We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves

~ Gautam Buddha

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Communion With The Nature

Previous night I had caught up the sleep early and fortunately the next day the early hours felt so refreshing. To catch the glimpses of early morning and feeling the breeze I came out. The tender shoots of emerald greens were swaying in the monsoon breeze. Feeling beckoned by their magnetic effect I moved to that part of the earth. Their velvety texture held my attention; I found something different over there.
I decided for a walk on the grass, of already advanced season of monsoon, just a walk without any invested wisdom of benefits, simply to admire the honey bathed sun rays of early hours, without the intention of lowering blood pressure,or to ease arteries and heart functions or to lower LDL level or to soothe and tone muscles.
I wanted to have a calmest communion with nature. Not at the exotic place, but there in my own yard or in front of the exit.
The lush green arrows of the nature, were bathing in golden hued sun of morning hour they looked extraordinarily fresh. The same popped up grasses of monsoon clogged water in that particular corner near the gate were smiling cheerfully. It amazed me, how soon they regained their old lush green hues. Few days back the persistent spell of rain had almost choked the grass on that corner near the gate paling it completely. And now rejuvenating itself once again in the following few days of dry spell, it had been completely livened up itself.
Entire monsoon the oblivion grass near the exit would get flooded with spell of rain but it was there again full of life forgetting all its bearing or affliction of water logging .In a short respite of dry spell,showing its indomitable spirit it retreated back to its original self.
It amazed me how these blades of grasses sway and bend merrily in the harmony with the cool breeze when at any moment the same furious wind could beat them mercilessly. How did these soft fragile harmonious grasses restore the intrinsic built serenity? Didn’t they remember the afflictions of few days back by the same wind?
I put my bare feet on the grass, the dew bathed coolness trickled me in the sole soothing me all over from eyes to nails. The tiny droplets of last night dews still clinging on the blades as half asleep child, were sparkling their diamond hues in the morning rays.
How could a cool dew bathed grass give impetus to health? Could it tone and soothe the stressed conscious? Could the tingling coolness under the sole clear different points of the meridian? There was no need to know all that as nature knew everything .It had been taking care of everyone that day I just enjoyed the harmonious bliss of the nature.
When I put my feet upon the grass I felt I was meeting someone long lost. Though they were always there right at my place yet I missed the presence of indomitable spirit of theirs near me. It was their intrinsic strength to forgive the afflictions and to build harmony, that is why they survived the ages. The preserver of earth (soil) ,the provider ,the home of millions of tiny creature- they were so full- a benefactor.We always viewed them from the height that blurred the vision of ours. I too didn't notice them as I had been living in vanity of height. As I had forgotten the bliss of their presence and that is why the best missed by me for so long.

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