We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves

~ Gautam Buddha

Sunday, June 10, 2012


The universe is made up of five elements or Punchbhuttas, and so are we. Each element has a unique characteristic. Each of them imparts their virtue wherever they are present.

Understanding the body types enables us to understand our bodies and take measures to correct its aggravations.

For instance, an exposure to cold and dry weather or stressful day makes one tired with wavering brain. It manifests as fatigue and undue anxiety and fear. It is a classic example of Vayu aggravation.

Usually I witness, persons especially students under stress of studies and exams stay in perpetual anxiety and fear. They simply fail to understand the aggravation of Vayu tattva in body and don’t seek measures to rectify it. Thus the condition persists.

Extreme cases of Vayu aggravation slide the person in a state of lower stamina and depression. As the lord of Vayu tattva, the planet Saturn is known to induce irritations, anxiety, fear and impulsiveness in an individual.

To soothe the Vayu aggravation, measures like proper diet, breathing exercise and mind soothing meditation and chanting of mantra (of planet Saturn, Lord Hanuman, Lord Shiva) help. Life style changes, according to nature’s circadian cycle work the best to deal with it.

The five elements and their characteristics-
Ether or space- is present everywhere.
Air-is a substance of varying state.
Fire-has power to transform matters.
Water-is a substance with power to flow or flexibility.
Earth- is a substance of solid state.
Each of the elements, thus show their attributes wherever they occupy the place.

The three humeral or constituents of body are Vayu, Pitta and Kapha. The three humeral of body are actually the faults or aggravations of Panchbhutas (five elements of body i.e. ether or space, air, fire, water and earth).

The three aggravations of elements impart characteristic of human body as Vayu, Kapha and Pitta. Thus the constitution or type of person varies from person to person. A person may have single constitution or may be of mixed i.e. can have more than two doshas or of mixed types.

The constitution of three humeral are Vayu (air+space), Pitta (fire+Water) and Kalpa or Phlegm(earth+water).
Body humeral 
and its
Involved emotions in imbalances  and cure


body  organs, chakras and meridian for cure/healing
and deities to soothe aggravations.
(air+ ether)
Cure-practice calmess and concentration.
Racy brain, 
mental illness,
digestive problems etc.
Head,Crown Chakra and 

 Eye Chakras
Deities of planet Jupiter-Planet Jupter,Lord Vishnu buddha.
Deities of Saturn-planet Saturn,Lord Hanuman,Lord Shiva.
Cure-create self respect and love in life.
Blood pressure, heart disease etc.
Solar plexus,
 Sun Meridian
Sun, mars(solar plexus and spine to heal pingala or fire element)
Deities to appease sun- Surya, Lord Rama, Gaytri mantra.
Mercury(root chakra to heal earth element)
deity of Mercury-Lord Ganesha
Cure- shed passivity and inertia through exercise or will power.
Dry skin and hair.
Root Chakra,Hara Chakra
Planets-Mercury(to heal earth element and root chakra),
Diet of Root chakra- Lord Ganesha
Venus and the Moon(water element and Hara chakra)
Deities of Moon- worship of Devies(Ma Gauri, Ma Lakshmi, Ma Saraswati.

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