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~ Gautam Buddha

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

My garden,Indian Chickweed,Molluga Vercillata

Google out,but didn't come to right conclusion about the vegetation.Its leaves and shoots are soft thick and fleshy.Its majenta color flowers bloom in autumn.
Its local name is Nepali Sag of poi jati,illustrated by two local accessible experts of my home.
Few years back my house hold help  brought me the shrub and cheerfully exclaimed,"Try this sag,it really taste good. Mondal Memsahib(another house where she also works) daily cooks it. It is Nepali Sag." Plants and flowers are the most discussed topics usually I had with her. And in her delight she often brought me  plants  from other places known to her knowing by liking of gardening. Viewing my agreement with her enthusiasm she smilingly planted it in the near by pot, kept in the varandah.
It(the Nepali Sag) grew there in the pot,then in the autumn it flowered.In the few months the thick sacculent vine outgrowing the mother pot extended to another.
A habitual hesitant to try out new food my scepticism to include it in meal continued for the time being. So it remained there in the pots for a year.Then during the festive season while i had been organising the plants I took out it from the pot and recklessly threw it in the yard.
But it had come to stay in my home.Untended the thick green foliage took refuge in the earth and spread there in oblivion side of the garden. It pleasantly carpeted there,clumping up and  down on the pebbles and strewn stones,enjoying odds of seasons and negligance of residents in detachment. Sometimes while crossing  that untended side of the garden I couldn't resist the temptation to watch it. Everything about the carpeted weed was beautiful,its thick soft sacculent shoots, soft and smooth fleshy leaves,and every year in autumn when it blooms flowers. Forgetting about its gastronomical appeal for years it became my visual treat.
Then this year my attention went on the prostrate carpeted vegetation.Enticed with its charm, one fine morning, I showed it to the gardener and asked his opinion about it,like an expert he cursorily glanced on it still busy in his job and retorted," This one,yes,it is a sag,Poi sag ki jati ka."
Though his answer didn't convince me but loner by nature  I hadn't any access to more experts.
So i googled out some information about it,checked and rechecked it's edible properties and decided to tryout a recipe out of it.
Then came out potatoes with this chickweed sag,it looked delicious as well as taste astoundingly good.

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