We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves

~ Gautam Buddha

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The cook book

Mimmi mind was whirling; the lines had just stuck in her head. “Plain ! Ma she is too plain for me.”Ritesh had been telling to his mom. And that plane was she! Mimmi! Holding the jar of snacks she overheard their conversations at the entrance.

She regained her composure and returned back silently. His discloser shook her. How could she judge him so wrong?

What about, that warmth he would convey to her every time on her gastronomic expertise!  On his every visit she would meticulously prepare his favorites items. Her face blushed hot.

What about those pecks! She felt the warmth again but soon it turned into disgust. So her epicurean skills were a just a time pass to him. Were all that fun for him? Or was she just a fun for him? The palpitating anger turned into disgust. She wiped her sopping cheeks.

She put the snack’s jar on the table. With flimsy eye she switched the laptop. She click open the file of her food column.

No, she couldn't let him to sap her vitality.And she would not let his denial to sulk her. She would go ahead in her life. Her food columns now roll into book. She had not missed anything in her life. Loser was Ritesh. He failed to see her love and concern.

Today she will complete preface of her food book. She sat on her desk, her eyes were still cloudy but finger were playing on key board.

“…My food columns are my travelogue to food. It intends to delight the palate. I want my readers to get the touch of food through their mind. Food is the source which shapes thoughts. So for pure thoughts food should be pure.

My ordinariness, is my strength, it helps me to take any color. As a figment of masses I relate to them easily. The ordinariness gives me fluidity for my dynamism.

 A face of crowd without any identity! I am not scared of failure and success. It is not only recipe to me. I am ready to try and take chances.  Success enthralls me and failure acts as a lesson that points of my weaknesses.

 I have nothing to fear, I have only opportunities to try and work. I am ready to take my chance and face the challenges. The world is limitless so my potential and chances of growth.

My fluid conscious easily empathizes with lives around me, though myself a figment of the world. I get endless topic and stories of food which had been waiting to be told. The food of my region, of my experiences and my people….As a voice of masses I want to convey my food stories to you.

 It is rather a symbiotic association between people and me which benefits each other.
The clouded heaviness inside Mimmy  had been evaporating. She felt a rising sunshine inside her and a rainbow at the horizon.


  1. hmmmmmmm hope she puts the book out there pretty soon for the likes of me to make something good ..

    we have so many apprehensions all the time dont we ..


  2. Hi, I'm a new reader coming via the Homemaker's Utopia! Sounds like a wonderful end to any story!

  3. yes Bikramjit life is name of uncertainties, but still the uncertainty is the only thing with power to change life.And i do wish all the best for your success story i.e. your cook book.

  4. Mom of A and a,
    thanks for appreciation.