We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves

~ Gautam Buddha

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The paradoxical faiths of life

Hardships-the package of opportunities-pushed aside by all of us-so we push the opportunities. Hardship entails tackling the unknown-venturing the unknown territories. It is creator of fear so it is shunned. Every opportunity involves risks. Calculated risks (according to our strength) are necessary for progress.

Calmness or equanimity- mistaken as vegetative stage of being or renouncing the life and world-it is the state of complete alertness with total relaxation. A state of total awareness in witness mode gives clarity of the circumstances. To achieve the state- a regular practice is needed.

Peace-the thing of ascetic or can be striven at old age. Is the present age or time is entitled to slave in negative thoughts and misery or to waste in agitated state and tension? Or is a time to harbor the unpleasant thoughts – a product of unaware mind? Or allowing all those negative thoughts to root inside for long so ruining the mind and body it can create ailment in long run. EVERY AILMENT HAS CAUSE IN MIND.

Anger- view as a tool of strength- in fact it a sign of weakness- a weak person gets threatened easily and shows anger unable to cope up with situation. To beat the blue and anger- an exercise of compiling the self must be taken by us so we should not waste energy. Anger dissipates energy- it is like poison.

Perception of world -Usually by many of us the world and people are viewed as competitor. I have seen many people in life they are always at competition - at home, at work place and everywhere. They generate competitor at first step and starts competing losing the bliss of the moment and work in hand.

We are not here to impress anyone and the world outside. We are here with our own special talent to display with complete fullness according to our potential. We are here to enjoy the bliss of life giving complete awareness to the work in hand and to enjoy the moment. Success and failure are all relative in the world. No success is ever final so any failure cannot be allowed to be fetal.

The hurdles of success reside inside us-as inertia, procrastination and compliance-which restrict the growth and best of ours. The world for us must exist inward to outward. First we organize our inner world, instinctively it will handle the outside world in best way.

Spirituality- a refuge of non action or like renouncing the world. It is actually art and science of life- a sure shot technique of empowered life- yoga, japa (the vibrations have the power to tune the mind and body),Hindu figurines (energy patterns like Yantra-has certain pattern, color and symbols to understand- empowered tools to restore the lost mental and physical strength). To achieve these a regular practice and understanding require.

Bhagwat Gita –a book of elderly people meant for old age. It is the best book of human psychology-in the form of Krishna-the self- how to strength it (the self)? The mental frame and gain best of life is illustrated-a crying need of today’s world- for youths as well as for all of us.

In today’s life-where childhood ends at twelve and thirteen years- a teenager and twenty plus(and all of us) are seen coping with all insecurities or fighting the world-that range from fear, loneliness, peer pressure, careers, coping with failed affairs and sex/marital problems.

Under the friction of harsh world often the sustainability of life raises the skepticism -how long the throat cut life style allows one to breath in.? Sometimes life seem totally on the mercy of nature that raises question on their sustainability whether he/she will be able to push it for longer or peril in depression or in more unfortunate grave decision…

In this era of roving insecurities it time to precept right and wrong and choose the savior for protection.


  1. how wonderfully written ,"every aliment has a cause in mind" just superb . Live for ourself and not for others .

  2. That was wonderfully written. Spirituality is in the mind, not the action and often it is in inaction.

  3. An individual should have ability to think rationally and accept his/her role in this human life. This ability is genetic. The parents having this ability give birth to a life with this ability. The fact is 90% births are accidental, out of remaining 10% has some planning, out of this 10% only 2% could give ability to think rationally to their new born.

    I am trying to express my observations in my blog - http://vkfeel.blogspot.com/2011/04/me-as-human.html/