We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves

~ Gautam Buddha

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Faithful ally-the whiff

The whiff or the breath is the oldest ally of ours- the everlasting companion. It is the reflection of self. Still it is most ignored and forgotten aspect of the body. The whirling brain has indiscriminately exploited it and negative emotions further plundered it with reactions. But as a faithful companion it accompanies us throughout our lives and has endured all apathy of ours.

The whiff is the inner reflection of self. The ongoing emotion of mind shows in the breath. Vice versa the dormant wizard breathe too holds magic to change the thought pattern.

Every thought consumes energy. But the worst plunderers are negative emotions as they create more reactions. Reaction is an active process which saps energy and leaves one fatigued.

Thought courses the breathing patterns. Under positive emotions of love, happiness and gratitude-it remains calm and relaxed. But under negative emotions like-anger, hurt and indecision it becomes shallow, unsteady and rough.
So when thoughts can change the course of breath. Breath too holds magic to change the thought patterns.

To bring best of ours and the best of life, the deep,calmer and steady breath works best for us. As the calm breath supply enough of oxygen and nutrient to body cells and brings the best of physiological activities.

To bring it to best, attention is needed. Meditation and breathing techniques induces the calmness in whiff. The calm,deep and steady breath is the the elixir of all cure and healing techniques(but it should not be forced in certain medical conditions and can be undertaken by the help of skilled guide). It is the savior of all biological processes. We must work on it.

A view of whiff through different angles-
On physiological level- It aids physiological functioning of body. As the transporter of nutrients, oxygen and remover of toxicity/detoxifier, it is the supplier of basic amenities of the cells.

On religion level- it represents Lord Hanuman-the son of Lord of Vayu -Ajani-known as Pawanputra. The Lord Hanuman-the breath acts as a bridge to sustain body-supply fuel to mind and body. It provides life force energy as breath therefore japa of Hanuman mantra strengthens physical body. The worship of Lord Hanuman is under taken to increase vigor and earning capacity.

The Ram represents Prusha –the spirit-and the consort Ma Sita represents- the physical body. Lord Rama an incarnation of Lord Vishnu is the sustainer of life.
It suggests us that the breath (Lord Hanuman) has power to tune the mind(Ram) and body(Ma Sita) and brings best of vitality.

On Astrological level-the breath- Lord Hanuman represents the planet Mars- the planet of physical strength. Calm ,deep and steady whiff is a sign of vitality. A good physical strength ensures good health and earning power.

All of us are the best arbitrator of our lives. Are the intellects still doubt the correct course? I don’t think so, have a good day and best of vitality!


  1. I wanted to thank u..and no better a place than your blog..its beautiful..and so are are your posts...Alpana Jaiswal

  2. Hi Arpana

    good and very useful article

    Is it kundalini ?

    thanks for sharing

  3. Beautiful thoughts shared, Thanks Arpana :)

  4. Thanks motifs -you liked the blog, keep visiting.

    Thanks Rajesh-for appreciation.

  5. Thanks Krishna- it is not kundalini-i am talking about breath.kundalini is rinsing dormant energy present at the base of the spine.

    Thanks Arti-all of us know just a reminder.