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~ Gautam Buddha

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

My garden,Moringa leaves

Moringa leaves or sahjan leaves are highly nutritious. I reside at border area where the habitants are conglomeration of Jharkhand,Bengal and tribal people.
In more than two decades of my stay at the place I picked up many skills of their cultures specially the culinary.
What I admire most about them is the their simple eating habits,especially use of  plenty of leafy vegetables in the diet. Being a vegetarian it suits us best.
Sometimes I will show you,how people here prepare sag or leafy vegetables and why should we  include them in our  meals.
Sahjan leaves are the richest source of calcium. It is essential component of blood,bones,teeth etc., which we tend to lose due to our acidic nature of food intake. In women,with advancing age,osteogen levels falls so the level of calcium  in the body. When body turn acidic to neutralise the acidic effect of body,it first takes calcium from blood then from bones,as a result bones and joints become brittle,as body physiology works best in alkaline medium.
Acidic nature of body gives us pain and harmful bacteria etc thrives best in it.
So intake of leafy vegetables serves two purposes,it makes body alkaline and restores calcium in blood bones and muscles.
Today I made vegetable of potatoes and sahjan leaves and channa Dal also with sahjan leaves.
Ingredients are simple with puchforan,curry leaves,hing,onion,ginger paste,raw coconut paste,haldi.
Usually two dishes with same ingredients we don't cook. But today I did it just to show you.

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