We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves

~ Gautam Buddha

Monday, November 15, 2010

The liaison

The New Year Eve approached with its familiar nip in the air. The hills of valley region were full of winter blossom. The manicured gardens and the dyke areas were wooing the merry makers in their best manicured looks. Every morning and at the dusk the rioting chorus of the zooming tourist’s buses and vehicles had been piercing the solitude of otherwise quiet remote colonies of ours.
Catering the influx of visitors and meeting deadlines the laziness crept in uninitiated and overwhelmed with it I decided to pull out of the New Year Eve’s party. But few out stationed friends were making to the occasion to renew the bond so all excuse appeared irrelevant.
Against the settled haze of December winter the gathering was pulsating in symphony. The steaming warmth of throbbing gathering was rising in the smoky chill of hilly terrain. The feminine throng was settled near the bon fire. I too got settled with my friends over there. In that exciting air some new faces were beaming over there. Opposite of mine in the fluttering orange vapor of fire I caught the glimpse of a sculpted ivory face. In the reflected carroty hue of flames her responding eyes would gleam exuding the exquisitely charm. Her high peaked nose would get shrunk in approval in response during the chat. Beauty always leaves its appeal, it sank inside me.
On being called upon by someone she elegantly stooped forth looking for her silhouettes and her silky locks bounced ahead delightfully. She elegantly stood up, the shawl shrug off her ivory shoulder to flatter her curvy contour; she gracefully ramped towards the reception area. In the open lawn of club the floating mist in the air was complimenting the chilly haziness.
To the parents’ relief near the volley ball court the children were bustling in the games manned by few sporty chaps.
The celebration evolved into dinner time at the past mid time. Now the dining and lounge areas were thronging with glasses and smokes. “How many new recruits are there at this time of season? Now your place does not seem so remote that counted only as an ideal succor for vacation and merry making, my friend commented. So many projects are beaming up here and with them –added facilities and expansions with every passing day.”
Now the crept mist was making the hall foggier and the wafting aroma of food and bustle of the area were surging. Few youngster lots with their glasses settled on the table in the next row. In that horde the expressive eyes with equally charming tiny tot took her place in the next row facing me. The gleaming expressions of her sharp features would get more prominent while she was instructing her little girl, “Whose wife is she?” I thought.
On next gathering the imposed familiarity of small place of ours rewarded me the blossomed smile of hers during the overture. The unrestricted allure of her charm was spreading faster in the air soon it got cleared. The mesmerizing freshness and charm would accompany her everywhere exuding its appeal. Then the hush of whisper of her straying liaison was floated in the air, first to be ignored then it came with daring audible limit.
“Who is that fellow after all? -The lean suave one with broody look.” The imagination refused to grasp –the wafting rumors-nothing new of small place. Better not to poke nose in other affairs—“after all who had seen and can discuss with such a conviction? A strong reason to ignore for many of us, ----but the stray thing happened one time, then next in public view, accelerating the wagging tongues every time.
“Is it normal? How can she go stray to such an extent? Why does she risk her blissful married life? Cannot she chalk out futility of such desperation?”
Amidst all those rumors and facts, he-the sufferer-her spouse- was walking side by side with him-as a civilized person does-with the center of his affliction—the trouble shooter- a pretended friend. “Probably he is not aware of the fact, a busy man indeed with long working hours”, it got mused by the people.”But his holistic demeanor startled everyone despite the increasing frequencies of intermittent desperation by both of them, now in open display.
“Isn’t it a curse to live such a hell without any fault of own? A fleeting muse crossed the mind after glancing on her husband –a decent one with best of career and repute. But his genius got cleared during the crisis. He was there with the crowning glory of his life with his daughter tending, laughing and playing.
“ Is a dignified person become helpless in such a situation?” As he too cannot stoop such a low in life “what can be the best remedy?” I failed to find out.
Surprising all of us the solution itself emerged out through the crisis.
“What were the responses of famous and most brainy? How did they cope with the infidelity of their spouses? How did they sail out of the crisis not losing faith in lives nor their ability to live with dignity? To save the family especially the lives of children they chose to reconcile with the life.
During the walk the shuffling of his feet caught my attention, in the scattered dimness of vapor lamp he was heading home, carrying the bag of essentialities after a long day work. He seems a resilient, unique tribe of own who not only rules the house hold but mind and soul too. A confident accomplisher and believer of power of love win the game by love not by desperation. Believing in love and having the perception of right and wrong he knows that the enticement does not last long. It is the love and sincerity of relationship that binds a couple, not the look and lustful inclination. The lecherous usually fails to see the product of secure loving home and conjugal bliss in the glow of married woman face. This universe runs a perfect accounting system where no investments go unpaid. A courageous and patient spirit always reaps the benefit of his love in compound interest and reverses the steering back to his life. Others get sunk in quick sand and any lustful affair steal their lives.


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  3. Thanks Chandrika Shubham for appreciation.