We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves

~ Gautam Buddha

Friday, March 30, 2012

Imperfection! Is it inevitable?

In hard ruled world of perfection imperfections are most abhorred things. No one wants to be dragged down in life.

The persistency of hard work shows in the fructified efforts of well oiled house. The double incomes status,the impressive address of high end luxurious destination,the home where children are heading to reputed institution. An impressive and gratifying way to live life!

But imperfections are still there as no one has a minute to spare for things other than career and nuclear set up family.

As a result family precedence such as grandparents, a place for relaxation and love often missed in hard paced lives. Hard pressed routine neither leaves time for relatives, neighbors nor for relaxed moments.

Usually preparation of the empowered life has been started long ago in many a life.Devoted to ambition and success,the nuclear set up of family hardly provides time for simple happiness of life.Time constraints life style leave little time for mingling. Further forced with accumulated stress of commitments,then they view mingling with people and catering their moods as unnecessary botheration. At a point fed up with these botheration in daily life a person decides not to waste further energy on people around. Channelizing energy on work in hand seems to work miraculously for the time being. But ultimately it results in world of –I, my and me- my job , my money, my status- flashing the virtual hoarding of all time “trespassers are prohibited.”

But world is a bit different, it does not constitute of “mine”. In free flowing reservoir of universe the energy flows uniformly. And in our lives we receive them from all ten directions-happiness from progeny, ancestors, career health and so on…all ten directions are equally important to obtain the everlasting bliss or happiness in our lives. But sometimes unknowing and lack of awareness blocks the receiving from some of the directions,then sufferings manifest in those zones of life.

Sometime the wall of “ego” which many of us erect around us as a safety measures, hurdles the receiving.Eventually the blockades manifest in life as lack of love or heart and blood related problems, loneliness, insomnia etc.

In practical life we feel difficulty in handling day to day problems or tending bad and old health of parents and neighbors.We find their behavior nagging. Their open dissatisfaction and lack of appreciation of our efforts seem taxing to us. Still the appreciations are there in comfort of their body cells though it comes as silence. The silent appreciation of their comforting body cells get their invocation in the universe and it l comes to us as good karma.

The universe is a perfect system where none of our actions go unnoticed. But only it is bit different. In perfect accounting system of universe sometimes the source, investment and return are not same. We invest somewhere and get its return from unexpected source. But return of energy is always there that we have invested at the cost of being imperfect.ARE NOT FEASIBLITIES OF SOME IMPERFECTIONS INEVITABLE?


  1. Yes Swetha
    These instances we often encounter encounter in our lives.