We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves

~ Gautam Buddha

Sunday, July 15, 2012


“WILL I make it?” Rhea debated."
The corridor had been bustling with jean clad, tech savvy throngs. Most of them were trailing the corridor with peers. Their vibrant walks and discussions of infinite worlds had been vibrating the campus. The session had just been commenced.

Next class was after the recess of ten minutes. Thus Rhea chose a quiet corner to sit and to chalk more about her chances of triumph. But it was still a tiresome wait…

“My marks are good. I have studied in a planned way throughout the year. My GPA if not excellent but it is impressive.” She debated her chances of success.Her extracurricular activities- as debater, writing skill and creative extinct had always given her an edge. “Well, I can make it. I must be positive!”She assured herself.
She had called Mom in the morning and repeated her query. She had asked her, to pray for her. She knew she had already been doing it. But she repeated it out of nervousness.

Meanwhile, viewing her unsettled self, Mom had advised her to stay calm and accept whatever comes.
 But she wanted the sweet taste of success. “Success, she deserves, as she worked really hard for it. Will she make it, again the query rocked her.”

Ah, better to take refuge in spirituality, as she often advised by Mom to incorporate stillness for focus. To get rid of haunting query she composed herself..

 She decided to pray, “She will create stillness. In that created stillness she will plant her wish. She will pray to universe to support her wish and bless her.”With open eyes she prayed and planted her wish.”  What she exactly wanted to see, she chalked. Actually she had been waiting for the SMS from the premier institute as successful candidate, with congrates! She conjured her wish.

The shrillness of bell chimed in the air, she lifted her cell phone and earplug and  walked towards her classroom.
After her class, she checked her cell phone for message. “Today any time she can receive it.”

While walking she received a message,   “Hey result is out, I made it what about you? " Jaya. Her heart skipped, she stared at her cell phone and started fidgeting to it but in vain. Arjun just crossed her way. He shrieked, “Hey result is out.” She nodded in affirmation still fidgeting her gizmo. He watched her fiddle. Hurrying out his cell phone he said, “wait mine is black berry, I can connect fast, but let me see mine first.”  Rhea too engrossed in her cell, listened him quietly. “Hey Rhea, see it is yours.” she glanced at his screen.Her eyes gaped at flashing message, “congrates!”  She shrieked in delight. Yes, she did make it!


  1. oh god , the tension of the results coming .. I was a bad bad student so my eyes always went to the PASS-FAIL section , marks did not matter to me but PASS did ..

    COngrats to Rhea

    Open letter to all Indians-Bikram's

  2. Thanks for nice and humble words!