of the universe-
O’ Sakti be pleased!

The epitome of empowerment!
Strength of self
O’Ma Durga-be pleased!

The dispeller of darkness
The illuminator of self
O’Aditi-be pleased!

O’ primal energy,
O Mahamaya- be pleased!
O’ female aspects of Brahmn
Aditi-be pleased!

Friday, March 16, 2012

The way of happiness

While surfing the net in the evening, I felt elated by getting comments of spiritual masters at my blog.I greeted the sunrise recollecting the pleasure of last evening. I felt gratitude towards my blissful existence and presence of almighty in life.

Next morning at our official residence a gang of laborers embarked to clean the drain. Their noisy talks and discussions for the while filled the otherwise serene air of the morning and distracted us from our errands. For a while, their scuffling walk through the yard and echoes of cleaning chores kept straining inside. And then through their ricocheting exertion a audible but melodious crooning vibrated through the air, “tum aa gaye ho nur aa gaya hai,”

Startled by this unexpected entertainment and to maintain the privacy of my back yard adjoined kitchen where my house hold help had been working. I decided to check it out through my morning engagement. Though aware of my house hold not so young rather advancing age stature. But I didn’t want to take risk and put her in embarrassing situation of eve teasing that too in safety of my home. I decided to check it out.

Peeping through the window I captured the sight of a young hand amidst the gang of laborers. Totally engrossed in his work, he was crooning a delightful melodious tune, completely oblivious of world around him.

After return from my work in afternoon when I went in back yard to review the cleaning work of morning. I found the yard spotlessly clean without any trash of garbage or strewn leaves here and there. Everything from drain to garbage trash was cleaned spic and span.

I doubted my assertion of happiness. It forced me to debate. “Doesn't the way of happiness vary from person to person?”

Sunday, March 11, 2012


We worship Sri Ganesha
The Supreme Brahman personified!
The embodiment of wisdom
The all pervading energy
The stainless, peerless bliss
We worship Sri Ganesha
The Supreme Brahman personified!
The cause of universe
The source of knowledge
The origin of devas
We worship Sri Ganesha
The Supreme Brahman personified!
The lord of gunas
The lord of material world
The lord of gods-The Eesha
We worship Sri Ganesha
The Supreme Brahman personified!
The infinite, formless Lord
The benefactor superlative Lord
The nosh of opulence idyllic Lord
We worship Sri Ganesha
The Supreme Brahman personified!
Om Ganeshsaye Namah!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Run Of The Mill Lives

The International Women’s Day on 8th march was nearing and my creativity inside tide up intermittently for the expressions, but the overwhelming fogginess was profound than the clarity about the topic.

Sitting with laptop the mind raced and hankered to diverse subjects-one after another. And then iconic Aung San Suu Kyu- the Nobel laureate for peace haunted more than anyone else. Her appealing yet turbulent, out of box way of life, her marriage to a man one year younger than her. Her education at Cambridge, her mediocre life in Britain, her political career at Burma and subsequent house arrest of 32 years. Her youthful look, her poise her unfathomable spirit there was allure in everything about her. The subject was taking shape in me, and then unexpected I under took the journey—

The train had started at usual time at around 6.00 p.m. To relax the encountered melee of startup journey it seemed a big relief to stretch a little on accommodated space of the berth.
Around mid night the occupant of lower birth made the entry. Subsequently a harsh, croaked voice pierced the slumber of everyone in compartment.

“Whose footwear is these?”

Groggily someone replied in irritation- “move them aside and put your luggage beneath.” After her boisterous entry it was her discussion that outlaid us more. Her discussion at the audible limit ranged from politics to inflation lasted till dawn bereaving many of them to their sweet dreams. In next quarter of time I was out of slumber tried to take stock of her. An elderly lady in salwar suit with short hair do –not so condusive to talk with, I opinioned and tossed on berth with annoyance.

In the morning alighting from the upper berth my husband-hushed me that take care of the lady and don’t disturb her. She is a cancer patient she must not be disturbed. When I alighted down I sat at the end of her lower berth taking care.

My engaged attention broke by her query-“are you working lady?”smilingly I replied in affirmation. The lady does not seem so crass in the morning. “Where do you work? Sitting on her seat she initiated.

Few moments of mingling revealed more about her. A retired university staff she was 65 years old. Diagnosed with cancer in 2003 and subsequent three operations she had been fighting the lethal battle on her own.

She was on her way to half yearly check up to the leading health center.

Her indomitable spirit seemed impressive. I didn’t see a single tinge of apprehension in her voice. The way she had been handling her finance and her ailment without any help was amazing. An enthusiastic raconteur and full of social life she talked on every issue from her food habit to lodging.

During the journey the morning news paper too fuelled the my imagination about the Aruna-the nurse at KMC Mumbai who was fighting the life for 38 years. Her plea for euthanasia got rejected by Supreme Court but her fight was still on.

More than year old news still refuses to leave memory. “What does keep her going?” Is the biological superiority of female body which is equipped with power of creation? In the mortal world we name it “ Shakti.”

Then I felt a pressing need to celebrate woman’s day to salute those unwavering spirit who most often go unnoticed.

In my neighbourhood, I got another lady fighting the emperor of malady.However juggling her ailment still her eyes focused on child progress and husband needs. When she talked about her chemo she chuckled in between her narration as if she had been recounting a travelogue.

Heaped with social responsibility, in today’s world Indian women are the most stressed. Managing the two worlds of career and home very few realize her unsupported stature in the home and society. A manager of her nuclear family, as a career woman or home manager she always lacks support of care giver during her needs.

In Indian setup she lacks the facilities like crèche and dignified place or home for parents. Even the mentioning of these needs raises frown as if she is a vampire. Ready to dump children in strangers hand and ready to leave the old without any support and care.

Just be humane and think about the necessary strength she requires carrying the day and obligating her responsibilities. And how long she can sustain herself without pushing in depression and persistent fatigue. A common companion of Indian women!

The world is changing faster so the woman as an individual- to save the society we need to save the woman. Since century she has been taking care of everyone. In today world equipped with education and aspiration she needs some understanding and change in family setup to sustain and showcase her potential. May almighty fulfill to all! Happy women’s day!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Beyond the rule

Tossing the frugal leaves and rolling the dust in the way the gale of earlier monsoon raced through the open corridor. The smoky clouds dispersed in the sky and diminished the light in few minutes.Soon the earthen smell wafted in air. The drumming drizzle followed the move with rushed breeze. And care of rest were taken by hilarious students in class without teacher. In few moments the ambience got charged by frenzy chorus of theirs.

The uproarious chorus line started surging through the hallway and surpassed many classes. Then the hilarious merriment of first shower rushed forward and echoed at the far end of the corridor. Lost in jubilation the merrymakers rioted in the hall way and were making everyone oblivious of the surrounding.But not for long the place was not meant for glee club. The dispersed throng most of them were either walking or standing near the entrance. Still engaged in gala affair they jerked to sudden halt after sighting Maim Authoritarian.The festival of rain suddenly turned into frozen chill.

The bespectacled, lean frame was standing near the door with firm expression. In crisp, cotton saree, her annoyance glowed through the fair skin. She had been standing with stern look scrutinizing everyone.Though she was tight lipped yet her silence was screaming at everyone overthere.

The walk inside the classroom encountered her more unexpected sights of unruliness. The serious frame caught few more involved ones inside the classroom-“Dhing chika, Dhing chika”-many were gyrating in synchronized chorus with uplifted arms. Her serious expression froze everyone to statue. Arms still rose in air the faction had caught her sight. Assimilating her presence and following her silent dictate they moved to seats, lowering their heads.

The hard pressed compliance had been still floating over there. And a firm voice pierced through the air- “guys, today we have shortage in teachers’ attendance. So there would be no substitution classes. I believe you do understand the decorum and discipline of classroom and intend to maintain it”.

Absolute silence prevailed in the air, moving towards the place everyone got silent and serious. Maim Authoritarian walked ahead in the corridor with firm lips and straight stature. Silence was evoking and prevailing through her every step as she moved ahead.

But now her created silence was haunting her. Both the sight of jubilation and merrymakers were instilled many of the lessons to her. The tempest of surrounding was now storming inside her, questioning many of her faiths and believes.

A whirlwind of thoughts occupied her tired yet firm brain. She accessed, “how long had it been for me to laugh with open heart like them?

When did the simple happening of life make me hilarious? When did I laugh so hardly that had brought tears in my eyes?

She failed to recall-she recalled the horrible sights of those moment…

The emergency call…the news…that wait near….his body..She got blackness in front of eyes, but fortunately she found herself near the table. She grasped the back of the chair.Her eyes still choked in tears and blackness. She wanted to retain that blackness in front of her eyes as she wanted to omit the sight of white sheet and body beneath it. The soft body of .. Whom she had nurtured in her hands. Shaken to her core she stood there.Her gaze still fixed at far end at the horizon seeking the address of her lost one.

“Today the weather is turned really magnificent.” The attendant announced keeping the bundle of books at the table. She nodded in affirmation through her choked teary sight.

I terrible heaviness rose inside her. She witnessed all that –the earthen smell, those flashing of lights through the clouds, an intense cool drenching rain but all without any meaning to her. What made her so immune to happiness? Does she consciously insulate happiness of surrounding? No wonder the life sometimes seems so meaningless to her?

She debated in silence. Isn’t it crime to suffocate the laughter at its birth point? Why do we reformers or adults doubt the shaken faith of depressed youngster? Why did we ask them where did they get the infection of depression? Not we, the reformers are reason for it? Don’t we consciously suppress the merrymaking in youngsters and sow the seed of depression? She walked through the corridor choked in noisy self debate.