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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

"Pyar hua hai jab se," Song review,Movie "Abhilasha."

The  romantic melody of 1968," Pyar hua hai jab se," in which   handsome Sanjay Khan and coy Nanda had been played the main leads.
In the era of 1960s when  nacent fashion industry of India had been opening its ground in the Bollywood.In those time the protagonists were usually seen in the  confused blend of western and ethnic wears with enough of blue and yellow hues.Even the dance moves had been getting quite detached from the pure rock n roll of british era or traditional Indians.Perhaps it was the time  bollywood had been preparing to leap in the new hip hop style.
The flick's,"Abhilasha" story line is  based on  of typical predictable formula film.
A not very successful film but the song ,"Pyar hua hai jub se," holds enough appeal due to its fresh renditions by melody queen Lata and legendary yodeller king Kisore Kumar. Their soulful voices delight the senses for long.
The song starts with an on screen chirpy n feisty girl Nanda dreaming of her beloved (who has been away at Dehradun to join army) with his photograph tucked under her pillow,which her loving father finds and smiles acknowledging her inclination to the guy.

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