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~ Gautam Buddha

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rain, rain, came again

Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain splash you,let it wash the gloom of dust out of our lives. Let the rain soothe you to meet farthest dreams of your soul. Finally to bless and respite us from the long, sweltering heat, the refreshing monsoon is here again.Opening the vistas of enjoyment that range from being outdoors and feeling the rain all over the. Even the holed up hours of long spelled drizzling offers the option of gazing it with a hot cup of tea and favorite book in hand. The added charm of the spell is nature watching and playing outdoor games like soccer in all favorite mania of FIFA. However with best of its charms, come the spoil sports like water-borne diseases and monsoon aided maladies.

Monsoon maladies and their symptoms:

Diarrhea- cramping, abdominal pain, bloating, nausea, watery stools, fever and sometimes bloody stools.
headache, fatigue, stomach pain, high fever and loss of appetite.
Hepatitis A- yellow tinge of skin, eyes and nails (bilirubin build-up in body due to liver dysfunction). Fungal infections- red rashes accompanied with itching.

Appearance of any of these symptoms should be taken as signal to visit a doctor immediately.

• Drink boiled or bottled water only.

• Wash hands with antiseptic before eating and cooking and after coming from outdoors. • Eat only boiled, cooked and peeled fruits and vegetables.
• Keep kitchens as well as bathrooms clean and sanitized.

Water borne diseases:

Malaria and dengue are the main maladies of the season. To eliminate these, prevention is better recommended than cure. So take the following measures to check it:

• Install nets for windows and doors.
• Use mosquito nets.

• Eliminate sources of water accumulation in and around the house or spray oil and disinfectant to check breeding of mosquitoes.

Having armed ourselves with all precautions and safety measures, it’s time to wade in and enjoy the rain. Have a happy monsoon!


  1. Thanks for the informative post. Dengue is fast spreading in my state, many of my friends and relatives also got the fever thingy. Of late I have begun to curse the rain for the number of diseases it carry along with it and the newspapers here are eager to make it headlines on the number of fever related deaths and point their finger against the even other wise lackluster ministry.

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  7. This weather is rather tricky... just when we start celebrating the end of summer- health problems begin :(

    We do need these reminders!

  8. I once posted with the title "Rain Rain Go Away". Different strokes.

  9. Great tips, Arpana! Thanks for sharing! :)