We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves

~ Gautam Buddha

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Are you listening---?

Full of charm and the cynosure of the lot, I was dazzlingly displayed in a swanky mall. The carefree leisurely souls or the time constrained one, whoever dropped over there everyone halted before me and went in irresistible temptation to own me. Big and small, young and old each of them gazed at me admiringly.

In the harmonious melody in the ritzy ambiance-my heart beat for the beautiful one. My soft suede skin and elegant design had enough appeal to put someone at hold. Some of them got in awe catching glimpse of mine, they nudged one another out of admiration. Soaked in my irresistible admiration some of them hold me lovingly and gave lovely glances. In their sensuous aura I resonated. I enjoyed when I was put in their beautiful arch— still I had been waiting for my special one. As the smartest and debonair in entire lot I deserved the best. So I waited for my charming girl.

And then she came—the pearly dream—the carelessness lyrically inbuilt—the glow and velvety touch intact—along with- a serious, hard packed soul. A virtual tag traditionally floated around the serious soul, “Don’t mess up with me and my daughter” . Imbibing the soothe of the pristine one, I sighed, “The hardness well spent nourishing the pristine one” .

My heart thumped and a harmony blended in the spirit –when the velvety flawless thing picked me up—with the gleam in her eyes she gazed at me. Glancing with besieging glow she put me in her sole. The touch and caress were heart drenching which I had longed. She singled me up and sailed to her mother –to show her pick. My heart pounded, for looming rejection while undergoing the x-ray screening by the serious soul. To get access of the pristine one, I accepted the endurance.

Then I was packed and brought to home and got a nice place to lodge. My upkeep and care were ensured. I was enjoying my company with vibrant one. Then it fell in my ear the holiday was over. I reciprocated the news with a beating heart hoping the mingling and mixing in another excited world. I enjoyed the prospect of persistent proximity with velvety touch and a respite from getting hesitant by the scrutiny of now and then by the hard, tough gaze.

In the campus I skimmed in the proximity of vivacious lot—I walked, I sailed ,I danced and I enjoyed the complete vibrations of pulsating ambiance.

But then I felt that I was missing on something. Amidst all that roller coaster ride of joy there was something basic needed by a sane soul. It made me puzzled, “what is that”?

Then slowly I craved back my clean, gleam look. Though sometime I did crave for a nice clean bath but that was O.K. Every morning that velvety proximity would let me forget all about dos and don’ts.

After long months of wait –now once again I was at home with a hope of clean shine look. The summer advanced in the sweltering heat- my longing for bath still remained unfulfilled.

Now a days—I feel more attached to that stern voice when in suppressed annoyance she would declare-“today you will certainly clean your shoes otherwise I won’t allow it in the closet”.

Ignored and lying at the corner of open space I longed and admired the traffic of my tribe. Who were in their neat and shining self making in and exit of the snugly lodging. I appealed, “Are you listening—?

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