We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves

~ Gautam Buddha

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blissful yours-The conscious

I am an ingrained part of your being, yet the most unfamiliar and unacknowledged part of self. Probably a high paced life and the way of today’s life acts as catalyst to completely bury and forget me forever. But here I would like to ask you, is this imposed apathy towards me working in your life?

Definitely not, as in life, my burial creates failed relationships, failure in careers, perennial dissatisfaction and in extreme cases, depression, mental and physical ailments. The list is long and really scary. Yet, the choice is yours to keep alive me in yourself and live with it, or not.
Whenever I chalk out the reasons behind my unreasonably forgotten self, the modern ways of living and high-set expectations of society comes to the forefront. The norms set in today’s world to achieve goals have pushed me aside, for I do not aid in their achievements. Today ‘s world where the achievement that too with set deadline, importance of fast bucks by any means, meeting the pre set expectations by society rule the world. On the other hand, sticking with me calls for awareness to perceive between right and wrong and perform accordingly, which is probably tagged as a failed, sometimes painfully slow and outcast mantra of life by most of you.

But do they really work? What about the existing norms and set plateaus of success in today’s world? To really be with me requires courage and belief in self. At some point of time I may not seem to be working, or might be completely denied by your peer group, out of looming insecurities over their way of getting what they want out of life.

And yet, I am your perennial blissful state: to be with me really needs a certain level of energy. You will need to learn to be conscious to maintain enough level of energy despite investing in your day to day commitments. That is why, now your new found focus needs to be shifted from the outside to inside. This means that throughout the day, just like a finance guru, one has to keep an honest and full account of the total expenditure, investment and return of energy level.

One needs to go a bit deeper in the self for finding the energy creation formula. This time tested formula still holds its magic. The eight-fold path of Buddha or the rules of Patanjali suits the best. In this case, it does sound like the old, superstitious belief of old folks. If one has the energy to find the facts, experiment and then form their decisions, this is the ground work for blissful state. All of us long, throughout our lives for it. And few of us unfortunately tread on the wrong short cuts for happiness and get trapped in it. Yet, life is ours, so is the choice and whatever be the thought, so the action will be and that will be followed by the outcome.

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