We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves

~ Gautam Buddha

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love and relationship

Osho says, “Love is not mere an emotion , love is an expression of your whole being.” So it cannot be an overwhelming fleeting and when it passes leaving behind you an empty, shattered in sadness and in sorrow.”

Isn’t love the most precious of all emotions? Love gives wholeness and liberation of whole being. In love the world seems beautiful. Still maintaining the precious feel (love) is like walking the tightrope. At the best display like trapeze artistes love too keeps everyone in the crowd spellbound with their mesmerizing charm like trapeze artistes who keep spectators spellbound with their death defying leaps and acrobatics. So often, gaping a well maintained relationship leaves one open mouth as if one is watching the gravity defying tricks.

In love the care should be taken and the grip shouldn’t be stifling one otherwise it will block the growth of another partner. At the same time tightness (bonding) should be enough to maintain the affinity. A tight grip becomes an exercise of control, stifling the growth in the relationship and a tool for emotional blackmail.

Love is not like owning someone; on the contrary it is the liberation. When someone loves, he or she allows the other to acquire more autonomy through this love.

Love is always mistaken by most of us as overwhelming emotions. Flowing in an emotion ,overwhelms one and blurs the vision .The person loses clarity. As a result whatever comes in the name of overwhelming love comes out as wrong. Losing in emotion is like walking in black cloud, in which one gets lost.

Love is a blissful emotion. Love flow through us in balanced state of our being. Therefore in love we gain tremendous insight, clarity, sensitivity, awareness. To acquire the power of love a patient investment of commitment is required to achieve it. Therefore very few people realizes this true realization of life, others simply chase the boundary instead of map.

To create true love in life it has to be taken out from the emotional grip, the false teaching we received since our birth, and we have to find a route of it, which fortunately passes through us. Unless the love becomes perennial part of our being, it is not much different from pain, suffering and sadness.

Often people claim being in love but reality show them otherwise. As they seem to perennially live in skeptics or insecurities about the relationship either begging or seeking.

Love is a confidence always stems out unconditionally.
There is not any gain and lose in love as it gives the moments to cherish.
Love also gives a means to create something permanent in our lives.


  1. love has as many definitions as people :)

  2. Love is wonderful , nicely written

  3. Thanks Rajesh for appreciation and
    magiceye it is true the hues of love is myriad like people.

  4. Thanks Alka and Teamsquare for the opinion.

  5. Love is an exceptional feeling, no measure for it. Only thing is we must be rational and make the best of it. Nice post, thanks for sharing :)

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  7. Thanks Anto and Mr Lonely for coming and sharing views.

  8. WoW...i loved this write ups..only the person who is in situation can really tell what exactly love is all about. No book can perfectly gave the best definition.
    Writer can i copy some your lines its just so nice?Thanks!