We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves

~ Gautam Buddha

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Krsna Conciousness

All of us are seeking the knowledge, therefore everyone knows something of everything or everything of something. The ancient philosophy of the prosperity has eight key limbs which comprises - will power, wisdom, wealth, courage, children, learning, power and victory.

Ruled by the ancient philosophy of prosperity most of us therefore surrender ourselves to knowledge. The basis of any learning is to equip ourselves with extra tools to handle the life better.

Blissful state is the birth right of the soul, but when the spirit tries to enjoy it materially, in indulgence. A vicious cycle of disruption in the body constitution starts which manifests as ailments that mess up the life.

To save ourselves we do need krsna conscious- “the blissful state of self”. Krsna is non-sectarian; means the greatest pleasures. “Krs”, means greater and “na” means “pleasures”. Krsna is the epitome of pleasure. Our self is the embodiment of knowledge, bliss and eternity. It is sacc- cid- ananda- vigarhah.

One of the Krsna name is Hrsikesha means enjoyer of all senses. The people more often feel elated with good food, cloth, sight-seeing, music or anything else which satiate or exhilarate one sense or more than one senses, people indulge in that. We simply feel fortunate to be at the right place at right time, getting access to these things in life.

While enjoying one particular sense organ sometimes we overdo it and abuse the system.
Now suppose a condition of acquiring the power to enjoy all our senses equally that would be really a blissful state. In that totality a simple meal will be assimilated best, the day can be spent wonderfully. The totality and the blissful state does wonder in life where a simple food can be enjoyed as feast, a house as home and a stranger as a friend.

Krsna has no material form, his form is transcendental. Our self is krsna, so our self is transcendental. By putting ourselves in certain mental harnessing regime we can elevate our self to unlimited potential.

Since our childhood we are listening about bakhti, we are often told -“we can win the lord by bakhti.” Bakhti means unconditional love, love without questioning, without any expectations.
How does bakhti help us?

Here I would prefer to elaborate it further, in our body there are seven vital chakras (energy center of body through which we get access to life force energy).

Heart chakras are the center of seven chakras it is also known as chakras of love. To get better access to life force energy our upper and lower chakras must be balanced.

To love unconditionally is a condition when the upper and lower chakras are aligned. In this condition our bodies harness the life force energy in best possible way. Thus ensuring ourselves better health and working ability. On the other hand when one has already balanced upper and lower chakras, then already in that person life we witness opulence of love and life force energy.
So this Janamasthami let’s, find our krsna conscious and get best out of life. After all we deserve best in this benevolent Universe.

The success lies in discarding all that which is not working or hindering the self to achieve its blissful state. As a drop of ocean water has all properties of the ocean itself and we although minute particles of the supreme whole have the same energetic properties as the supreme Universe.

Janamasthami also reminds us not to inhibit the peace, bliss and prosperity which we rightly deserve. Let’s get all, that lie within us.
Have A Happy Janamasthami!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Communion With The Nature

Previous night I had caught up the sleep early and fortunately the next day the early hours felt so refreshing. To catch the glimpses of early morning and feeling the breeze I came out. The tender shoots of emerald greens were swaying in the monsoon breeze. Feeling beckoned by their magnetic effect I moved to that part of the earth. Their velvety texture held my attention; I found something different over there.
I decided for a walk on the grass, of already advanced season of monsoon, just a walk without any invested wisdom of benefits, simply to admire the honey bathed sun rays of early hours, without the intention of lowering blood pressure,or to ease arteries and heart functions or to lower LDL level or to soothe and tone muscles.
I wanted to have a calmest communion with nature. Not at the exotic place, but there in my own yard or in front of the exit.
The lush green arrows of the nature, were bathing in golden hued sun of morning hour they looked extraordinarily fresh. The same popped up grasses of monsoon clogged water in that particular corner near the gate were smiling cheerfully. It amazed me, how soon they regained their old lush green hues. Few days back the persistent spell of rain had almost choked the grass on that corner near the gate paling it completely. And now rejuvenating itself once again in the following few days of dry spell, it had been completely livened up itself.
Entire monsoon the oblivion grass near the exit would get flooded with spell of rain but it was there again full of life forgetting all its bearing or affliction of water logging .In a short respite of dry spell,showing its indomitable spirit it retreated back to its original self.
It amazed me how these blades of grasses sway and bend merrily in the harmony with the cool breeze when at any moment the same furious wind could beat them mercilessly. How did these soft fragile harmonious grasses restore the intrinsic built serenity? Didn’t they remember the afflictions of few days back by the same wind?
I put my bare feet on the grass, the dew bathed coolness trickled me in the sole soothing me all over from eyes to nails. The tiny droplets of last night dews still clinging on the blades as half asleep child, were sparkling their diamond hues in the morning rays.
How could a cool dew bathed grass give impetus to health? Could it tone and soothe the stressed conscious? Could the tingling coolness under the sole clear different points of the meridian? There was no need to know all that as nature knew everything .It had been taking care of everyone that day I just enjoyed the harmonious bliss of the nature.
When I put my feet upon the grass I felt I was meeting someone long lost. Though they were always there right at my place yet I missed the presence of indomitable spirit of theirs near me. It was their intrinsic strength to forgive the afflictions and to build harmony, that is why they survived the ages. The preserver of earth (soil) ,the provider ,the home of millions of tiny creature- they were so full- a benefactor.We always viewed them from the height that blurred the vision of ours. I too didn't notice them as I had been living in vanity of height. As I had forgotten the bliss of their presence and that is why the best missed by me for so long.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Shravan-Month of Lord Shiva

The month of Shravan usually falls in between July to August. The Monday of the month Shravan is especially dedicated as day of lord Shiva.
Mythologically, the story about the commencement of rain was linked with Samundra manthan. During the month of Shravan lord Shiva had swallowed the poison, which had come out of the Samundra manthan or churning. To moderate the effect of poison taken by Shiva the rain god Indra had instructed the rain to shower the lord.The gods had poured milk, curd and honey to cool and mitigate the effects of poison . Then onwards, during the month of Shravan which coincides with monsoon is viewed as the month of lord Shiva.
The worship of the lord Shiva with offering of belpatra (leaves of wood apple plant, which is a body cleanser and has the power to lessen the rising pitta constitution of body), milk, curd and honey (all with alkaline nature) are traditionally being offered specially in Jharkhand.
In Jharkhand, there is a place named “Baidhyanathdham”, famous for lord Shiva temple. People from neighboring states or locals throughout the month of Shravan visit the place with their faiths and offerings.
The offering of cool, alkaline natured milk, curd and honey symbolizes the need of body cleansers to our system during the monsoon. As the infections tend to surge in moist and warm season, the body needs to build the immune system.
During the month of Shravan religious people refrain themselves to onion, garlic and non vegetarian food for better cleansing of body systems.
Monday, specially during the month of Shravan is dedicated to lord Shiva. People observe fasting on Monday which is known as “Shravan Somwari”. Locals with the offering of flowers, belpatra chant mantra “Om Namah Shivay”.
The five syllables of the mantras- na, ma, shi, va, ya- are the beej akshras or seed letters of the five elements of the creation- Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether.
-Flesh represents Earth.
-Blood represents Water.
-Body heat which helps in digestion represents Fire.
-Prana or life giving force represents Air.
-Mind represents Ether.
Constant chanting and repetition of these holy syllables verbally and mentally generates powerful spiritual vibrations that help to focus the mind which in turn align the chakras. The calm mind is a ground work to blossom intellect.
Shiva means our own self, the purest one, our inner most core. So we must cleanse the soul with the potent tool that is the mantra “Om Namah Shivay”.
The seven vital chakras of the body also signifies the Shiva- Sakti aspect of the body. The upper three chakras represent the Shiva tattva -the mind, the dynamic one whereas the lower three chakras represent the Sakti tattva, the earthy and the material form of the body.
The dual aspect of energy and matter, prakriti and purusha, the drava and guna, the substance and qualities.
When the upper and lower chakras are aligned one attains equanimity, the state of “brahmn”- the balanced one. The balanced state of self opens the gate of opulence, unlimited love and bliss.
The ancient yogi “Shiva”, the universe-“Shiva”, the purest self of ours “Shiva” also signifies the gender equity and loving togetherness in conjugal life. The Ardhnariswar form of his, as half man and half woman avatar signifies his love and togetherness to his beloved wife Parvati. It also represents the creation and balance of nature with equality to both gender in ratio and status.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Are you listening---?

Full of charm and the cynosure of the lot, I was dazzlingly displayed in a swanky mall. The carefree leisurely souls or the time constrained one, whoever dropped over there everyone halted before me and went in irresistible temptation to own me. Big and small, young and old each of them gazed at me admiringly.

In the harmonious melody in the ritzy ambiance-my heart beat for the beautiful one. My soft suede skin and elegant design had enough appeal to put someone at hold. Some of them got in awe catching glimpse of mine, they nudged one another out of admiration. Soaked in my irresistible admiration some of them hold me lovingly and gave lovely glances. In their sensuous aura I resonated. I enjoyed when I was put in their beautiful arch— still I had been waiting for my special one. As the smartest and debonair in entire lot I deserved the best. So I waited for my charming girl.

And then she came—the pearly dream—the carelessness lyrically inbuilt—the glow and velvety touch intact—along with- a serious, hard packed soul. A virtual tag traditionally floated around the serious soul, “Don’t mess up with me and my daughter” . Imbibing the soothe of the pristine one, I sighed, “The hardness well spent nourishing the pristine one” .

My heart thumped and a harmony blended in the spirit –when the velvety flawless thing picked me up—with the gleam in her eyes she gazed at me. Glancing with besieging glow she put me in her sole. The touch and caress were heart drenching which I had longed. She singled me up and sailed to her mother –to show her pick. My heart pounded, for looming rejection while undergoing the x-ray screening by the serious soul. To get access of the pristine one, I accepted the endurance.

Then I was packed and brought to home and got a nice place to lodge. My upkeep and care were ensured. I was enjoying my company with vibrant one. Then it fell in my ear the holiday was over. I reciprocated the news with a beating heart hoping the mingling and mixing in another excited world. I enjoyed the prospect of persistent proximity with velvety touch and a respite from getting hesitant by the scrutiny of now and then by the hard, tough gaze.

In the campus I skimmed in the proximity of vivacious lot—I walked, I sailed ,I danced and I enjoyed the complete vibrations of pulsating ambiance.

But then I felt that I was missing on something. Amidst all that roller coaster ride of joy there was something basic needed by a sane soul. It made me puzzled, “what is that”?

Then slowly I craved back my clean, gleam look. Though sometime I did crave for a nice clean bath but that was O.K. Every morning that velvety proximity would let me forget all about dos and don’ts.

After long months of wait –now once again I was at home with a hope of clean shine look. The summer advanced in the sweltering heat- my longing for bath still remained unfulfilled.

Now a days—I feel more attached to that stern voice when in suppressed annoyance she would declare-“today you will certainly clean your shoes otherwise I won’t allow it in the closet”.

Ignored and lying at the corner of open space I longed and admired the traffic of my tribe. Who were in their neat and shining self making in and exit of the snugly lodging. I appealed, “Are you listening—?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wishing You A Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day

Relying on the Zen philosophy which says"if we have strong intentions, our efforts get adjusted to our intentions and the universe ensures us to achieve the same."

So let's adjust our efforts to the intention to have a society free of corruption , ignorance and inertia."

Happy Independence Day with peace , bliss and prosperity to all of us.

self- a simple void or fertile ground of creation

To reach within, one has to go inside in the inner space, which is usually done in meditation. Meditation is the process of going inside. The aim of meditation is to get in tuned with universe or life force energy by stilling the thoughts.
When the mind is stilled the chakras (the energy centers of body through which body get access to life force energy) get aligned which in tunes gets better supply of life force energy.
The creation of stillness inside, in sync of real self (shedding false identification “ego”, practicing non-judgment and silence) becomes a fertile ground of creation (MANIFESTATION OF DESIRE).
Judgment is based on the external assumption set by people, society and norms. While judging our subconscious brain first coincides it with past events or related issues then put it in category of likes and dislikes and then gives verdict.
Thus judgment creates enough turbulence in the mind. As judgment is constant evaluation of things in the shade of right and wrong, good or bad, constant evaluation, classifying, analyzing and labeling create enough turbulence of mind.
The silence of self (stillness) is the ground work for the plantation of desire. When desire put in the fertile ground of stillness it manifests. As in a still pond, a simple throw of pebbles creates a ripple, whereas in turbulent mind even a throw of dozens gets unnoticed.
That is why, when in pure silence we introduce our intention, even the
faintest of intention create ripple of fulfillment across the underlying ground of universal consciousness.

Monday, August 9, 2010

That lady-

In simple cotton sari like a package of obscure she passes my street. The briskness of steps expel a hurried demeanor of hers. In tight pleated hair her face reflects toughness blended with blandness.
oh –that she works in accounts section. The plump short lady—ah , she had joined the job on compensate ground after her husband’s demise.”
Every passed monsoon added few more strands of whites to her tight pleated hair.
--Season after season--- in the monsoon with an open umbrella, always in her familiar briskness she walks past my street.
---At the exit of vegetable market I found her full of loads--. “Oh she has grown up girls who else would do the job.” replied my associate.
Exiting out at the temple gate with same evaporated femininity and bland tough face she hurried past the street.— “you know I saw her again. I think I get her in every nook and corner.”--“ah she has three married daughters. What a tough lady is she?” –“ah- tougher than one should be” came reply with another corner. “My God what kind of lady is she? Have you seen her behaving desperately to get her work done? Yesterday in the bank standing in the queue first she tried to pass her paper to someone standing at the front. When that did not materialize she started shouting for the delay. A rough and completely haughty, ungraceful self she is! I can’t bear this kind of person.”
The toughness of her face, the shaky briskness of her pace, the shameless display of her desperation at the delay of work done all seemed valid. Standing in the queue for hours with her tired legs and routinely fighting for the trivial were the outcome of those long, lonely hours, when there was no one to help and console her. With the burden and bondage of four girls in row a hapless blanket was wrapped around her life it was she who was beating the broken destiny. Neither anyone was around her to help, nor was willing to come around. She must had built that shameless fighting spirit to fulfill the long necessities of life.However it was built on shaken ground as the relaxation of desired firmness destiny had cruely denied her. To build a firm substratum needed a loving care of emotional support and long hours of working-a luxury for her during the devastating era.
Fighting those long hours of insecurities alone without any expertise and requisite courage she planed.Bereaved with all strategies tools of success she moved ahead and fought the life and accomplished the jobs to be done, might be with loss of grace and etiquette. Her desperation repulsed the people around her, whenever she broke the queue or she made an issue, violently showing her displeasure at the non accomplishment of the job in her own wild way. It was her way to show displeasure to the life.
“You know all her girls are married to class one employees. What a fighting spirit is she? She had displayed exemplary strength during her loss. Her girls were small then. The youngest one was only few months old. She has power to accomplish the job. A real heart wrecking life she has been, but she manages it.”
Now no explanation was needed about her as the obscure figure in cotton sari,the brisk steps and bland toughness of face were echoing enough of her.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Who is the boss?

Kinship, I find  sweet and sour by nature yet  it is most tingling spice of life. We have one life then why don’t we make most of it?

Now on practical level the key question in bond ship is bound to arise who keeps authoritarian edge over the other.  Usually relationship is  supposed to be equal but in every relation it is tilted to one side.

But why complain about it? When one has been enjoying it? Most of us are genetically inclined to enjoy bent of kinship's in own favor that is why the rule of equality in the relationships becomes the preferred choice of extinction.

Give attention on any relations for instances spouses, two friends, father-son, mother-daughter or vice versa, one out of two always keeps his or her position elevated, out  of love or convenience.

My husband, a techi when he was in initial years of job often during conversation with his  his colleagues or juniors,he  would be referred as BOSS by them. My daughter,an enquisitive little doll then,was busy in expanding her horizon of vocabulary and learning. Whenever she would hear someone addressing her dad as BOSS she  would get alert. And leaving her engrossment mid way she would pop query to her dad –“Why does uncle call you boss?” And puffed with pleasure my hubby would reply her as I am senior than him.

Whenever she would listen him referring someone  SIR(specially on calls) with equal curiosity she would again confront him. The hubby dear taking full advantage of her cute ignorance would prefer to elevate his junior position. And laughingly answer her," Actually I am the highest boss at the office. Thus when any one calls me BOSS I have to refer him SIR.”

Keeping faith in her father explanation, the cute little soul would chose to go in loving hug of her father, echoing with fun and laughter rather than bothering to reach the truth of the clarification.

 But the things started changing with rolling times.Soon she not only gasped the meaning of the words but started weighing the status of the involved persons while they would refer one another.Till then constraint of words and explanation more attention on the matter would bring more confusion in her mind.

One day unable to resist she decided to clerify it with her aunt. She asked her, “Isn’t it true that who is higher at the position should take the decision and frame rules.” Her aunt lovingly helped her –“Yes, definitely,whoever will be at higher position would be allowed to make the decisions.” 

 Then the littly doll popped her most confusing question-“But how come ,mom frames the rule and makes the decisions at home.”  Then, with confused look she drew nearer to her aunt and with perplexed eyes she added-“Yesterday when mom was annoyed, she was  irrigated....  ---.” 

During their meeting oblivious of the topic, I entered in the room  to face her aunt giggling. A baffled expression appeared on her cute  face which conveyed everything to me.

 When I remembered day before's my low mood   i thanked my stars that I married a mam's boy with inbuilt virtue of obedience otherwise a reckless free soul could have given me a good ride.

While I witnessed my daughter's inquisitiveness on daily basis,I learnt the lesson to clarify my position well in advance in any dealings.It helps me to build my position. Weighing my position in advance gave me ample time to  tilt it in  my side at anytime.

Thus these days, at work place whenever any colleague comes with suggestions for the job of the day, I instantly shot the key question-“Are you  suggesting me  or bossing me?” Few wisdom oriented soul opt to say,"Actually we come to learn, Then puffed with pride of bossism i answer them,“That is fine.”I am too confident these days, asking them —"Welcome to my umbrella of bossy--- ?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The poisonous shot on the plate

The indiscriminate use of growth hastening hormones, the dyes used to color vegetables and fruits to fool us with its fresh look, are open secret to all of us. The audacity of the ominous actions need urgent attention of ours. As we are the affected community at the same time it is our own preoccupied demeanor which bring these repentant acts at this level of audacity.
Fruits and vegetables are known to protect us from diseases by enhancing our immunity. But when the so called necessities would start creating havoc on our health then God knows where to look for refuge. And these poisonous shots make their way to our plate first then to the body system on daily basis.
No doubt a big chunk of our hard earned money goes to paying medicines and our time visiting health centers. We usually give more attention looking for best health policies and health center s rather than nipping the problem at the bed.
The indiscriminate use of hormones auxin (a growth hormone of plants) and oxytocin (a mammalian hormone) to hasten the growth of vegetables like pumpkin, cucumbers, bananas (in the inflorescent stage) are rampantly taken by the farmers these days. The good traces of these hormones remains as a residue with enough damaging effect that creates havoc to the human health.
To restore the freshness the vegetables and fruits are being dyed. The dyes are carcinogenic in nature which create blindness, affect nervous system and create serious immunological disturbances. Another long sustained menace is the ripening chemical that’s carbide which has been used persistently.
At least to put tab on these life threatening acts measures should be taken-
-By cutting down on the consumption (switching to other substitute to make up for the nutrition). Lowering the buy of the hormonal treated produce will curtail their profit which can act as speed breaker to their greed induced profit.
- A suitable government organization or NGO should come forth to put onus on the retailer. Before buying the produce it should be made mandatory to go through the quality check (though it seems next to impossible to get heeded by all slumbered food and quality control authorities).
-There must be a viable policy in action to measure and check on the farmers for the use of pesticides and hormones.
This article is not about intimating the society about the basics of effects and after effect of excessive use of hormones, carcinogenic dyes, pesticides and chemicals in general on our body system and environment. It is known fact to all of us that writing these stuffs act as only reminder to all intelligent readers of ours. More alarming I feel how long we won’t show and ask for necessary actions by the people concerned. Why don’t we look for the desired action right after paying our taxes to government?