We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves

~ Gautam Buddha

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The reluctant food writer

My reluctance to write food articles have nothing to take as dearth of readership. But something else, as bloggers are congenially bore. They are aerial souls, who get delight to soar the sky instead to walk. So some maniac behaviors are normal to some of them. When everybody in the bash talks, they prefer mum and scrutinize others. Back home when the normal unwinds in front of TV and cozily snugs in the bed, the marooning soul will torment the brain to stir out stuffs.

Now back to the work, food article! Yes, I do cook for my family. My favorite watch on TV is TLC. Does merely watching TLC qualify one as a food writer? I mean here, that I researched enough how to present the words and foods items aesthetically.

But real crook here is something else! The muse of food comes to me in terms of calories and its benefit. Whenever I cook my attention gets fixed on calorie and taken oil rather than taste. Recently during Holi festival while frying the bara- my attention was in the frying oil, maintaining the heat as over heating at smoking level is not conducive to health- it increases the LDL –the bad cholesterol. The entire concept of molecular biology was floating in the frying pan. Naturally the baras were of different geometrical shape. With accumulating guilt I completed the frying work, incurring the karmic effect of sinful act-to load the unsuspecting family members to those extra…..

When I dine I say hello to those few recipes only which my palate is acquainted. The fusion food and all different genres of experimental food appeal me visually only. I don’t see any valid reason to try them. The pretext of trying food of distant shore makes me nostalgic and I get feel of bartering my own family members to foreigners.

Any sweet dessert gives a good quiver to my pancreas. Even the soft textured syrupy gulab jamun hardly entice me. No I don’t have ailment, instead I horrify to have one! While eating and viewing others, I get more concerned about how a poor pancreas would have to cope up with the barbaric attitude of the diner. I am always towards the rescuers side rather than inflictor.

Still there is hope I can write about diet food, not a bad idea after all. “But any way, who is going to eat the stuff of my research?-I and hubby,” he cannot escape me. As a newlywed on several occasions he had boosted my spirit by mouthing terrible stuffs cooked by me, simply to check my tears and guilt-earning my faith in parents’ choice and arrange marriage. Children cannot be trusted. Perhaps I missed to inculcate politeness in them that to refuse food doesn’t come as good manner.

Now a pertinent point to mull! After all we have five sense organs, then why to encourage single one. Listening to palate only! Are the over activation of taste buds and single zone of brain good idea, not at all? Distribute the work and engage every sense organ to use. Instead of eating enjoy watching the color and smell of the food. Why to strain the system by eating it and loading the unwanted calories?

So what is going to be food item of my write up? Well, salads-easy to make and rich source of nutrients, tea-full of antioxidant and brain booster, sprouts- full of beneficial enzymes, roughage and toxin buster. Quite confident! Yes, I can write about any.

But, now feeling a bit uncomfortable- a pang in the stomach! In the evening with a cup of tea I had started the musing. It is dinner time now, better to take refuge in food cooked by my help and postpone the idea for the while. Good night!


  1. Interesting write up, very well penned down. I have also become a health freak lately!

  2. Nice one. I can not resist sweets.

  3. A day will come when you'll be able to let your readers download your diet food and eat it...

  4. Becoming a food writer is one of my distant dreams, but never know whats in store for the future :) Wonderful write up Arpana, thanks for sharing :)

  5. Thanks Arti -perhaps the troubles involved in bad health promote a health freakness.

    Thanks Rajesh-but the pleasure isn't the fleeting one?

  6. yes magiceye -the food are fresh .

  7. yes Mr Hande-the life situations forces one to take certain course and possibily it would be better idea to write about diet food.

    Thanks Anto-best of luck for the food write up and i would look forward for it.

  8. beautiful colorful pic
    yes is difficult but you can do it
    where there is a will there is a way
    already u started