We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves

~ Gautam Buddha

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


EVERY THING IS FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR. There isn't any  surprise that to win  love war is fought. History and civilization are witnessed of it. Hence ample legends and folklores are here to amuse us with heroic battles of love.

But history is after all history, isn’t it? But what about those incidents which we often sight as repeats of history.A common sight to see couple who wage wars to claim love. Aren't the rising graph of divorce cases are the results of disillusioned love? In which the partners naively claim and ask for more love and soon get disillusioned with the non-compliance.

Eventually it turned out  that if there isn't any love in life there won’t be any disappointment.

“I love you more than anyone else” assertion between spouses is perennial proclamation in which no one is ready to duck.
Once one of my acquaintances with grown up children, furiously disclosed,“My husband even after decades of marriage does not listen me. But anything which would come from his mother and siblings  he listens and acts with exaltation as a word of Bible.” With teary eyes she sobbed,“After 20 year of marriage still in his life his family is more important than me”.

Her innocent complain about her husband filled me with amusing happiness. A palpable strong family bond and a true seeking of love was floating in her complain. Aren't fed with these traditional values we survived for civilization?Revering her longing and i tried to show her reason, “If he doesn't value you how come, everyday he comes to drop you at work place. Don’t feel bad he loves you passionately”. My reasoning didn't satiate her at that aggrieved moment.

But this tug of war is common sight and noise of Indian marriage which usually passes from mother to daughter but the seeking of love in life never vanishes.

So honestly i am not an exception. Every now and then the mortal feeling seems to loom larger on me. Once rather feeling insecure about my position i decided to take furtive action and nip the problem at the bed than wait and watch for the right moment to dawn.

As a forever foresighted person I believe in taking care of syndrome rather than wait for full grown ailment. And to handle my case dexterously and I have taken action before hand.And it is here as free advice to everyone else.

AT HOME I MADE SOME RULES FOR MY HUBBY DEAR. When I suggest him something.Right after completion i mention him what is being expected to him, next as a reaction? “After listening me you are expected to nod in affirmation with comments or you can say, “I fully agree with you.” And after that there is no restriction for using positive adjectives for me as compliments.

But my enlightened hubby never gives any ear to these trivial. At home he is solely interested in clean cloth, homely meal, good bath and sleep. So like an enlightened one he never wastes his time in arguments.

Amidst all well documented and represented arguments of mine, he looks at me like an innocent pre-school child while having his meal occasionally asking for more dal or water- chewing mouthful of food.

He opinionated “I know the levels of wife –“You can get angry but you shall never ….”and then his believes and faiths block all arguments and I realize futility of it. After all in this short life when there is less time for love where is the place for argument. Love and live life to its fullest.

Life is love... Live it with love!

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