We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves

~ Gautam Buddha

Friday, July 23, 2010

Judiciously finance your energy budget-1

How many of us really belong to that rare tribe who do not get in awe after encountering glowing skin, shiny hairs and eyes of a beautiful diva. Most of us naturally tuned to get mesmerized by the generous exposure of the intelligence displayed by dynamic professional or by the learning power of a child prodigy. Most of us aspire to be like them. After all what keep them so elevated where as so many of us struggle through out the day to hide our chronic fatigue syndrome. Yes, they either are gifted with enough life force energy or they exactly know how to sustain it.

As body constitution of one person differs with another so does the vitality. Even the level of dissipation of energy while dealing with different circumstances varies from person to person. The emotions which root out as a response to life experiences too vary from one individual to another.Thus the emotions displayed by the individual is proportional to vitality held by him. A person of particular constitution holds different level of life force energy. It means that the amount of this vital life force energy one beholds that acts as determiner for our behavior and success. It has direct bearing on the behavior and success parameter of one’s life.

As the life force energy determines our behavior and success in life, therefore behavior can be molded or groomed consciously directing our thought patterns. If it is so than an investment of effort for desired result seems a right preposition to deal with the ruling crisis i.e. low performance and fatigue. Therefore an investment in our effort to control behavior pattern ensures enhancement in ones life force energy.
Eventually the need for investment in energy arises?
It is futile to run low at the expense of precious life force energy. Every thought of low energy or negative energy expenses further energy. It is like complaining persistently about poverty at the same time wasting money on transient trivial. The wisdom lies in the fact to prevent squandering of too much of it by conscious efforts.
How to check wastage of life force energy?
To begin with it is better to first acknowledge the culprits who consciously plunder our life force energy. They are anxiety, anger, frustration, long term stress, excessive indulgence, smoking, recreational drugs, promiscuous relationship and lack of sleep and rest.
To nourish the vitality of life there is need to acknowledge the life supporting factors that include air, water, food, and most important a calm disposition. The kind of food, water and air we take hold the promise to nourish and drain this vital energy.
Very often the people around us affect our state of calmness by either gravitating or toxicating us. So we must beware of that energy drainer around us.
To impart more glow to life a peaceful meditation, yoga, and pranayama which are designed to calm the mind and revitalize nervous system should be included in routine.
Food also play key role in managing our moods and emotions. Special preference should be given to fibrous fruits and vegetables and grains. Anything fresh and colorful is good for building energy. Similarly, anything stale, old, and preserved depletes energy leaving us sluggish and sleepy most of the time. They simply act as filler which can only satiate our palate for the while and add low quality bulk sapping our precious energy. These food do not promise any strength and even hard to digest.
So it is save to go ahead with little tact while we dispense our precious life force energy. Are few of us still skeptical about the discretionary handling of this precious life force energy? Naturally it is the choices of ours that shape the lives.

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