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~ Gautam Buddha

Sunday, November 28, 2010

My musing-how to cater the work power?

On the world map the powerful emerging leaders are China and India. The reason behind their rising strength is working man power.
In the billion populations of ours and in addition of the populous states like UP and Bihar which is known for its vast resources of labor forces and skilled workers are ready to work. For the job search the migration not only of workers but by educated masses are rampant and palpable all across the country and globally.
In addition to this in India there is numerous educated women force- ready to work on contractual basis and in flexi- time limit without disturbing and damaging the safe guard of family fabric. This educated group not only belongs to educated women but the skilled and knowledgeable vast group of post retirement people who are equipped with experience and ready to serve for at least five to ten years more. The nature of this work force is perennial.
It means the vibratory populous country of ours has vast resources of working power to cater and promote the different fields.
So isn’t it time to generate the innovative means to engage these people for growth and progress. How state wise and keeping in mind the geography of the place these powers can be utilized without forcing migration on them and breaking family set up?
Blog is an immediate forum and window to seek the response to any problem. I hope this query of mine would draw attention of many expert brains that can show platforms to engage and suggest way to this. Isn’t it sheer wastage of skill and work force left underutilized in any country? I know unemployment is a biggest problem globally. Still in the country like ours where best brains are ready to give attention on the unorganized sectors during their summer internship, this unorganized sector of work force with enough potentialities is also seeking remedy.
The IIM alumnus and other experts who are known for their innovative means and best brain to utilized resources in best possible way must give their attention to this unorganized and underutilized sector.
So they can also contribute to the country, society, family and most importantly to the happiness quotient of theirs lives.


  1. Arpana, You raised a very valid point. Migration is taking place because work opportunities are not present close to their homes. The road of development has to reach deep in the heart of the country, for these people to prosper.

    btw, recently, I read that big retailing chains are employing young boys and girls from mumbai slums. They are training and grooming them to work in those plush stores. Such change is made for the social cause. And i think, it is commendable.


  2. yes,restless many times these things come in my --on that i simply want to talk.

  3. The unorganized sector will always be there to exploit the poor...unless the govt gets cracking and frames better laws

  4. Nalini i think the initiative should be taken by the people- else the wait will be endless.

  5. This is a very pertinent but ignored point indeed. Today with many jobs being done online, flexi time and space should not be a problem. The hurdle is the mental block of employers and to some extent the employees too. Many highly qualified young women are voluntarily giving up full time jobs to concentrate on home and children. It is this group that should be first tapped. And with idea driven employers, this problem should be surmounted and not in the too distant future either.

  6. offcourse, Zephyr there are merits in your suggestions.