We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves

~ Gautam Buddha

Friday, January 28, 2011

The key to success

“Nothing succeeds than success.” Success is the sweetest of all tastes. And off course a much needed and aspired recipe of good life? A much coveted thing for all of us. All of us are behind the success, perseveringly honing and working on our skills. Still few of us achieve it the while others get lost somewhere in the path.

More often curiously we analyze the success and failure graphs of different lives, to find out. Let’s analyze.

Taking a journey I bought the concise Bhagvad Gita while I was going through it one chapter caught my attention:

-Gyana or knowledge

-Karma or action

-And bhakti (a word which in today’s world hardly catches the fancy)

All words were heard and seen before there was not anything new in them. But the little perception unfolded a deep insight out of it. Amazingly I closed my eyes for the moment imbibing the depth of explanation and checked all pages as if I was going to get many more out of them. In that particular chapter, how different people accomplish their jobs were explained.

Gyani( a knowledgeable person)- when he performs his duty he reaches near the goal anchoring on his knowledge, still a gap remains in between him and the goal.

Karmi (the man of action) always believes in action, but amazingly he too fails to reach the goal. A little gap remains to reach the goal despite his believe in action.

But bhakta( a person of devotion) achieves his goal.

Gyani spent most of the time in discussion on the knowledge. Being aware of his knowledge the gyani (knowledgeable or intellectual) lived in vanity “ the ego”. Ego always limited a person.

Karmis thought I accomplished according to my potential and accepted the result. Karmis felt pride in his accomplishments. He too was not fully devoted as he worked to show his accomplishments.

But bhakta(the person of devotion) performed the job in blissful state(a mind full of love). He was neither elated nor regretted on success and failure even if he encountered it initially. He was thoroughly enjoying the job- in blissful state.

So the recipe of sure shot success in work is the blissful state of mind while under taking it. The success and failure are the part of journey not destination. An unwavering devotion always leads to success.

The goal of our works or lives should be bliss not the success and failure. It is important to feel the bliss while doing it. And when we learn to acquire the everlasting bliss in whatever we do the success follows automatically.

So the success is the permanent companion of calm and blissful mind.

That is why it is advised by sages that choose the job which you enjoy. So later in life you enjoy thorough out the life without having the work to be done.

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  1. Very enlightening...Though we are aware of many truths, it is always good to re-read.

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  5. Hey Arpana,
    well put down as always.. so true nothing succeeds like success but we must learn from our mistakes and keep doing the right things in life!

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  6. Great Arpana!(your name itself is devotional.) I really loved this one. Love is always easy, than Karma and Gyana. It just gives joy while working and after work done.... really nice. voted for you...i guess i m very late on this site...still it's better late than never! I got the real Gem.!thoughts like one you shared are the only gems in the life..for true bliss.

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